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TRUTH will cost you EVERYTHING

Truth will cost you everything because TRUTH is everything. Lets talk…

How many times have you heard the question: what is TRUTH? It is not an easy question and for the 1st time I can write and declare TRUTH is One Creator RA and his universe of eternal statutes and laws.

One cannot love or stand for anything unless it cost you EVERYTHING. – CyberRev

One cannot also talk about EVERYTHING unless you have lost EVERYTHING. I am talking about things and persons you consider the most precious and dearest to your mind, heart, soul and spirit, literally.

One cannot also write, teach or coach what one has NOT lived or experienced. One also cannot walk with anyone who does not support your calling or destiny. This is why the Bible asks the spiritual potent question:

How can TWO walk together less they agree? Amos 3:3

The less we agree is counsel, fact and a universal WARNING for unless we all match the above statement 100%, we will all only argue, suffer and fail to agree which leads to divorce, pain, division or disagreement.

This is the main reason why friends, families and religions or denominations argue, fight, disagree and feud into chaos, division and calamity. They simply cannot agree, and this could be a lack of empathy, love, honesty, peace, unity, trust, communication, understanding or LISTENING skills.

Don’t Look Back Look Forward….

How many people do YOU know stuck in the past? Affected by the opinions of friends, family, relatives, religion, denomination, world or others?

TRUTH is the only thing one needs to heal the past, present and future. One may ask what is TRUTH? I just answered that…*smile. However TRUTH is one Creator RA of HIS universe, statutes, laws and power.

There is only one universal TRUTH, which eliminates most beliefs, lifestyles, religions and denominations or ideologies on planet Earth or WORLD.

This also eliminates persons in a household who believe in white jesus, Islam, religion, denomination or atheism etc. The TRUTH IS we all have to go back to the oldest and earliest tree or ROOT of TRUTH and that is factually Kemet, Nubia, AFRICA period.

Do YOU Know the TRUTH?

What is TRUTH to you? Is TRUTH important? Sure 100%. TRUTH is defintely eternal, universal, expansive, limitless, Spirit to spirit [Romans 8:16], of Heaven to Earth and a Kingdom to mankind WITHIN [Luke 17:21]. TRUTH is also not of or for the ungodly or evil doer [Psalms Chapter 1] but they who spiritually meditate day and night upon TRUTH within.

Only TRUTH will set any spiritual believer FREE. To live or stand for anything in this life, world or Earth less than truth is an ILLUSION.

Many people are living an illusion of world, religion or denomination they inherited or have been MIND-CONTROLLED to adopt, follow or believe. Many have this or that belief, religion, denomination, image or teaching, which is NOT written in STONE of Kemet, Nubia, Egypt, Africa, so how can it be the oldest or best of TRUTH?

Nothing can predate or surpass TRUTH. It is universal, omnipotent, omnipresent and eternal. This is why only TRUTH sets us free! In marriage, business, relationships or contracts we all seek or need TRUTH. For the opposite of TRUTH is deception or a lie right?

So how can we have SO many religions, denominations or beliefs in this world or universe, how can they claim to be truth? This is impossible! This is why TRUTH is singular it is MONO or monotheism. There is only one Creator not many creators. I agree there are many gods of Kemet, Nubia and Africa from the Garden of Eden as Africa, but still there is only one Creator in charge daily of all.

Lets prove it, I have come to see the SUN, MOON, STARS, COSMOS as the only literal way one can in mind, soul, spirit and heart see, touch, smell and know there is a Creator who shines and empowers us all to live life literally daily.

Imagine if the above never showed up for a day? What would you do? Yet most people on planet Earth of world put their faith, trust and loyalty in the hands of people, things or images daily, or a white jesus with NO J n Hebrew, and not mentioned in the 1st King James Bible of 1611 or who had a slave ship named after him.

So my question to you is would YOU rather worship and give thanks daily to the Creator who provides the literal sun, moon, stars and cosmos or the imaginary Greco-Roman christianity SON of God you are taught or think is the Son of God?

How about if your a Muslim or Islam? You think ALLAH is your Creator or Son of God? Some think Pope, Buddah or Zeus is the Creator or Son of God. The list goes on and on across the many religions and denominations of world yet few understand, embrace or are willing to stand for UNIVERSAL TRUTH.

Nothing predates or outperforms the STONE writings of truth in Kemet, Nubia or Egypt, Africa. This is why Africa is the beginning and end of the wealthiest region of exotic animals, fruits, diamonds, gold and fertile rivers and lands on planet Earth. It is and will always be the Garden of Eden, do the research examine old maps, monuments, artifacts and people of biblical Africa.

Conclusion, I am not here to debate or even persuade anyone, just a KINGDOM witness, TRUTH is only for the few not the many on planet Earth. Indeed, we all have choices and beliefs but there is only ONE UNIVERSAL TRUTH.

The above people may not look like you, but they historically birthed and predate us all as mankind worldwide.

Wennofer, a prophet of Osiris and Royal scribe:

I was true-of heart, impartial, trusted, One who walked on the water of god. I was one praised in his town, Beneficent in his nome, Gracious to everyone.I was well-disposed, popular, Widely loved, cheerful. I was self-controlled in the year of distress, Sweet-tongued, well-spoken. I was a good shelter for the needy, One on whom every man could lean. I was one who welcomed by the stranger, A helpful adviser, excellent guide. I was one who protected the weak from the strong, So as to be a ferryboat for everyone .I was a worthy noble who did the gods’ wish, I was gracious to his companions. I was open-handed to the have-not, My heart did not say, “Give me!”I was one who loved justice, Who hated wrongdoing, For I knew the god abhors it.

I could never match the experience or humility of the above words. I have definitely been through much..,.but I don’t take pain and suffering especially loss or waiting for decades well.

I fight, scream, act and declare pain. I hunt enemies, demons and fear not even Satan. I am a warrior of the KINGDOM, I either love or I cut with my spiritual sword. I fear nothing and no-one but Creator YHWH RA Most High.

I once told the Creator I am NOT like JOB or DAVID. I know Rejection, troubles, long-suffering, poor in spirit, broken-hearted and afflictions are HALLMARKS & STRIPES of the children and CHOSEN of Creator YHWH RA worldwide.

They are the ones who will enter the KINGDOM into eternity they are long-suffering, chastened, afflicted and humbled into HIS LOVE not the rich and famous of world. This is why he separated and took from me everything you coud possibly imagine of value or world even my Angel.

In His Service,


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