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How many people know their Gospel train has always been WITHIN? Let’s Talk.

If most people knew and believed their ETERNAL train or world was within, would they really bother following any religion or denomination?

This is a VERY serious notion, statement, question or thought. This could be what most people on planet Earth are missing and very few are willing to take the leap of faith and dive WITHIN and master how to rise with Spirit-spirit and the Universe only.

I know it’s a scary thought or journey to most, this is only because most people have been mind-controlled and auto-suggested of world daily. They live mostly for what the world delivers to them by media, web, news, religions, politics, denominations, entertainment etc.

Have you ever watched people get old or witnessed your dying friend, sibling or relative struggle day-by-day to live, eat, breathe, go to the bathrooom or enjoy their own home, kitchen or garden?

Life can end for anyone at any time, and all you really have is your OWN MIND, SPIRIT AND SOUL as your eternal database of who you really are and how you lived, looked or thought within.

I have personally learned allot from watching, hearing or knowing of people, friends or loved-ones passing young and some into their 90’s. The overall and eternal question is did they ever get to KNOW THYSELF WITHIN?

I made sure that both my parents got to think, ponder, face and know themselves within. They did not always like it or agree, but in the end I know and knew they would begin listening subconsciously at some point, when they were all alone or nearing the end.

This is why my eternal best friend, soulmate and Mama would call me at 2am or 5am in the morning, even on her sick bed and we would talk and close by love you forever.

Sometimes you have to hold conversations and upset people or loved-ones to stir their mind, change the course of their beliefs or saved them into eternity from within. This is my eternal calling and duty worldwide so how can I not share this with you all?

This is why I would record messages for my Dad on his hospital bed and stay overnight till morning at his bedside, preparing his favourite Nat King Cole music, with some Gospel and spiritual things on my smartphone.

I wanted to share everything with him, prepare him for the biggest battle of his life, as he could not at that time speak or talk. Yet, few ever saw or would applaud you for good, people only remember your sins, failures or bad.

I had to do this, I knew the Creator would personally hold me ‘twinflame’ responsible, if I never took the time to challenge and attack all demons, devils, of this world including alcohol, jesus on a donkey and family dysfunction.

I knew the Gospel Train was always WITHIN. I also knew Luke 17: 21 was written as far back as 100,00 years before any low IQ, western, religious, man-made, bastardized, bible version’s.

Also the truth is, there is no Gospel, only universal laws and Creator of Heaven and Earth. We all will have to face getting old, death or life, and we need to know how to get through world, and the underworld, safely, with our hearts, holy, spiritual, stress free, and as LIGHT as a feather within.

I remember the very first time I read the KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN. I was in my late-teens, newly baptized, an SDA, yet it was like I blew a fuse in my psyche and body. I wanted to keep what my brain, mind and spirit has just revealed – Ssssssh quiet.

It was taboo in most religious denominations to think the KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU/I. One maybe thinking if this is so, why do we need preachers or priests telling us how to be holy and when and what to do?

Exactly. Once you take the LEAP OR DIVE and you are taught how to connect with the Creator….and the KINGDOM WITHIN, believe me this is the biggest love story of your life.

What most people do not understand is your NOT just a person, you are a ROYAL DNA human-being, living a spiritual testimony and life in a temporary body into eternity.

So what ex-churchfolks and most family members thought was evil or wrong was actually what saved the legacy of my parents. What did you all want the legacy to be? A shed full of empty bottles or eternal life and spiritual bonding?

Your actually reading 16 YEARS of writings whilst 10 of those years were aiding both parents into their afterlife.


The sad thing about life and living is NEVER exploring or discovering who am I within? Think of all the friends, relatives and people you know have died and ask yourself the question did they know THYSELF WITHIN?

I do not care if you hold an MBA, PhD or no education, what will you say or tell the Creator you have done for his Kingdom? Do you know yourself within? Can you look the Creator in the eyes and say, you saw me meditate, prostrate, cry, be rejected, alienated, suffer and lose so much of world, even 1 MILLION cash, to enter the narrow way of your Kingdom WITHIN.

Enter in or by the NARROW GATE. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to eternal life, and those who find it are FEW. – Matthew 7: 13-14

Notice that the narrow gate is WITHIN and only FEW people ever find it worldwide. This is because most people are mainly taught to SEE not sit, hear and listen WITHIN.

So your train within is always on the move, always burning fuel as energy, mind, thought, spirit and soul. Your train as body also needs rest, love, knowledge, wisdom, direction, food, fire and truth, otherwise you will eventually become weary, stressed or broken.

I use to love seeing my elderly Mama wake up at 7am in the morning, I would look for her light on, and she would always be doing her Sabbath School lessons and reading her Bible.

She was filling up her tank or mind, soul and spirit, and I still would make it known to Mama, there was more to life than jesus on a donkey. I know she would dislike my stance, but in the end I KNOW SHE IS WITH RA RE ETERNALLY.

I made sure of this while she was alive, I walked deep into water where I could sit and talk with the Creator and listen, and I KNOW everything came to pass with all the numbers of 6 she died, 9 she ASCENDED. The number 9 = COMPLETION. Also notice the two numbers are same and opposite rotated. Plus if you add 6 + 9 = 15 which reverts back to 6 and the number 6 also represents unconditional love and the ability to support, nurture and heal, which was Mama to the Community, Family and Church 24/7.

I bet Mama could not get that understanding from no SDA Pastor or denomination. This can only be gained from SPIRTUALITY where you are one with the Creator within, 24/7.

I hope you will take the BOLD STEP to move into 2022 with the KINGDOM IS WITHIN.

In fact as you read this, you may have to decide get-onboard, the divine, universal, last-call, is blowing and NO ACTION is a universal, no-show and twinflame denial.

Also my train is leaving my past but not my inheritance behind, forever. Karma is real, don’t say I didn’t invite or warn you.

In Universal Service,


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