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Truth about death or Die

The universal Truth about death or die may actually shock you. Lets talk…

Either you believe in eternal life or you don’t and it makes NO difference to the eternal outcome for good or evil.

Your RA RE SUN shall no more go down, nor your moon withdraw itself; for the RA RE Lord will be your everlasting SUN-LIGHT, and your days of mourning shall be ended. – Isaiah 60: 20

As we all shall journey through the underworld and unless we know who the Creator and his gods and goddesses [really] are; or we have someone continually praying, pleading and covering us on our journey, we will have a very difficult journey or outcome.

Do you believe we die and that is the end? I DON’T. In fact, I happily refuse to attend funerals especially the slave and slavemaster, religious funeral doctrine’s, who think with all their singing of a white jesus on a donkey in Africa they will reach Heaven by flying pink white angels.

This is so far from the universal reality and truth. This is one of the most important page or post I have written as the 6/06/2021 which is 17 = 8 my dear love-one is now being transported into the eternal afterlife.

I have been researching for months, preparing, departure into the 2nd SKY or Heaven via the underworld. To ensure eternity is real and her journey is with peace, safety, balance, love, abundance, eternal life and truth.

Try to think NOTHING is older than what is written on stone or of the oldest human DNA, which is AFU-RA-KA aka african of biblical Africa 100%.

Therefore, what you think are pink angels, Trinity or mythical disciples, are actually african ROYAL gods and goddesses of the Garden of Eden which is still Africa and the universal Kingdom of RA/RE.

If you are still in disbelief, where do you think the Vatican, Rome, even pagan Constantine got their man-made trinity, son NOT SUN and angels not gods and goddesses from?

Like I said, regardless of your belief when we all depart from this world we all shall journey through the underworld into the Heavens by the [NOT ARK] but supersonic Boat of RA, guarded and protected.

Think of the invention of a boat 5,000-100,000 years ago. Can you fathom it?

Yet most people believe flying pink angels or jesus will save them not original african gods and goddesses of the biblical, Garden of Eden Africa. Why? The Pyramids are still monumental architectural proof, of original, biblical, gods, goddesses, kings and queens no other human race or people can replicate or build on Earth.

So we best have knowledge, wisdom and understanding of HIS gods and goddesses and the Kingdom of RA. Or at minimum someone with knowledge, wisdom and understanding covering us all the way.

This is the great judgement we all have been or should have been preparing ourselves for whilst living on Earth.

The heavens are opened, the earth is opened, the West is opened, the southern half of Heaven is opened, the northern half of Heaven is opened, the doors are opened, and the (3) gates are thrown wide open to RA/RE. He cometh forth from the horizon. – Source: Book of Coming Forth Chapter CXXX, p390.

Please read at minimum the above quote twice….then if in disbelief ask yourself this universal and factual question; do you see the SUN in the East horizon on most days on Earth? Have you ever noticed the SUN not son always shines from the East? Is this not the universal baRA Creator providing and shining on us daily?

“Adoration of Ra, everliving, O universal SUN, Solar God who creates by utterance. O Lord of the Sky, giver of light, Lord of the unplundered tomb, who gives life to those who acknowledge him; O Heavenly Father, may I enter your Kingdom of Light, having been justified before the Tribunal. “The birds in the trees exalt your name, the bulls of the field dine on your radiance that causes grasses to germinate. Distant lands echo your intellect, and are envious of your followers.“O Ra, Lord of universal Light, Giver of Life and taker of it, cast your light of peace unto the world. So commands the Chief Lector Priest, Haroeris M7, everliving in Ma’at.”

So What Really Happens if you Die?

The truth is NO-ONE DIES. Everyone by mind, soul, spirit of the KA & BA of their belief, actions and choices, will either experience eternal Hell or Heaven alive of mind, soul and spirit.

So if you believe in gang-banging, robbery, racism, evil, jesus on a donkey or a prophet who could NOT read or write or the Pope is the christ on Earth, then its your choice and ultimate decision – eternally.

We will all have to answer and account for every deed, thought and action.

I spent the day in the forest reading, meditating in silence waiting for the Creator and Holy Spirit to [again] speak and direct on this topic. We all are going to need wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the KINGDOM & BOAT OF RA.

I believe, we are now in the LATTER RAIN where knowledge, wisdom and understanding has certainly increased. We now have web, digital and mobile technologies that our parents did NOT have, so we have no excuses when it come’s to our eternal judgment, which is different from the judgement of our ancestors or parents, as they can only be judged by spirit, mind, soul, choices and information of their time and life etc.

The concept of the soul is like a database of everything we think, believe, trust, hope, desire and action.

Where do you think this man-made world gets the concept of the database or microchip from? Are they not trying to get technology to outpace, mimic and track humans? 100%.

This is why they keep humans entertained, stressed, using gadgets, posting selfies, playing games , isolated, lonely and being tracked to the point you now need your retina or fingerprint to turn on your device.

This is a very evil, immoral, dangerous, digital enslaved and destructive world.

How did you survive lockdown?

Watch out for the truth behind Coronavirus and Covid19, how did you survive lockdown? Over 3 MILLION people have now died worldwide and it still has not stop spreading.

This is allot of people needing transportation through the underworld and hopefully into eternal Heaven. You think airports, railway stations, macdonalds or hospitals are the only places that get filled and packed in need of staff and assistance?

What about Heaven or Hell? What if 7 BILLION people on Earth slowly died how and where would they bury all these people. USA, India, Colombia and other countries could not handle coronavirus deaths or covid19 pandemic.

Most people certainly survived lock-down doing Yoga, praying, meditating, relaxing, being still, doing self-reflections and understanding how this world is desperately in need of change.

Look at the astonishing changes of apartied, man-made Israel to think now the palestinians and Khazar Jews are forming a ‘joint‘ government is a universal miracle. And the biggest slap in the face, mouth and eyes to right-wing, fake jew racism, and the U.S.A.

I can see what the Kingdom of RA/RE is doing worldwide. He is using Covid19, Coronavirus to sit the world of people down, get their attention and sort out evil from good and HE and the planetary cosmos in power and unity, are taking daily action.

How Do You Prepare for Hell or Heaven?

One can only prepare from within. Try to understand our TIME on Earth is all we have to research, study, pray, worship and make the right choices or decisions.

At the same time we have to stand, valiantly up to all evil, racism and deception. STOP being a slave to slavemasters of bogus religions from the child molesting, pirate bishops and popes, buddah belly, to the arab or jewish walls or mosques who claim they love ALLAH or YHWH; but love in reality weapon sales, war, world, money, murder, rape, blood diamonds, racism and deception.

I am convinced most governments, religions and denominations KNOW THE TRUTH ……….THEY KNOW THE CREATOR has many gods and goddesses and Africa is the biblical Garden of Eden. How else can Islam worship the MOON and Jesus claims he is son NOT SUN; yet still secretly depicts the SUN behind his head, and black madonna, more than the son.

To put the SUN as a sovereign, global power source behind your head, religiously, symbolically or deliberately is dumb, evil, eternal insanity to all.

You have to also know who really is the original Trinity of the ONE KINGDOM OF RA/RE? Try to research the root not the leaves or branches of truth, right and Creator.

Have you ever heard of Ausar, Aset, Heru? And NO this has nothing to do with mythical, deceptive, pink, pirates, Osiris, Isis, Horus. This is just another white-wash attempt of truth.

And also consider why is AFRICA & CARIBBEAN the only regions or countries, beautiful, powerful shades of brown people have their truth and history stolen, re-written over and their kings and queens misrepresented, excavated and displayed in museums of the world like a circus or minstrels show.

And while your at it, why do more people of shades of brown sing, dance and worship a pink jesus more than whitefolks worldwide; with NO melanin, on a donkey, with 12 pink disciples. Yet hate or ignore their rich, ROYAL, DNA of kemet, nubia, kush, zulu, khoisan, bantu, yoruba, ethiopia, ashanti, lemba, Africa? This still today baffles and infuriates me daily.

The good news is we all shall live eternally for good or evil. We all shall have to navigate through the underworld. And if you think your gansta, a good liar, hustler, pastor, politician, pope, rabbi or imam.

Wait until you come face-to-face with SUN not son, ROYAL, spiritual, divine, african gods, goddesses, kings and queens, you all knew or felt was historical and biblical, universal facts.

In His Service,


Dedicated to my eternal best friend and LOVE OF A MOTHER forever, together. 6/6/2021 = 8.

RA Bless.

Ancient, Africa, Kemet, Egypt, Prayers also read Quotes there is NO death or die just eternal transition, transformation, journey and awakening for the good.

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