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Understanding TIME

Understanding TIME is something most people have never researched, studied or even thought of within. Lets talk…

When you think of TIME what comes to mind? Do you think YOU are in control of your time, life, mind, soul and spirit? If yes good, if not dont panic, as understanding time, space, energy and life or universal existence is not easy.

In fact, think of your earliest memory or thought then consider how you have spent all these seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades. Now ask yourself do you really understand time, universe, planets and Creator with destiny into afterlife?

I would like to share with you some DEEP understanding’s of the earliest forms, thoughts and creation of time that has helped us all to enjoy time, space and universe. It is hoped this will help us better account, embrace and appreciate how we use time, space and energy. One thing for sure, we will all account for time, space, energy and life gifted of the Creator, whether we believe in a Creator or not.

Why would you call it spells, magic and strange when your pink jesus and 12 disciples have no archaeological, scientific or physical proof or evidence, in comparison to the plethora of biblical artifacts, mathematics, astro-science, alphabet, architecture, farming, pottery, masonry or human intelligence of Kemet/Egypt Africa?

The evil, witchcraft and magic is western narrators, discoverers, slavemasters and religious crusaders who claim mythical jesus walked on water and fed a multitude with two loaves and two fishes. This is the REAL magic and sorcery. Be ye not deceived. Truth is written in and on STONE not man-made racist, bias, mythical, religious or denominational paper.

In His Service,


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