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Women WITHIN is also female within. Lets talk

Believe it or not there are many types of women in the world. I know of no list of the various types of women but lets have a go at my 7 types:

  1. The Spiritual woman
  2. The auction or sell my ass only woman
  3. The I love food more than anything woman
  4. The religious or denominational woman until she gets home
  5. The jailhouse rock woman
  6. The talk, talk, I dont know what I am woman
  7. The gang tripping, hoe, stripping woman.

I am confidant that most women or woman on planet Earth can fit somewhere into the above 7 types of woman. So lets discuss all 7 types beginning with:

  1. The Spiritual Woman

The Spiritual Woman is someone who has spent her time travelling through the wilderness, valleys, fiery furnace, trials, tribulaions and struggles of life. She actively reads her Holy Word daily trying to find some word, guide, help, blessing or promise so she can win within.

The Spiritual woman knows deep within she must do everything the laws, statutes, commandments and KINGDOM of the Most High counsels, instructs, coaches and demands of her regardless of what people or the world thinks or says.

The Spiritual woman puts MAAT KINGDOM 24/7 before the world or things of world. [1 John 2: 15-17] She understands and knows there are NOT many virtuous women on planet Earth.

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.11 The heart of her husband doth safely TRUST in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. Proverbs 31: 10-11

If any woman takes the time to carefully read Proverbs 31 she will learn many things about being a good or evil woman. If any man or your husband cannot safely trust you then your simply sinful, evil not good.

If this sounds futile or foolish to you then your sinful and evil. No good woman in her right mind thinks Proverbs 31 is irrelevant or stupid. This is the problem in the world most women think they can get divorced or date this and that Man to see which one offers the best or most. This is NOT how a KINGDON or virtuous woman operates single or married.

Have you noticed Proverbs 31 is the main text and chapter for woman and women in the Bible? Yet the spiritual woman should also research and read the Hieroglyphic Symbol for Woman to better understand how a spiritual Kingdom woman should operate within.

The ancient Egyptian conception of MAAT includes connotations of ‘order’, ‘harmony’, ‘rightness’ and true witness. It is used in a wide range of religious, ethical and cosmological contexts. Maatas a goddess and idea constituted a fundamental touchstone of ancient Egyptian religion and social life. It emphasized harmonious cooperation as a social idea but also represented the constant cosmic struggle against chaos and disorder.

A Spiritual woman has a pure spiritual heart, mind, soul and spirit within. This is why her man or husband safely trusts in her, he knows when he has found a woman he can safely trust because this woman has her mind centered on KINGDOM and right doing, NOT world or things of world. She is not thinking of talking, engaging or dating two men at the same time online or offline. She understands she MUST plan and work alongside her man even if just dating 24/7.

A Spiritual woman knows how hard it is to pray, wait and know within this is her Mr Right, so she will focus and pay full attention to only one Man. Most women want to play the game, hold auction, audition and see who is the highest bidder, who will entertain her flesh or pockets the most online and offline.

A Spiritual woman knows when she gives her MAAT word or self to a Man this is a promise or vow. She knows once a Man touches her body or womb this is marriage. She knows there is nothing casual or a one night stand of KINGDOM. She knows she must submit to her spiritual appointed KINGDOM Man and give him her all or nothing at all.

The Spiritual Woman is not playing or dating for world, she is playing and dating for Eternity. There is nothing she is doing or building on Earth that is not first of statutes, laws, MAAT of Heaven to Earth. She is simply NOT religous, world or denominational, just KINGDOM within 24/7. [Luke 17:21] .

2. The Auction or Sell My Ass Only Woman

This woman does not give a hoops how she gets her man as long as he pays highly for her time. From the start, this woman is dressed from head to toe in the best and finest of fashion, perfume and footwear. She wants any man to know her price tag is high, from beginning to end. If you get her in bed you will pay for your time and the only reason you are in bed with her is you have paid the price online or offline.

This is why I call this type of woman the auction or sell my ass woman, as she is only interested in the highest bidder for the date, night, marriage or camcorder auction online or offline. Notice how celebrities breed these type of women disguised as models [lol] from Instagram to other social media platforms, they hire ass for cash and spread their genocide online and offline.

These women know they are doing the hoe thing but they DO NOT want to call it this, they want to hustle and get paid large amounts of money to look legit, pay their gas, electric, rent while travelling to other countries or being a groupie or threesome with a wig to hide who they really are.

Even churchfolks are doing this of all religions and denominations. The pastors and clergy are the ones who have the women on their church payroll as expenses or services when they are doing the same thing as hip hop, rap, music, film industry and PlayBoy worldwide.

This woman rarely does anything for no cash or money. She is like a red light, taxi cab and her meter starts rolling from start to finish. What this woman does not know is MAN created all dating or marriage games online and offline. You cannot think your a man when you were not born a man regardless of how many times you change the laws of this world or lick clit, ass or change your body or identity.

The auction or sell my ass woman is using her body, looks and beauty as a lottery ticket or bidding auction online and offline. The problem with this is she does not realize no man is going to TRUST or want such a woman long-term. Just because a man gives you cash for time or services does not mean he wants you or trusts you. He just wants what he wants and you get what you want, and its bye until the next trick, sex or hoe time.

There are women who are realtors in the church, lawyers etc who play this game. They are the ones who always want to be seen at the NBA, NFL bars, games and hangouts so they can catch a baby or plot and get paid for a lifetime. Bartenders also play the bar-tab game of calling all the money guys to come run a tab, talk to me, tip me, and I will discount you and make you feel special over the bar and maybe you just may come home with me, if evening, night or time is right. This is the same game just different setting and mind game or play.

Many women are selling their online dating profile and self to fool multiple guys into sending them money from around the world to help pay the rent, bills, mortgage or car payment. This woman in return will send them photos, selfies and tell them what she thinks they want to hear to keep them thinking or hoping they are the only one.

This is the auction or sell my ass type of woman she has no values, morals or cares about nothing but herself. She is all about catching and playing the richest or most foolish man for his money or assets. This includes NFL, NBA, Rugby, Formula 1, Golf or professional Football players worldwide. This type of woman is really playing her own madam mindset or game online and offline. Notice in the U.S. the first question online and offline out of most woman or women is what do you do for a living?

They are basically saying or calculating in their mindset can I get a raise, promotion or can he afford this ass or body? This is sad but reality. What most women do not know the man is also calculating, and he can get what he wants most times at a discount and if not he too can say BYE next please. Why do you think men are taking vacation and flights to Cuba, Brazil, Greece, Indonesia etc where they can get more women or woman for their expenditure short and longterm.

This Jezebel woman needs MAAT.

3. The I Love Food more than anything Woman

This type of woman does exist, and she often demands you love her FOR WHO I AM. This means regardless of the leg size or ass, the Man cannot complain or say anything about how much food she consumes or how much candy, chocolates or cakes she eats.

Take a good look at the above picture that is just the LEG so imagine how a man is thinking how can I safely climb or penetrate pass the leg, into his final destination. I don’t think even a Boeing 737 can fly, climb and make a safe penetration or landing. This is because I eat and do what I want, so its take it or leave it.

I am NOT being mean I am keepin it real. As I believe this world of dating, and male and female is becoming ridiculous, and most people are NOT prepared to write or state reality or truth. Now in some schools we cannot use terminology like male and female. So did the Creator make a mistake?

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. – Genesis 1:27

Sure, one can eat what you want and do whatever but that does not make it healthy, good or right. And when it comes to man and woman, God help the man who has to endure any leg or ass above.

4. The Religious or denominational woman until she gets home

The religious and denominational woman until she gets home is the woman who will clap, sing, call, defend and protect the name of jesus always saying Hallelujah, which is a show and pantomine until she gets home.

You see only the members of the family know the real woman, truth, story and lifestyle from Sunday-to-Sunday or Sabbath-to-Sabbath. They know the minute she put her key in the door what to expect when she walks through the door. Will there be any praise, singing, clapping, halleluyah or amen all week?

This woman is religious and denominational like choosing muslim, catholic, anglican, adventist, baptist, church of God, mormon, etc. She does not even know what HA…LLE…LU…YAH or AMEN means or that it has little or nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with YHWH Amun RA.

This woman goes to religious or denominational church, temple or synagogue on one day or hour and the rest of the week she hates her husband, son, daughter, work and you cannot get an Amen or Halleluyah out of her until like clockwork Sunday or Sabbath comes or one of her churchfolks calls or visits, and its back to religious or denominational role-play.

Be honest, how many times in 5 or ten years has your imam, pastor, bishop or clergy ever called you and asked how are you? How can you be a member and all you do is give and get nothing in return but weekly lectures you pay for?

This religious and denominational woman will pray more than she will kiss, hug or sex her husband. Yet the minute another woman looks at her husband you will see the wrath of denoms and devils with FIRE come out of this woman. She is always moaning and groaning and calling on the name of jesus…yet nothing changes. She is miserable, lost, blind, lacking empathy and love towards her husband, family or others.

This woman wants her man to be quiet and submit to her; and her family does what she says or wants. The only people who can tell her what to do is pastor, elders, religion and denomination. This Delilah woman needs MAAT.

When trials, tribulations and longsuffering comes this woman folds, moans, groans, worries and blames everyone but herself or lack of faith, confidence, trust or remembers it is written in the Bible. Go check the fruits of the Spirit.

Yet when Sunday or Sabbath comes it will be singing in the house, room or car all the way to church, temple or synagogue until she gets home then repeat the above, as if the Creator has no ears and no eyes. Its clearly world vs Kingdom within.

Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the WEAKER vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.
(1 Peter 3:7 ESV)

As you can see the Bible regardless of its many transliterations or grey areas of words and opinions, some things remain true like the above scripture and statement. Woman or women should be wise and listen and cleave to your spiritual NOT carnal or world man; to strengthen and survive within..

5. The Jailhouse Rock Woman

This type of woman actually holds down her man, she has loyalty, respect, submission, gang mentality. She will die and ride for her man and family even if they are criminals, drug users or hustlers.

You ever see this woman standing on her porch or door-step she does not give a hoops what others think or say. She is down, sold-out for her man, family and anyone crosses the line she will shout, sceam, fight and do whatever it takes to be loyal, down for her family, man and gang. This is even if her man goes to jail or gets locked-up, she will be there fighting for her man or family members no matter what the situation.

This type of woman you will see visiting her man in jail even if it takes 6 hours to get there…and if her man tells her bring me this or that, she has it packed. She will even take the chance of swallowing or hiding things in her mouth, breasts, womb or ass for her man or family.

This jail house rock woman gives to everyone but herself. She gives her all because she actually understands loyalty, love, submission and giving to the point of death. She would rather die than snitch or let her man or family down. She just keeps giving it to wrong people and wrong situations, this is why she ends up the VICTIM on drugs, prostitution, trafficking, being used, abused. She has given so much she does not know herself, she struggles to know or find herself.

This woman is closer to hell than heaven, yet she is still loyal, trustworthy, reliable. And when she says yes it is yes, and no means no, but she has the wrong people, lifestyle and crowd. So its a vicious cycle and world.

6.. The talk, talk, I dont know what I am woman

The talk, talk, I don’t know what I am woman is actually where most women of all ages, cultures and lifestyles sit within. This woman may read, study and work or not read, study or work. Yet she knows how to use her mouth and talk, talk, talk to get her man, family or people to think she understands them or will do as she has stated or promised and she will do nothing or little because she does not hardly act on anything. Many men of educated to unemployed status are like this too of world, lots talk, talk with no daily action or plan.

If anyone knows who they are they will ACT and do as they have prayed, planned or promised for they see their prayer, plan and promise as their plan of action by faith.

This is why the talk, talk, I dont know what I am woman has nothing more than her mouth as she hardly ever focus, plans, LISTENS or writes anything down. The only thing this woman pays attention to is how she EMOTIONALLY feels and how her selfie, lifestyle or body looks and feels.

This woman can feel like crap inside, she hates her ass, breasts, hair or life, yet she will use her MOUTH to defend herself because she CANNOT listen or embrace wisdom, truth or right because this woman rarely acts on any plan of action or promise.

The truth is this woman has many MASKS she just plays her way through life and world. She will talk, talk, talk and DO NOTHING just talk, talk, talk more. This woman will try to tell you what she thinks you want to hear at work, home, online or offline. She really does not know herself, because she rarely sits reads, researches or pray, plan, write and action daily. Yet she thinks everyone is wrong but her…everyone does not know her or can see her life is spiralling out of control. She is really looking for any fool to trust and believe her mouth that rarely delivers. She wants man to save her so she can sit, talk and do nothing with all her kids as proof of previous errors.

This woman spends most of her life trying to survive within and around. She just has enough gas in her tank for HERSELF. She often uses her low gas level to catch someone who will help or give her a new life or time. This type of woman can look amazing and you would not know she is on empty within.

She is talking, talking, talking…doing whatever she thinks she wants or needs to do at low or high energy levels, but its just talk, talk as the only result regardless of what income or level. She could be hustling with a BMW or Mercedes she cannot assign herself to anyone, because she is just talk, talk, talk no action or longterm commitment.

She does not know who she is…but she does not want anyone to fix her within. This would be too much change or work for her, this is why many women read the Bible but how many actually apply it? Many women buy fitness machines but how many actually work-out daily? Many women have been engaged or divorced especially in America, how many can keep their words, promises or vows?

7. The Gang tripping, hoe, stripping woman

The gang trippng hoe stripping woman is like the jailhouse Rock woman on steroids. She really does not give a XXXX. This is the Carbi B or Nicki Minaj mentality, she rarely reads or writes because she only wants to hustle. No one needs to read or write to hustle or strip or do a video shoot where one twerks ass, earn cash and buy some BIGGER implants and repeat cycle. This is also the Kim Kardashian mindset, she is the queen of this mentality now she is hustling millions online and offline still showing her implants, ass and multiple surgery curves.

They have the Kardashian, Cardi B or Nicki Minaj gang following online or offline. They need to hustle and flow and be ready to strip, trick or twerk for a living. Most times this is done in secret when she CAM her body or online date meet in a hotel, motel and not even tell the person your married, in the choir or clergy.

Cardi B still cannot speak, read or write well, yet when you have hoe or stripper cash they think it comes with education or brains. Nicki Minaj is retiring from writing verses or lines a 10 year old can write worldwide. Notice she rarely sings…just talk crap, which sells or sold millions of albums NOT for what she says, but for how she looks and acts. This is really a genocide lifestyle.

Now Kanye West is coming home to Jesus and Kim Kardashian does not know when you come home to Jesus who is mythical the Holy Spirit takes control, self gets destroyed, your bought with a price. So get ready for the RICH CANNOT enter the Kingdom of Heaven and its easier for a Camel to go through the eye of a needle. Read:

“And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God.” – Matthew 19:24

I hope Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and even Beyonce is ready within, because when the Creator who’s words are seven times purer than any other word actions the above on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, the four corners of your marriage and mind are at stake.

I think Trump sent Kanye West to get more evangelical black votes. How can Kanye West go to New Birth take over stage and NOT get baptized and officially come to jesus or the Creator Most High? Could you or I get away with that? This is why its a genocide like hip hop and rap is a genocide, breeding and promoting gang violence, strippers, hoes, murder, rape and drug use as division throughout communities worldwide.

Now Kanye West Yeezus will save the world right? Wrong, Watch Kanye West get divorced, go insane as he cannot take what Creator YHWH RA will do to the rich man written in the Bible above.

Only a professional, wise and experienced person can navigate you from within out, and it definitely is not religion or denomination. It is MAAT, Creator YHWH RA and His Kingdom within for all of the above beliefs, lifestyles and personalities.

In His Service,


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