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Why? Could be the biggest and most frequent question asked in life. Lets talk…

Why is my mind thinking daily, deeply in and through solitude and silence from Earth to Heaven?

Why are most teens and youth not thinking longterm of eternity?

Why are we all kings and queens to do what you have predestined and preordained of good from beginning to end?

Why is the world of people continually suffering?

Why do children of the world suffer do you not see, hear or care?

Why are the Africa children of Yisrael deceived and enslaved by western invaders for most of their lives?

Why is human-trafficking and racism so rampant and the KKK as politicians go unchecked?

Why is common sense, truth, righteous, peace and love so rare globally?

Why is man and woman at odds when they both need each other now and for eternity?

Why cannot we keep loved ones with us always?

Why do the heathen rage and appear to be the head not the tail of world?

Why do christian women claim to be spiritual or virtuous yet act, dress and divorce like the world?

Where are the kings, queens and soldiers of the KINGDOM not the fake christianity wooden cross?

Why are there so many religions and denominaions of world and few have any universal truth?

Why does it take years into decades to see and receive what the CREATOR speaks within?

Why not give young all missions so all is done by the time we are old?

Why are the angels, kings, gods, goddesses so SILENT yet powerful of the universe?

Why do you lovingly shine as the SUN, MOON, STARS daily and most people ignore RA provides?

Why do you give more than we can ever think or desire in the now or afterlife?

Why is SILENCE or stillness more powerful than noise, words or chants?

Why is everything about you Creator RA enormus, full of trials and faith?

I think you know, I know the answers to ALL the above questions. You are simply alpha and omega the UNIVERSAL JUDGE of beginning and eternity with no end.

In His Service,


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