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Understanding Slavery

Understanding Slavery is impossible. How can anyone understand why any human-being would want to kidnap, shackle, imprison, beat, rape and change the name, identity, even copy yet erase history of people they now call slaves? Lets talk, read and watch

Slavery to me is a pink-wash global strategy to create a fake colonial, imperial, racist, dogmatic and prejudice regime of so-called white and black people. There is no-one on planet Earth 100% black or white period.

Think for a minute how portugese, spaniards, europeans from germany, france, england, russia and other countries with varying cultures and languages could think for one minute they are white or right and everything else is evil or black.

This is non-sensical yet they invaded Africa, Caribbean, Aborigine and also Red Indian lands, cultures, religions and freedom to form the United States of America and colonize by theft and enslavement, Australia the Caribbean and Africa, Even today this is still a mixture of colonial racism, evil and insanity.


There is mo PhD Professor, scientist, archaeologist or other on planet Earth that can refute or dispute the facts of the oldest human DNA, alphabet, solar system or biblical transcript originating out of Kemet, Nubia, San people as Africa. Is this why pink people claiming to be imperial or colonial were born worldwide, yet they enslaved everyone else on planet Earth?

Is it really colonial invaders knew the truth of Kemet, Africa and the Caribbean with all its natural resources, oil, gold, diamonds, coffee, cocoa, fruits and beaches they are blessed and highly favoured?

Most pink, colonial and imperialists mindsets obviously could NOT admit, believe or bow down to the Creator and universal facts shades of brown produces white or pink NOT the other way round of AFRICA. So they created slavery and Greco-Roman, jewish religions and imperialism to reverse such history and facts.

England, UK was the first Country to call their first slave ship JESUS. This alone is a red flag of how fake Greco-Roman Constantine christianity enslaved, fooled and still rules the world. This is what has deceived so many people worldwide they do NOT know who or what they are of YHWH RA KINGDOM Africa.

Yet, the strange thing is the Queen of England gets to sit on a throne with Africa lions head, gold, a crown of diamonds and gold. When have you ever seen England, UK producing diamonds and gold? How can pink or white people claim to be something they have NO knowledge, roots, direct lineage or superiority over?

Just because you act like 1ST dynasties of Kemet, Nubia, Sudan, Ethiopia Valley of the kings and queens does NOT mean you are of Abraham, Solomon or Thuthmose III aka king David. This is unless you bow and submit to divine, spiritual universal TRUTH and this is not pink or white fake Jesus christianity.


What most people on planet Earth do not understand or comprehend is that they are enslaved by racism and mythical systems of religion, colour labels, ethnicity, religions and lack of historical knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Most history of all or most countries except for Kemet, Nubia AFRICA is fake and false. Big statement, let me explain why:

Unless your country, history and government predates Kemet, Nubia as the oldest human civilization, alphabet, science, mathematics and religion on planet Earth there is NOTHING you can claim as 1ST or first. This is why all truth is written in stone NOT paper or colonial, imperial, fable, mythical, racist crusader or invader translations. Even the Queen had to go to Africa to learn to become queen, but is she queen of YHWH RA within?

Are you enslaved is a question predominantly for pink or white folks? Do you REALLY think the Creator Most High YHWH RA has no judgement, laws, statutes, ears or eyes? Do you really think the Creator is Old Testament and Greco-Roman fake colonial, christianty, slavery jesus is the New Testament?

No way! This is why the Valley of the real kings and queens will always be the original written in hieroglyphs Africa stone.

What you think is power is evil, and what you think is palace are things of world not KINGDOM. As the scripture says: Love not the world neither the things of the world, otherwsie the love of Creator YHWH RA is NOT in you. 1 John 2:15-17

In His service,


Africa Slavery was only 0.1%

Jesus Saves Facts

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