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Women Don’t Listen Well

Women Don’t Listen Well is a fact not fiction, let’s talk.

As a Man are you tired of talking, talking, talking and thinking the woman your talking with even as a friend is she listening? You can talk or explain for hours, months or years only to discover, by her own actions or words she has NOT remembered or done, one thing, you suggested, listed or agreed with her?

Women, this is like saying to a man especially if he has been talking for hours, months or years…SCREW YOU, YOUR NOT IMPORTANT. YOUR NOT WORTH MY EARS, BRAIN OR LISTENING.

Women after 40 plus years on Earth, even watching my elderly mum still refuse to listen or acknowledge her son or children’s advice, I have come to the factual conclusion: WOMEN DON’T LISTEN WELL OR AT ALL, TO ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF SELF.

I had to research this further and this is what I have found out, of what other women have to say on this topic, watch, listen and learn:


Think about it, IF Eve listened to the Creator or Adam would there be such evil or severe suffering and or penalties of sin worldwide? Without talking scriptures Eve blamed the Serpent for any or all misakes and sins.

“You will NOT certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman.Genesis 3: 4

Eve like most women was clearly about HER OWN agenda, wants, needs and desires. Eve did NOT care for even what the Creator wants, needs or desires. I honestly believe most women are all about SELF and nothing else, daily. It’s how they FEEL, WANT, NEED OR DESIRE and nothing else for good or evil.

Even if you have sex or intimate moments, it is what SELF feels, likes or dislikes will conclude all matters. But, unless you actively listen to your partner or a man, you will only have YOURSELF to talk, listen, entertain and sex forever. It’s your choice YOU decide.

Only wise, caring, devoted people male or female are going to pay attention to detail, promises or concerns daily. Listen to the woman carefully, who does she blame or attempt to explain who is to blame, by her own actions or words. Do you really think a woman or your partner is listening or remembering what you said, or are saying? Watch this video:

In His Service,


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