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Your thoughts and Mind is not your real self

Your thoughts and Mind is not your real self. Let’s talk…

Think of your earliest thought from a child then self-reflect upon all the things you have encountered or experienced from your earliest thought all the way too present day.

Have you noticed by writing from your earliest thought as a child, into adulthood you have experienced numerous challenges, obstacles, frustrations, rejections, trauma and possibly great loss.

Yet, you should be able to identify how you or others around you felt and acted in and throughout all experiences, trials, tribulations, obstacles, trauma, rejection, blame, trust, joy, love, fear and faith even unto death or ascension.

Last night, I decided to spend hours trying to control my thoughts, desires and thinking into deep meditation. I wanted to experience more of the Universe and living KINGDOM OF HEAVEN that keep’s us all alive in and through the universal, Holy Spirit.

I finally began to feel very different, I quieted and stopped all thoughts and thinking from my mind or head and began to only listen or hear from my soul and spirit of my subconscious mind within.

I could hear in my ears the words: ‘Stop thinking with your mind, start listening only to the universal, Holy Spirit to your spirit’ I was reminded of Romans 8: 16.

I knew this was going to be my next level of teaching and mentoring of the universe and KINGDOM OF HEAVEN through the Holy Spirit of our universe within.

Please do not take these words religiously or lightly, as this has nothing to do with any religion or denomination of a man-made world. This is purely one trying to be in the world but not of the world, arising into to the Universe.

I wanted only the universe and Creator through his Holy Spirit to guide, direct, counsel and teach me the way of alignment, manifesting and infinite blessings.

I am tired, burnt-out of things of the world and I want to now work full-time for the universal Kingdom of SUN not mythical, fable, religious or denominational, son or world.

I got what I asked…..and began to go deeper into my soul and Spirit-spirit in way’s I cannot really write or explain. I began to learn that most if not all thoughts are mainly of fear, frustration, anxiety, impatience and material things or gain.

We as human’s tend to think constantly and daily of income, expenses, dating, loneliness, fear, what we do not have or want, more than who is my Creator and provider of all things in the cosmos or universe.

I began to learn by hearing of Spirit-spirit be still and know I am the universal Creator and you are the co-creator. If you can use your mind, soul and spirit to only do as I say, advise, instruct and promise, you can have anything of divine, spiritual and eternal destiny within.

This is what most universities, colleges and schools fail to teach children and pupils, we all are living [more] in and throughout a universe than a man-made world of myths, fables, ideologies and varying, stereotypical beliefs.

I woke up early this morning to research deeper into mind, soul, spirit and the power of the Universe as the Kingdom of Heaven, and this is what I have found.


There are many levels like Jacobs Ladder into realms of the Universe or Kingdom of Heaven from within. It is sad, most pastors, preachers and bishops rarely teach or preach on how does one actually climb Jacobs Ladder or realms of the Universe from within?

This is why most pastors, bishops and preachers mostly teach people how to pray and run around a building in the Holy Ghost spirit. This to me does not make any sense, because from what I have experienced over decades even today, one cannot sit or stand when the Holy Spirit starts downloading into your mind, soul and spirit.

This is why most Spiritual not religious or denominational believers tend to sit, relax and even prostrate or lie face down when they begin to hear or seek the universal or Holy Spirit of Heaven.

I actually like to go rest and lie down because I know when the Holy Spirit of Heaven and this universe begins downloading on me your mind, soul and spirit has to be calm, still and empty of your own thoughts and thinking.

This is not easy! It actually takes years into decade’s to be able to BALANCE & ALIGN your mind, soul and spirit to his universal SPIRIT on a daily basis, regardless of whether you are at work or faced with multiple challenges and obstacles of world.

I was trying to advise a friend your thoughts are NOT the real you. the real you and me is actually only what our inner-child or soul and Holy Spirit has concluded.

Try to think of yourself as an innocent child perhaps when you were in kindergarden or before you reached the age of 10 years old, what were you thinking, experiencing and desiring within.

I understand for some this maybe pain, trauma, poverty and misery, but for most people on Earth before the age of 10, we were being guided, loved, blessed and protected by our parents, family and relatives in ways we still treasure and appreciate today.

Now into teen or adulthood we have to navigate this world and things of world alone. Sure, we will have a few friends and relatives or family to cheer and guide us throughout this evil and wicked world, but when it come’s to spirituality and climbing Jacobs Ladder or realms of the universe the only door to entry is 100% WITHIN.

If in doubt, because you are too religious, carnal or denominational try to ponder or research the power of the Universe or universal SPIRIT within try reading Luke 17: 21.

This also has nothing to do with New Age or Mysticism these are just man-labels like black and white people, when no-one on planet Earth is 100% black or white like a color or colour chart. The SUN not son would burn anyone pure white to pieces in one year worldwide.


Do you know how old or big is our Universe? Try 93 billion years being the observable Universe, the Universe, which we can currently see. The whole Universe might very well be 250 times larger than the observable Universe, or at least 7 trillion light-years in diameter. Read the above source link and website for more information.

I am trying to demonstrate and prove to you this is why I departed from all religions and denominations having spent decades from a child into teen and adulthood as a member, to now graduate, pay a million in price and receive my keys of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the real, living, SPIRIT-spirit, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN which is the universe.

I am amazed today and for several decades how people are so stiffnecked, evil, wicked and stubborn to change or embrace things greater than their religion or denomination.

How can you ignore the SKY or UNIVERSE that keeps us all alive daily, above your head? Is this not the living Kingdom of Heaven? More so, our biblical ancestors of the Garden of Eden on Earth which is 100% AFU-RA-KA aka Africa, built Pyramids and monumental temples and buildings to reach unto the SUN not son, and praise and glorify the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the cosmos, universe and living Kingdom of Heaven.

They knew the SUN not son and the cosmos or universe is the universal CREATOR in and through us all 24/7. This is why having this latter-rain knowledge, wisdom and understanding within, I could never, go back to sitting in a religious pew and watching churchfolks sit, grow old, pay pantomine tithes and offerings and still be broke, stiffnecked and blind.

There was never any Jesus on a Donkey in biblical, Garden of Eden, AFU-RA-KA aka Africa, 100%. – CyberRev

The universal Creator is building more galaxies and planets across the Universe and Earth is just one planet and the Creator will take our database of soul, and judge what decisions, actions and thoughts we have all made, thought and acted in our time on Earth and world.

I would now prefer all my thoughts to be universal, KINGDOM and Spirit-spirit with trust, faith, the Creator and all Royal, biblical, appointed gods and gooddesses plus my ancestors all the way back to the Garden of Eden, wisely predestine, preordain and direct my path and steps daily until I ascend into the universal SUN not son.

To be your/my true self, is to be one in obedience and submission with the universe and Kingdom of Heaven as the cosmos.

In Universal Service,


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