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When Spiritual Women think Universal

When Spiritual Women think Universal, they become as gods & goddesses of the KINGDOM of bara RA within. Lets talk….

Why has the world tried to make you only think black or white? Or think you can never be higher or lower than black or white? I can assure you there is NO-ONE black or white on planet Earth. If you disagree, grab a sheet of white or black paper and prove it 100%.

If you cannot prove it factually 100%, you are a deception or being deceived. In this article or post I want to challenge and change your mind, thoughts and thinking, long-term into unity, eternity of afterlife. I know some people will fight or rather die, than give up their black or white man-made sociological labels. But what if your labels can also lead you to destruction within?

I want to set women and female free within worldwide. There are many things happening worldwide from Corona Virus Pandemic, racism, inequalities, human-trafficking, modern slavery, poverty, global hunger threats, Venezuela crisis, Sudan and other parts of Africa famine, teen violence, gang violence, food shortages worldwide, to sidereal planets of the cosmos taking full retrograde control of Heaven to Earth.

Life is as peaceful, complex or cruel as your mind, soul and spirit within.

I would like to introduce you to:

Dr. Jewel Pookrum, M.D., Ph.D. MFS
Surgeon & Surgeon General
visit website.

Watch her insightful video’s below:

I also had to add the beautiful RA Spirit-spirit of UMI:

I strongly feel women and girls need to be less of WORLD or things of world and more of universe, cosmos and Spirit-spirit within. This will only promote and lead to love, unity, peace, empowerment and prosperity of Heaven to Earth.

This is not religious or denominational. In fact most religions and denominations have little love or truth of the planets, cosmos or universe. They also lack knowledge, wisdom and power of gods and goddesses of Amun RA; yet they pRAy, pRAise, sing and say Hallelujah and Amen. Time to awake and arise.

In RA service,


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