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Understanding the TREE of LIFE

Understanding the Tree of LIFE is exactly first & foremost understanding LIFE. Let’s talk....

Many religion’s and denomination’s of the man-made world preach, teach and focus on the ‘TREE’ not on the knowledge, wisdom or LIFE as the spiritual solution to wisely understanding the realms or staircase, TREE OF LIFE.

I am about to solve the global and universal mystery of exactly what is the TREE OF LIFE. Before doing so try to grasp, comprehend or understand the universal Creator is NOT interested in anyone concentrating on the TREE or even the fruit, but the realms or staircase, KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL.

This is why the universal, omnipotent, eternal, baRA Creator of LIFE if we use the mythical christian, christianity, man-made, narrative of Adam & Eve in AFU-RA-KA aka Africa; this is the oldest, original and only Garden of Eden of the oldest human DNA and biblical people on planet Earth.

They were allegedly instructed in AFU-RA-KA of the Creator RA RE: THOU SHALT NOT EAT OF THE TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL. I personally DO NOT believe such an instruction ever took place and like most things of evil, colonial, slavemasters, racist invaders, thieves, murderer’s and rapist’s they have once again fabricated, deceived and lied.

How can anyone or any person go through this world and NEVER experience sin or evil? In fact, we all will and shall experience chaos, evil and sin by default.

One does not have to eat or think evil for evil or chaos to arise of world. Growing up as a SDA christian, hearing many sermon’s from kindergarten to adulthood, I thought and even preached the TREE OF LIFE was just a tree.

This is because the Tree of Life is alway’s depicted in image’s or photo’s alway’s as a Tree and every sermon would preach or describe it, as a wooden Tree.

It was only when my relationship started to grow deeply with the universal or Holy Spirit, I began to realize KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL was what the Creator was ‘warning‘ the alleged Adam & Eve about not the TREE itself.

African Adam & Eve with their oldest human DNA could only have been real, african, kings, queens, gods and goddesses of the original Garden of Eden, AFU-RA-KA. Think about it?

Then slavemasters and religious bastards, murderers, rapists and invaders stole, re-wrote and enslaved most beautiful, colorful people with their own UNIVERSAL ROYALTY.

Also, it was the temptation of the Devil, tempting or playing with the ‘MIND & EMOTIONS’ of Eve telling her: THOU SHALT NOT SURELY DIE. This is why every woman or female should be careful of her tempting, swirling emotion’s and mind.

Also every wise Man must be careful of the tempting, emotion’s and mind of any woman or self. Guarding his own mind, emotion’s, temptation’s, sin and knowledge of good and evil.

Women don’t get mad *smile, try to observe, watch the latest world trend’s of twerking, LGBT, young girls wearing lingerie to nightclub’s, bar’s and short skirt’s with revealing top’s to school and across social media worldwide.

This is no different to the warning’s given to Adam & Eve about evil or sin, yet it was Eve who first allowed the temptation of the Devil or Serpent to play with her mind, just like Hip Hop or most rapper’s are playing with men and women WITHIN.

Think about it, temptation leads to the use of drug’s, gang violence, strip club’s, groupie, prostitution, escorting etc. And this is why Hip Hop is using people like Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Durk or NBA Youngboy to entice people of all ages into a world of fun, sex, drug’s, rap and rock an roll.

I am trying to show you something here…I am trying to show you the original Garden of Eden is AFU-RA-KA still on Earth; and the chaotic, forces of good and evil are still at play [daily] worldwide.

How have YOU become a Garden of Eden african, amer-indian, powerful Nation of countrie’s and citie’s with gold, diamond’s, oil, exotic tree’s, fruit’s, raw material’s, beautiful men, women, boy’s, girl’s of the OLDEST HUMAN ROYAL DNA, yet you are often hungry, poor, enslaved and wanting worldwide?


If you watch how evil or genocide works it uses largely racism, music, religion, history, slavery even manipulated versions of a mythical, man-made bible on paper; NOT STONE to white-wash, brain-wash, mind-control, defame, deceive and destroy male and female within.

Now most of the world is getting ready to erase the words male and female. Be ye not deceived. This is why the TREE OF LIFE has nothing to do with a tree, but everything to do with THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL.

This is why one should guard your thoughts and mind daily. This is how we all learn from what transpired in the Garden of Eden, AFU-RA-KA that has led all religions, denominations and people of world to sin, with evil, nakedness, slavery, deception and corruption.

Take a good look at the Vatican and all the sex allegations against bishops. priests, and while your at it, watch how BETMusic has now allowed two men or males to openly kiss, advertise and promote Sodom & Gomorrah.

I am still waiting to hear TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Paula White, Benny Hinn or any megachurch Pastor or any Bishop, Priest, Rabbi, Imam, scream, shout or protest against such a televised attack on our children, ROYAL son’s and daughter’s of the universal, spiritual, divine, KINGDOM of Heaven.

Your RA RE SUN shall no more go down, nor your moon withdraw itself; for the RA RE Lord will be your everlasting SUN-LIGHT, and your days of mourning shall be ended. – The real Isaiah 60: 20


Do not miss the above title,,,try to understand the KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL is now within us all…but for the alleged Adam & Eve before they ate of the Tree of Good and Evil …….they could only have known good NOT evil.

This is why we all now should try to strive with our hands forth or upward and return within. Studying to show ourselves approved WITHIN back unto good NOT evil daily.

The Tree of Life was never mean’t to be eaten or experienced as this would open the MIND & EYES to evil. Adam & Eve was created by perfection, they only knew good…they should have also only listened to the universal Creator not any temptation, voice, habit, lifestyle or influence of a evil, corrupt, sinful, divided world.

The TREE OF LIFE is also nothing to do with any other religion or denomination of world. The TREE OF LIFE is purely of the universal Creator in and through us all.

The Universe and Creator as in the Garden of Eden AFU-RA-KA already has his eternal KINGDOM from Heaven to Earth. Nothing has changed and HE is waiting for us all to discover this universal, limitless KINGDOM, without division, wooden pews, walls, racism or any need to attend any other Church on Earth.

You see, THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD & EVIL = A LIFE OF GOOD OR EVIL. These are still the only two choices we have of eternal life or eternal death. This is no game.

So the world is trying to keep you enslaved, entertained, a selfie, information overload and fashioned to the point you no longer know if you are male or female.

Why would the Creator of Heaven and Earth want to make a Tree more important than any human-being or mankind?

This is the problem with most religions and denominations, they make the wooden cross, tree, donkey, christmas, easter egg and even a Halloween pumpkin, more important than THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN [Luke 17:21].

It is TIME we all decided whom shall we serve? Is it religions, denominations, drugs, lifestyles or daily: THE UNIVERSAL CREATOR, HIS TREE OF LIFE AND ETERNAL, KINGDOM WITHIN?

In His Service,


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