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Was Nimrod the Real Abraham?

Was Nimrod the real Abraham? Why is good and evil a choice between Nimrod and Abraham? They both would have to be of biblical Africa; so how can either be evil? Lets talk?

Abraham, the Jewish patriarch, probably never existed. Nor did Moses. The entire Exodus story as recounted in the Bible probably never occurred. Source: New Torah For Modern Minds, – by Michael Massing, March 9, 2002, New York Times,

The abve article is now 18 years old, yet still one of the toughest topics to discuss or prove, but could Nimrod and Abraham be the same person?

In fact, logically Nimrod as a Cushite King is easier to prove than the mythical Moses, Abraham and Noah. Why? History has many historical and archaeological facts surrounding Nimrod and Nubia, Kemet/Egypt kings and queens as mighty, wealthy, warrior’s of Africa.

What is frustrating and painful regardless of what man-made, paper version of the bible you read; which may NOT be the actual HOLY BIBLE written of Kemet/Egypt, STONE of the Garden of Eden, Africa.

Is no matter how much an african of Africa or AmeriIndian of the Americas prove more than their pink counterparts of mankind, they came and were born 1st.

They also lived and created the 1st alphabet, languages, pyRAmids, astronomy, science, machinery, global trade, and most of human civilization including the Holy Bible of RA.

So stop with the racist BS because none of you are 100% white not even close; and no-one on planet Earth is 100% black. To ignore this is defintely hatred, evil, racism and hell.

They are daily enslaved, belittled, their history ignored and rewritten by lies, myths, fables and racism. And most of all foolish, religious, people, believe what slavemasters and evil, wicked, religious, people, write, do and say.

This is insanity. How can one ever be honest and claim America is NOT Red Indian land? How can one be honest and claim Africa is not the Garden of Eden of the Holy Bible?

It is sad when you are born into this world and experience the real Holocaust of Slavery, racism, evil and wickedness over 600 years + labelling you black, nigger, negro, aboringine, red indian,and beast or giant.

Falsely written in many man-made bible versions; to ignorantly describe people who were created and born of real biblical Africa royalty; before any fake pirate, discoverer, pope, bishop or jesuit, jewish, EL GOD rabbi was born.

Be ye not deceived.

Be ye not decieved as no amount of lies, myths, fables or deceptions can rewrite or escape the baRA Amun RA, cREator of Heaven and Earth. I can hear someone saying no, it is Jesus or GOD who is the Creator. Really?

Then research who created christianity, jesus and the word GOD, and you will see it is EL GOD of ELohim of more mythical constantine, jewish, jesuit, christianity lies, evil and global deceptions. Be ye not deceived.

I have been researching the one true Holy Bible over 25 years; so I now know the evil plot and wicked use of religious narratives, myths, fables and legends in and across all man-made bible versions of heresy and lies. I could easily make The Passion of The Christ or The Da Vinci Code look like child’s play.

Is the one true cREator of pRAy, pRAise, REpentence, REward and Amen asleep? No. He rules and operates the cosmos and universe as the SUN not SON and moon, stars and seasons 24/7. This is the only real universal Church, Temple or pyRAmid’s of pRAise.

Be ye not deceived, I know you want to believe white is pure, holy and right; and black or brown is slavery, beasts, illiterate, monkeys, black magic or a black hole; like most western, media, racist history books, and even white jesus likes to falsely teach or portray.

Do you know there was no J in the 1st King James Bible of 1611? So how can one say or claim the word Jesus with no J? What if I told you few people will declare all man-made bible versions are deliberately written to enslave, plague and CURSE blacks, africans, ameriindians whether kings or queens; and all ethnic minorities worldwide. Think, read and look around the world today.


In RA Holy Bible I will prove to you not only does Noah not exist, there was no Exodus, no Moses, no person really called Abram or Abraham. You see, all real characters of the Holy Bible are 1ST africans, blessed, wealthy, wise, educated and living in biblical Africa.

So never tell an african or AmeriIndian to go get your own Holy RA Bible; It is the western EL GOD jesuits, fake jews, and fake emperors of Rome; who do NOT have a Holy Bible.

Yes they have many conflicting man-made, bible versions, but all are deception and lies like cartoons of wild mythical, legends with no love, truth or proof.

Be ye not decieved: Slavery was deliberately, politically and religiously invented to re-program people of colour worldwide, out of their Africa royalty as original kings and queens of RA.

Mythical, lying, westerners brandished guns, printing press, chains, slavery, evil and wickedness to rebel against the MOST HIGH RA; who made Africa the Garden of Eden.

Still today, most of the world of gold, diamonds, fruits and exotic animals still flow into the world from Africa; despite repeated foreign rape, theft and racism to-this-day.

The same can be said for the AmeriIndians of the Americas and Caribbean. How can mythical, fake, lying, pink, Christopher Columbus discover people older than himself? Wake up people.

He shall become ruler of the treasures of gold and of silver, and all the precious things of KEMET/Egypt, and the Libyans and the african Cushites shall follow in his train. – Daniel 11: 43

Nimrod is Abraham

Like many of the african kings, queens and tribal people of the Holy Bible written on KEMET/EGYPT STONE yet hidden in corrupt, man-made bible versions.

Truth still belongs to the only baRA cREator of Heaven and Earth. MATT shall bring justice to all who have been raped, murdered, raided, stolen, enslaved, deprived of royalty yet showcased in museum’s of the world.

Anyone with the slightest amount of intelligence would know you cannot have a pink jesus, with 12 pink disciples in a hot desert, Red Sea or Africa land to then become THE SAVIOUR OF HOLY AFRICA AND WORLD.

The star of bethlehem and all that mythical, mystic, pagan stuff, are clever narratives of lies and evil. Its like a popular newspaper what I write you believe right?

The cREator is not even trying to save the world. Read 1 John 2: 15-17 of YOUR New Testament and the Kemet/Egyptians of the only true Holy Bible, knows we all live in the now.

Day-by-day as a LIVING TESTIMONY how we treat truth, love, peace, harmony, righteouness, faith, Spirit-spirit and eternity into the afterlife, we inherit. As a man or woman thinks, acts and believe daily until sleep; SO HE AND SHE SHALL BE ETERNALLY.

Want more proof of corruption and deception? How do you get IsraEL created in 1948, in the book of GENESIS-REVELATION? Because they altered names, maps, locations, kings, queens, people and even Holy scripture of the original Kemet/Egyptian hieroglyphs, obelisk and MAAT etc of the real gods and goddesses of Amun RA.

Then they create their own Greco-Roman fake jesuit, white knight templars and emperors with false, evil, narratives, story-telling, 12 white disciples, pink jesus, 12 tribes born of blatant, unholy, incest of Jacob with two sisters, and their handmaids as his 1st cousins.

Plus to-this-day IsraEL is a tourist destination for a jesus tomb as big as a bath tub and nothing else. Yet you foolishly despise pyRAmid’s in honor to the cREator Most High; no Company or Country in the world could build or replicate.

A Pyramid with such precision in-line with the cosmos, sun and stars today. Such hypocrites and parasites of religions, denominations, and an evil world.

The PyRAmid and Holy Bible RA STONE, not the religious temple, church, mosque or synagogue; the religious builders REJECTED will always become the cornerstone. – Psalms 118: 22

I just read this: ”Because of the parallels between Gilgamesh and Nimrod, many scholars agree that Gilgamesh is Nimrod. Continuing with Gilgamesh’s fable, he did win, he did vanquish Huwawa and took his head. Therefore he could come back to Uruk and other cities and tell the people “not to worry about YHVH anymore, he is dead. I killed him over in the Lebanon mountains. So just live however you like, I will be your king and take care of you.” SOURCE.

You see there are many religions battling for THEIR interpretation or bible version. This is why you have so many religions, denominations, gods and godesses on Earth.

33 MILLION gods and goddesses in India alone. Then the Pope secretly oves and worships the Black Madonna and dresses like Amun RA why? Also YisRAel is NOT the same, and will never be the same as man-made, religious IsraEL god; find out why.

Just another high-jacking, enslavement, religious, political, global deception, from truth to ERROR. Be ye not deceived. You cannot mix good and evil with lies and deception and call it HOLY.

Even as the Pope who invaded and stole from Africa; and has 209 manuscripts mentioning the word RA in the Vatican Library. They had to plot african Nimrod NOT to be blessed, wise, mighty, king, ruler of KUSH or cushites of RA AFRICA.

That is too noble, educated, royal, rich, like the list of queens and kings of Africa from Queen of Sheba, Cleopatra, Queen Nerfititi, Atenaken, Thutmosis III, Mansa Musa,

Tutankamun, etc, etc, all as real kings and queens; before there were any western kings or queens. Cannot you see how the Queen of England has learned everything from Africa kings and queens; then used it to divide and conquer? Yes or no?

Man-made bible versions are no different; they have to keep the religious and political global invasion and slavery plot of jesus and IsraEL over YisRAel; deception alive. Too late, time is up, the LATTER RAIN is here.

PyRAmids are evidence of Amun RA not EL GOD. Take a good look at the above photo and you will also find a similar headrest one with the Pope online.

Then ask yourself the question do you you think AbRAham is more powerful and original than Nimrod? And guess what: this mighty african King like most or all african kings and queens depicted in biblical and world history is NOT Nimrod of rebellion; but Gilgamesh/Nimrod/AbRAm of Amun RA.

The man who could go to AFRICA and rob her of her children, and then sell them into interminable BONDAGE, with no other motive than that which is furnished by dollars and cents, is so much worse than the most depraved murderer that he can never receive pardon at my hand.

– Abraham Lincoln

In Universal Service,


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