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Who is the Real Jacob & Esau?

Who is the real Jacob & Esau? Is it Horus & Set of Kemet, Nubia, Africa beliefs, of the oldest human civilization? Find out

All this week something kept bothering my soul and spirit, I knew I was being called to go investigate is Jacob real with NO J in ancient Hebrew or the 1st Kings James Bible of 1611?

To be honest I took my time, as I knew this would be a VERY deep subject as the story or myth of Jacob sat at the center of the birth, life and future of the 12 Tribes of Yisrael and even the 12 gates into the City of Creator RA Most High.

The above video delves into some DEEP myths and philosophies surrounding ancient to modern translations and beliefs. The strange thing for most newbies or people who have been long-standing believers of religions from Christian, christianity, muslim or other, is that all religions have definitely derived from ancient Kemet, Nubia, Egypt beliefs.

This is the shock or defense, most people who watch the above video will experience WITHIN. They will either strive to research ancient TRUTH wrtten in Kemet, Nubia, Africa stone, or they will feel their ‘comfort zone‘ of western religion or denomination is being rattled or challenged to discomfort, and they will resist all or most latter-rain changes WITHIN.

I agree it is not easy, TRUTH is not for the many only the FEW of world.

Still, let the Real Jacob and Esau please stand! I am sure like most or all things biblical, historical and truth it is Horus & Set of Kemet, Nubia, Africa. For only the TRUTH of Creator YHWH RA will set us free WITHIN, then around.

Again, there is no J in Hebrew and there is no J in the 1st Kings James Bible of 1611, as there was no J even in the vowels a,e,i,o,u right? So how could there ever be a Jacob wrestling with an Angel, who stole or lied his way to Kingdom blessings? Especially with the name Jacob in the region of Nubia, Kemet, Africa?

Always remember Horus is the OLDEST living Creator figure in pictorial form, even though the Creator is more interested in ‘Have no other gods before me or any likeness of image‘ as HE is omnipotent, omnipresent, Holy and Spirit to spirit within.

Being DARK or LIGHT has nothing to do with color or colour. It is 100% about being of light as universal truth, not evil or darkness WITHIN.

With Set you can clearly see there are a few beliefs and depictions of Set. There is the Seth of western philosophy and myths, and Set Diety of ancient Kemet, Nubia, Africa. To paint things pink or white is not always right or truth, especially when they can NEVER pre-date Kemet, Nubia, Africa as oldest knowledge, wisdom, civilization and beliefs.

No matter what good and evil still exists. I have also stated repeatedly in other articles the Garden of Eden is always Africa. The oldest human DNA is from and of Africa, so are the oldest writings or biblical artifacts on planet Earth.

In His Service,


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