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YEBBA, is a songbird, soultress, shining LIGHT that has to be spiritually Created. Let’s talk.

The way we are, deep words we can all connect with and ponder, as we think as a WORLD of people about the words: the way we are, within.

The way we are, as people of the WORLD how we act, live, express, create, sing, rap, preach, coach, write, communicate, pray, hope, dream, love, support, positive, loving, empowered or spiritual?

I think we can.….what do you think, within? I think in 2022-2030 and beyond we all have a chance of every culture, tongue, religion, denomination, belief and person on Earth, to challenge ourselves within and improve THE WAY WE ARE, within and around.

I don’t think the Creator worries about what words or expressions we all use as long as we mean love, LIGHT, truth within and around, worldwide.

I think we all need to reflect on the past and all the music, lyrics, words, selfies, ancestors, beliefs and theologies of the past and present, to see how we can think, love, act and do better as a world of people.

One thing for sure is together we are all colorful, gifted, talented and we only have ourselves as people or mankind to blame, if people are hungry, angry, violent, suffering, dying, blessed, empowered, loving or lonely.

I just came across the beautiful, gifted, talented, incredible, voice of YEBBA who must have been sent only of angels to Earth from birth.

YEBBA actually started out singing I am sure from the bathroom or around the house until Chance the Rapper in 2016 shared his music industry limelight and this led to Ed Sheeran sigining her talent to his label.

The Creator of the Universe is the only one who creates us all and gives us the talent or gifts we all have and share, worldwide online and offline. The Creator therefore has to be the one who is the spiritual, universal, composer and CREATOR, of music, poetry, talent, gifts, sound, even the birds that chirp to his musical universe and Heaven.


I have grown to now believe CHURCH is always universal, without walls, limitless in the way we pray, communicate, hear, listen and share our hopes, dreams and passion’s.

The way it is mean’t to be, perhaps we just got side-tracked, enslaved, indoctrinated and mind-controlled of man-made, mythical, theories, beliefs and theologies of world.

I truly believe people are now AWAKENING to a Universal Church where the holy of holies dwell, watch, listen, guide, empower, direct and supports us all who are willing, within.

The Creator of this UNIVERSE has his orchestrated planets, Spirit-spirit and cosmos keeping us blessed, protected and guided AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE.

I think we are living in a time where we can be, do, live and share the REAL YOU without having to be a copy of any other in this world of people on Earth.

It does not matter what you/I look like, sound like or whether we are rich or poor, we just have to be authentic, sincere, real, true, honest and of LIGHT, love, spirituality or positivity not darkness or evil.

The old is being done away with, we do NOT need manufactured, religious, political or denominational labels who dictate what we can do, say, act or believe of universe, Heaven or world.

This is NOT original or authentic and the Creator does not want us to be a copy of anyone or anything else in this world. So if I have offended you for leaving my upbringing because it was and can never be the original ME, I smile and ask you let me fly with the universal Creator and heavenlies like a Eagle or bird in the Sky.

This is what I have prayed and ensured for my beloved Mama/Dad and daughter eternally, alongside those who really care and support me of world on Earth into my afterlife.

It is TIME for us all to fly and love LIMITLESS with spiritual, positive vibes only.

The Music industry, media news plus all religions and denominations need a make-over or demolition; perhaps this is why religion as we all knew it is in decline in the U.S. and Ireland.

I am going to be praying in 2022, and asking the CREATOR of this universe to come to the forefront and begin tearing down walls of all man-made religions, denominations, media news, governments, corporations and industries, who are not of FREEDOM, love, light and togetherness for all.

Don’t underestimate what I am saying, because I know you think this is human but what you cannot see or comprehend is, some people are more than human they are spiritual, gods, goddesses, kings, queens, emperor, empress, like my Mama/Dad into afterlife.

We are all living out our choices between good and evil and our true character, personality or destiny into our afterlife. So make your voice, script or choices good not evil, heavenward, eternal and original within and around.

In Universal Service,


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