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World War 3 is inevitable due to the world shrinking in GDP, food, water, gas and raw materials worldwide. Also the threat of Artificial Intelligence will only make things worse not better. Let’s talk.

The situation in Ukraine with illegal, barbaric, bombing, murder and destruction of Ukraine as a Country and it’s people for no reason, other than a powerful, rich, Russia nation, can choose to destroy or take any Country it likes and NATO or the UN can do nothing or little about it should scare and concern all citizens of the world.

This is World War 3 in the making, whether anyone agree’s or disagree’s. Imagine waking up and your neighborhood is being bombed and your local shops are all closed, and you cannot get access to your savings, cash, money or any water, gas, eletricity, food or petrol?

You are confined to your home or an air raid shelter or bathroom, not able to work, shop, walk or drive freely. Do you think Russia or Putin know’s what they are doing to Ukraine?

Of course they do, and although this may not be counted as World War 3, it should be counted as worse than any Holocaust or the most barbaric, illegal, wicked, evil act of War in world history, beside’s the global Slave Trade.

I have been quiet, thinking, watching, praying and researching what is the likely future of this world and living in this world for most people. The world is certainly facing more threats than ever before and this is not just War or potential wars, but real threats of food and water shortage.

Artificial Intelligence, man-,made viruses like COVID 19 and Omicron, is likely to get worse not better and people as the world need to get ready and prepared within.


What world are you living in depends on what frame or state of mind your living in. Some people feel Putin has lost his mind and he has gone too far, it is now impossible for Putin to surrender or admit he has made a HUGE and evil mistake bombing and invading Ukraine.

Now toothless NATO has bowed to Putin and has chosen to refuse to order a NO FLY ZONE over Ukraine or admit or accept Ukraine as a member of NATO so Ukraine as a Country and people can get the protection they need to now save lives and their Country.

To me, NATO is just as guilty and evil as Putin, if they allow the people of Ukraine to die by bombing, murder, mass slaughter and even starvation or death of an illegal, unprovoked, barbaric War.

By NATO refusing to order a NO FLY ZONE over Ukraine of a Country of 41 Million plus people, Even a young child under 10 years old will understand this means starvation, death or mass murder of 41 Million people.

NATO has now decided it will not get drawn into World War 3 with Russia. I believe Putin already calculated and knew this, he knew NATO would unlikely not want World War 3 with Russia, so now NATO has potentially given the green light or blessing of Russia, to take over the Ukraine like it did Crimea and any other Country it chooses in the future.

So imagine a world where the most powerful nuclear, military forces and artificial technologies like drones, driverless vehicles, robots with lethal weapons will soon be used to invade, destroy and take over any Country in the world or people in the world?

Putin of Russia is not the first to openly take the step or gamble of enlarging their rule and land ownership or territory of Russia by military force. Putin has not created anything new, England or the British and most european countries have historically used the same expansion, slavery, military invasion tactics across Africa, Caribbean into aborigine Australia and Red-Indian Americas.

What world are you living in within? You may think you are in charge or control of your world, but regardless of your Country or location unless you make the right choices and obtain the correct belief system, your world is about to be invaded by numerous technologies and political forces like COVID 19 and taxes or price hikes, where food and basic living is the most expensive commodities in the world.

This is why I say World War 3 is inevitable. NATO has just delayed it for now but Russia or Putin has already decided to take full advantage of the weakness of NATO and the UN.

Putin has clearly calculated and now demonstrated these so-called global, political establishments are all talk and no action, unless you are Libya, Iran, Iraq, Caribbean or Africa.

This week will be crucial for the people and Country of Ukraine. The question now is how much longer can the population of 41 MILLION people go without food, water, electricity, gas or income?

Putin of Russia has calculated this and has strategically bombed the Country and infrastructure of the Ukraine to disrupt and destroy electricity, gas, food, water, employment, income, GDP, travel or movement across Ukraine. So people will either flee or die and Putin and Russia like a predator, smiles and lies in waiting.

Regardless of your location or Country you best get ready for a World of humans vs lethal, deadly robots and STOP selling or giving your human mind, soul and spirit as data or information to these technologies online and offline for FREE. When all they will inevitably do or manufacture is how to control, mimic or replace humans with technologies worldwide.

For sure, the war or wars of the future within the next 5 years will NOT be by human soldiers but driverless vehicles and robotic soldiers armed with grenades and lethal weapons.

Are you ready? Like, I once wrote and said, when I watched the movie ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK way back in the early 80’s I knew this was the future of the world and it is has arrived.

Now one can add the coming of One World Religion, lethal robots, food and water shortages worldwide with less freedom, trust, love, happiness and loyalty.

Unless humans of the world wake-up and understand they are more highly gifted of consciouness and subconsciousness of the Creator universe, they therefore do NOT need an artificial world or technologies of the world WITHIN.

Failure to disagree is a world of chaos, war, death, violence, suffering and destruction. Think of what world our children will inherit? Now is the time for humans to demonstrate and act with power from WITHIN to rule a world of people without anything artificial, destructive, inhumane, evil or barbaric.

In Universal Service,


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