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Universe Magnetic in Mind

Universe Magnetic in Mind means people are empowered to reach Heaven or Hell and all forces of good or evil. Lets talk....

What and whom you worship or bow down to good or evil matters because what we do [always] has positive or negative result[s]. Do you know we all live in a magnetic field as a universe?

This is why KINGDOM believers live by faith and know their SIXTH SENSE, mind, brain or spiritual energy can reach the Creator and Holy KA Spirit worldwide. They also know and can HEAR the Holy KA Spirit speaking within.

But you, O Bethlehem Ephrathah, who are too little to be among the clans of Judah, from you shall come forth for me one who is to be ruler in YISREAL not Israel of 1948, whose coming forth is from of Kemet, Nubia, Africa old from ancient days written ln STONE not paper. – MIcah 5:2

Yes, Micah 5: 2 has been correctly translated above by CyberRev with proven historical facts. It’s time for the truth NOT uneducated, bias, incorrect, racist translations. We are now in the latter not former rain.

The fact the Creator has created us all with choice of good or evil yet HIS creation has a magnetic field so all can be recorded, felt, heard and known is amazing.

When the KINGDOM righteous cry for help, the Creator RA Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. – Psalms 34: 17

So how could the Creator RA lord HEAR or know without ears and a magnetic field operated by Spirit to spirit – Romans 8:16. ?

Watch this video:

The global problem with humans is they try to believe only what they understand not what they research, desire or pray to receive within. The fact faith and Spirit to spirit exists means we wisely need to daily exercise the UNSEEN, desired or hoped for with expectaton, praise and thanksgiving to receive.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. – Mark 11:24

We are to ACT as if we have it and receive it when we ask, believe and pray because the UNIVERSAL MAGNETIC FIELD operates on positive or negative 24/7.

Are we Praying Correctly?

I am asking myself am I praying, desiring, hoping and asking in prayer correctly? Do I 100% believe when I pray I SHALL receive? Do I act like it 24/7?

I am now beginning to take my prayer, belief and asking to a new level now I know the universe is magnetic having read the real Bible of Papyrus of Ani p5::

A Hymn of Praise to Osiris Un-Nefer, the great God who dwelleth in Abtu, the King of eternity, the lord of everlastingness, who traverseth millions of years in His existence.

How powerful are those words which predate all bible versions, religions and denominations including man-made Islam and Christianity?

The above video is very informative however, always believe what is WRITTEN of the Book of Coming Forth and Papyrus of Ani understanding: no-one can destroy ETERNITY or Creator of Eternity period. Osiris is NOT against Creator RA he is a kinsman of Creator RA read:

I am one of those gods, those divine chiefs, who proved the truth-speaking of Osiris before his enemies on the day of the WEIGHING of words. I am thy kinsman Osiris. – Papyrus of Ani p5.

Ra commanded Thoth to prove true the words of Osiris before his enemies; what was commanded [for Osiris], let that be done for me by Thoth. I am with Horus as the protector of the left shoulder of Osiris, the dweller in Sekhem. – Papyrus of Ani p6.

Notice how EVERYTHING we do or face of good and evil we are judged of our mind, thought, belief and actions? Even the kings, gods and goddesses experienced this from the Garden of Eden throughout time and centuries.

The above video may appear unusual, uncomfortable, as they FALSELY told you its MYTHOLOGY when in reality its fact not fiction and Islam and Christianity are both more MYTH & LIES than reality. How? There is only ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR right?

Can Judaism, Islam or Christianity pre-date any of the above written in Africa STONE as Pyramids and Papyrus of Ani? No way. What is NOT truth is a lie.


In His Service,


British Museum Tomb of King Ani

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