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White Racism is FEAR

White racism is FEAR of your own racist perception of others lets talk….

White racism stems from white or more accurately pink people falsely thinking and believing they are superior and of royal blood decent, when in fact most are ill-informed, uneducated, ignorant, racist and as cruel as their idol of hatred Hitler like openly KKK Donald Trump.

They think most people of the world do not know GOP or Conservative really means and stands for I HATE BLACK PEOPLE or I AM SUPERIOR TO BLACK PEOPLE. But none can pass the simple test: can you match a white piece of paper 100%?

I am infuriated and disgusted also with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others especially Hip Hop Rappers who promote idiotic Nigga rap, BLACK HISTORY DAY bullshit, yet worship white fake Jesus, Christmas, Easter, Halloween. All ignorantly reinforcing the racist stereotypical narratives and images of black and white people as world. How uneducated and fruitless?

There is NO such thing as 100% black and white people on planet Earth.


White or pink people FEAR because most know they are wicked, racist liars who have done historical wrongs to others. So they FEAR those minority, negroes, niggers, AWAKENING and raping, enslaving, lynching THEM in revenge worldwide.

You also FEAR because you secretly know AFRICA is the real Garden of Eden and real kings, queens and dynasties are AFRICA plus the oldest human DNA on planet Earth.

White people FEAR because they are brain-washed, uneducated like Trump full of lies and deceit because they play the white-race bullshit game of white racism.

White or pink people FEAR because they could never imagine being invaded, enslaved, raped, jailed for being perceived white or working on a plantation by force, having to serve african, caribbean, aborigine, red indian, muslim, mexican or latino people.

White or pink people including politicians, police officers like rap music, gospel, jazz, soul or RnB. They also sell or smoke weed, take drugs or pills, sex or date black, latino or african women like Trump. Yet play the colour-blind white race card of GOP, Conservative, Republican, Fox News or the Sun, all because they FEAR all non-white or non-pink uprising.

Think I am angry or misinformed? Most people are racist but pink racism is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL with historical facts. Watch video below:

Times are changing and people of the colourful world are beginning to see and understand the global, historical and biblical TRUTH. We are one and all people on planet Earth have originated from Africa.

Soon racist white or pink people will NOT be able to ask what ethnicity or colour are you, on job or mortgage applications or enslave the minds of people worldwide. They are evil, racist, fearful and wicked people of mind, heart and soul within.

This is because colourful, one love, oneness, spiritual, LATTER RAIN and KINGDOM MINDFULNESS is here to stay and cleanse us all worldwide.

In His Service,


Jesus Saves Facts

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