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Who is the Real Moses?

Who is the Real Moses? What we read in the western translated bibles, may not be of the original AFRICA history, artifacts and Holy Bible written in stone.

I am about to read the entire Book of Deuteronomy but who is the real Moses of the translated western bibles? Could it be King Amenmesse i think so, along with all the other Valley of the Kings of Nubia, Kemet and AFRICA written in stone.

Take a good look at the name Amen messe then think Amun Moses. If you know anything about the name AMUN RA this is the name of the oldest Creator of Heaven ot Earth, most people now call God. So there is an immediate historical, spiritual and biblical correlation between Amun Ra and Amun Moses or King Amenmesse.

One thing for certain is TRUTH cannot be hidden, perverted or altered in anyway shape or form. This is why biblical, historical and spiritual TRUTH is always written in stone even today.


I understand the shock to your mind, soul, spirit and comfort zone, you have attended religion or denomination for years or decades and been told white jesus, Mary and 12 disciples NOT 12 TRIBES OF AFRICA of old testament or Amun RA will save you.

There is no NEW TESTAMENT! There is only one universal TRUTH and Creator Amun RA, YHWH YAH, who is of Spirit to spirit 24/7.

At first one wll be shocked, confused, angry, dismayed or defensive to the point of total denial and rejection of that written in stone, dating back as long as 5,000 years.

To learn more about Africa Kemet, Nubia King Amunmesse go here. You will also want to research, study and know Amen=is=Amun so every time you say Amen you are saying Amun Ra.

Now, go ask and tell your pastor, bishop or priest what you have just learned. Educate him or her including Rev Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the Pope, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Paula White, Joel Olsteen and many more.

The Real Moses & Garden of Eden

The Real Moses & Garden of Eden can only be of Kemet, Nubia and Africa as one powerful region. Many people will DENY such truth but guess what? This is the historical, biblical and spiritual reason it is written in stone as high as a Pyramid, and deep as the oldest stone churches of Axum Ethiopia, that modern-day countries with all their technological advancement cannot replicate, destroy or fathom.

NOTE* From the above video Egypt stole its name from Kemet, Nubia, Africa, so there is NO EGYPTOLOGY, it is Khemetic, Nubia, Africa biblical and historicalology.

What you think is pagan are the REAL earliest, biblical and spiritual images of creation as natural creatures of nature reflecting the world and SUN as Creator, not fake son of jesus or christianity gods. This is crucial to embrace and understand WITHIN.

When it comes to Moses this could be one or both of a mixture of kings Thutmoses III and Amenmesse even a mixture with Akhenaten, which names are very closely correlated, and are from the same Nubia, Kemet, Africa dynasties and region of true Kingdom and Garden of Eden of AMUN YHWH RA.

In His Service,


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