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Waiting on God

Waiting on God as YHWH RA takes more than sitting or praying when you feel like it. Waiting on God takes all senses, emotions, thoughts, His Word, faith, hope, trust, love and actions.

Waiting on God as YHWH RA is walking, hearing and doing what YHWH RA God through His Holy Spirit to spirit desires. It’s being His holy instrument or vessel on Earth. It’s be still and know I am RA God. This is likened to how the prophets of the Bible heard and walked with YHWH RA God. For instance, imagine YHWH RA God instructing you in your ear, heart, mind and soul to build an ARK what would you say or do?

Waiting on RA as YHWH for me takes more attentive listening by ear to the still small voice and peaceful whispering of His promises or biblical, Holy Word.

This is the Spirit to spirit within. One cannot experience this unless you have suffered or sacrificed via spiritual cross, denial of self, world or afflictions. This may feel or sound strange to your psyche as most religions & denominations do NOT teach or preach waiting on RA God is not about riches of WORLD or self, but riches purely of His Kingdom within. [Luke 17:21]

Waiting on RA God as YHWH is all about predestination and preordination. Understand, YHWH RA as Creator has already CREATED as Alpha & Omega the beginning and the end. This is why waiting on God is not you or me waiting on ELOHIM, it is ELOHIM waiting on us. Therefore, waiting on RA God requires DELETE of world [1 John 2:15-17] sin, flesh, lust, fornication, adultery and all things contrary to the prophetic and biblical Holy Word of YHWH RA GOD.

Waiting on RA God is One’s Instant Test in Real-Time

Waiting on RA God is our INSTANT TEST of faith in action. Waiting on RA God as YHWH to win takes listening to your thoughts against His promises and Word in real-time daily. It is not easy! It takes maturity of mind, knowledge, wisdom and understanding of His Word, plus the Holy Spirit to spirit within and denial of world and self daily.

It is, as if you are demonstrating to YHWH RA God being a living testimony by lifestyle, faith and actions. Waiting on God is two-fold 1. You Wait 2. Your Reward is according to your belief, faith, prayer claim, promises and actions.

Thank RA God for these tests as we all need to exercise and purify our right over wrong. This cannot happen if one does not take the time to deny self, world, sin and tune in daily within. Waiting on RA God is really about YOU VS WORLD within.

Do you want YHWH RA God and His Kingdom more than the riches and lifestyles of this world? Do you want YHWH RA God and His Kingdom within, more than religions and denominations combined?  Do you want YHWH RA God and His Kingdom within more than sex, cash, flesh or sin?

These are fundamental tests!

Waiting on RA God, How Not to Stress

Walting on RA God is as joyful or as exciting as you are within about YHWH RA God. It takes real devotion, commitment and loving actions to wait on RA God, fearless with a smile.

I can get anxious, fearful or stressed as self-employed over family, work, pay bills and my ability to wait on RA the Lord. But, I am now aware when I feel anxious, fearful or stressed, I use it as an instant signal of mental or spiritual attack, and immediately correct my thoughts and thinking with hope, trust, faith and His promises and love.

Waiting on RA God is mental and spiritual exercise daily! This is not to be taken lightly. Amun RA God never fails! Once you pass Holy tests you begin to win! You begin to unfold and open Heaven’s storehouse prayer of Psalm 23. And all other Holy promises of the Bible, eyes and mind have not seen or comprehended.

This is the REAL way of life and living! This is why YHWH RA God created us all in His image. So if we are created in His image then what went wrong? How is it most people think of world, flesh, lifestyle, sin and sex more than YHWH RA God?

This is the curse of sin from the Garden of Eden. Now, we all as Kingdom believer’s must put forth our minds as hands and eat of the Tree of Life within.

Get back to how things were created WITHIN before the sinful fall of mankind. Unless we strive, practice or do the above daily we are comfortable with religion, denomination, sin or world within.

In His Service,


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