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Understanding Zephaniah

Understanding Zephaniah of the Holy Bible takes prayer, meditation and reading of prophetic words slowly, as if eating holy bread of living and life.

One fundamental rule is the Holy Bible is NOT a story! It is a compilation of prophetic revelations, testimonies, statutes, laws and commandments, most religions and denominations of the world fail to understand, uphold or preach. This is the global problem echoed from Genesis to Revelation and the prophetic Book of Zephaniah is sounding a global alarm.

As we read the Holy Book of Zephaniah, in Chapter 1:2 it reads: “I will utterly consume all things from off the face of the earth, saith Creator YHWH the LORD.” This is severe as it reads, a real and coming event for the entire EARTH and world where Creator YHWH will and shall consume all things from ‘off’ the face of the Earth. Does this include or eliminate you?

Such an announcement should scare most varying religions and denominations of world, with over 33 MILLION gods & goddesses alone in India, and most think they are SAVED or they do not need the laws, statutes or commandments of Creator YHWH Most High.

Wrong! As we further read the propehtic and Holy Book of Zephaniah one will see in verse 3, Creator YHWH Most High promises to consume:

  • Man & Beast
  • Fowls of the Heaven
  • Fishes of sea
  • Stumblingblocks with the wicked
  • Man off the face of the Earth.

This is more than any horror movie, euphoria drug, or experience ever witnessed. This is the DAY OF CREATOR YHWH where He has decided enough is enough. This is NOT a time to play tough or think I am saved, for all will be tested, tried, judged and NO this is not the coming of Jesus, as there is NO J in Hebrew and Creator YHWH is not playing fake christianity created by Constantine or Greco-Rome deception. He is clearly and only interested in HIS true followers and believers of monotheism not polytheism or world.

This is a time of, have YOU/I been reading, waiting, praying for this day to come? A Day in which true believers of Creator YHWH Most High know we do NOT need any religions or denominations of world to be standing. Also true believers understand the Holy City of Creator YHWH is spiritual, not made with hands and has now come to first judge good versus evil and truth versus lie for all.


Are you ready your time has come to stand judgement? Are you ready to say yes I have waited for this moment? Are you ready you have diligently kept, HIS laws, statutes, Holy Sabbath and commandments? If you think all has been nailed to the wooden Cross think again, this is pagan christianity BAAL religion, not biblical prophetic laws, statutes and commandments of all Holy prophets from Moses to King David.

I am NOT asking anyone to believe anything but the Holy prophets of the Holy manuscripts, appointed by YHWH alone. In the Book of Zephaniah Chapter 1:4 it reads: “And I will stretch out My hand upon Judah, and upon all the inhabitants of Jerusalem.” Take note of this verse and Holy promise. This is worth more than all the diamonds and gold of world. This is a Holy promise to all true believers who understand I am of NO particular religion or denomination, I am only of the Kingdom of Yisrael not fake Israel of UN 1948 zionism.

This is ancent biblical Yisrael out of ancient Emperor Egypt, Africa, one people, one Holy City who is congregating daily of the 12 TRIBES OF YISRAEL as Yaakov across the four corners of the Earth. These are HIS YAH/YHWH people who for years or decades have been called, chosen and consecrated of the Holy Spirit and Angels within.

They also know Creator YHWH is getting ready to: “Cut off the remnant of Baal from this place, and the name of the idolatrous priests with the priests.” Chapter 1:4 Do not be fooled, this prophecy and promise goes for all idolatry, pagan, idol gods even white baby jesus with no J in Hebrew, or one keeps 1HR sun-god Sunday instead of HIS HOLY DAY SABBATH rest not rise.

Are you reading and listening? This is NO time for anyone male or female hailing themselves a prophet or prophetess, a Bynum or Jakes of religion or denominational world. This is real believers or unbelievers DAY OF YHWH, when time of trouble has come and investigative judgement is face-to-face with eternal punishment. There will be no time to run to your Pastor, Bishop, Priest, or Clergy, now is the time of your soul and your Creator only.

Take note of Chapter 1:5 it states: “And them that worship the host of heaven upon the housetops; and them that worship, that swear to the LORD and swear by Malcam.” Creator YHWH is definitely coming for what god or Creator do you serve? I am warning all christianity people of this world who think baby Jesus of christianity is real. Be ye not deceived. Know your history and ask this fundamental question even as an Adventist or Baptist: why would you choose to serve the same god as the Roman Catholic Church who invaded Holy Jerusalem in 70 CE and slaughtered Holy people of YHWH? You may say I DON’T but what god or name do you pray or call on?

Why do you think the prophetic Book of Zephaniah is written? It is written to declare, warn and promise YHWH JUDGEMENT and revenge has come! Chapter 1: 6 states: “Them also that are turned back from following Creator YHWH the LORD; and those that have not sought YHWH the LORD, nor inquired after Him.” Note that true Kingdom not religious or denominational believers have to seek, sought, inquire, study, research, pray, meditate and follow after Creator YHWH to win.

I love Chapter 1:7 it states: “Hold thy peace at the presence of the Lord GOD; for the day of Creator YHWH the LORD is at hand, for Creator YHWH the LORD hath prepared a sacrifice, He hath consecrated His guests.” Notice the word ‘consecrated‘ His guests. In Hebrew consecrate means Qadash to set apart, become holy, declare holy, treat as holy. This ends the MYTH one cannot be holy, only Creator YHWH can test, try, chasten, afflict, consecrate and make us as true believers in HIS IMAGE & likeness as in Genesis 1: 27.

In conclusion, I have not got pages to go into all of the verses and chapters of Zephaniah, the above is enough to encourage anyone to study, read and render your HEART NOT YOUR GARMENT which is instructing us all, forget all religions and denominations time for one-on-one with your Creator YHWH Most High. He is waiting to hear your voice, promises, tears, pain, anxiety, fear and love. He is waiting and ready with His Holy Spirit to ensure with patience, long-suffering and chastening we SHALL overcome.

In Chapter 1:18 is states: “Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of Creator YHWH the LORD’S wrath; but the whole Earth shall be devoured by the fire of His jealousy; for He will make an end, yea, a terrible end, of all them that dwell in the Earth.” So your bling, gold or diamonds are worthless even as a stocktrader, rapper or celebrity of world.

This is NOT a day of fear for true Kingdom believers! We already know, await and are praying for this to come. We want our captivity to end and all suffering, shame and afflictions to subside eternally. We have gone through much, from 70 years captivity through the furnace of affliction, valley of the shadow of death and over our own wilderness and river Jordan. This is not fantasy but reality.

In His Service,


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