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Trusting the Universe

Trusting the Universe is the highest realm or level of faith possible from Heaven to Earth and vice versa within. Lets talk...

What if the world of people and countries had NO religions or denominations not even atheism. We all just trusted, believed and had faith in ONE CREATOR in and through us all which by fact daily controls and operates the Universe of Heaven to Earth?

Do you think we would have all these U.S. to Iran, Libya, Iraq or fake Israel wars of religions and politics? This belief or god verus that belief or god? I doubt it. This is why trusting in the Universe makes not just practical religious, spiritual, emotional and harmonious sense, it is exactly how the Universe was created and all things united.

Some may argue theology or science does not permit or teach this? Exactly why the WORLD of people and all their choices of mind, soul and spirit are creating foolishness instead of sense. They now want kids, teens and adults to openly NOT worry about what you think, believe or whether your male or female.

Did the Creator make a mistake when HE created each person subject to DNA? Now humans know more about religion, government, creation and science than the Creator how insane. THINK: Creation has to embody and reflect all people, animals, things and powers like moon, stars, sun not SON of Heaven and Earth.

How To Trust the Universe

To trust the Universe one first needs to research and understand mindfulness, spirituality, creation, universe, cosmos, mind, soul, Spirit-spirit, prayer, meditation, faith and love as a powerful start. This takes many years into decades, its a spiritual and eternal destiny.

One should wisely begin by asking within:

  1. Who is the Creator? Try to think Spirit-spirit colorless
  2. What is the earliest form of Creator Universe beliefs? i.e. Biblical STONE not paper
  3. Who created my mind?
  4. Who created my spirit?
  5. Who created my soul?
  6. What is predestination and pre-ordination?
  7. What is Heaven and the universe all about?

If you research and grapple with all of the above foundational points keeping the Creator as Holy Spirit-spirit, of good, love, peace, unity, omnipotent and eternal, with NO images or likes of idol worship or submission to world or things of world, your on the right road of:

By the thoughts and words of Creator RA the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. – Psalms 33: 6

Yes, I have wisely added a few words to ensure accuracy of the facts of Creation. One has to think before one can create right? One cannot think or speak without using one’s brain right? This is why the Creator gave us all a mind, soul, spirit and brain. We all operate like HE does so we can communicate good or evil in real-time as our testimony of life, thoughts, actions and time.

Sure, one does not have to believe the above but please read Ezekiel Chapter 33. Also read:

Creator RA God thundereth marvellously with his voice; great things doeth he, which we cannot comprehend. – Job 37: 5

Try to also ponder or consider when you read translations or versions of the Bible they are filled with the WRITERS expression, choice of words and descriptions of what they THINK are so or what they want the reader to believe. Why would the Creator ever speak with so many translations, religions, denominations and opinions? This is simply division and confusion.

This is the global problem among many religions, denominations and governments of world. This is why only the Univese and Creator of Spirit-spirit makes colorless intellectual, spiritual and universal sense. It also replaces ALL myths, fables, deceptions and lies of all religions and denominations.

NOTE: I am NOT promoting any religion, denomination or LAW OF ATTRACTION. I am promoting and will only promote I AM the Creator of Heaven and Earth as RA.

The problem with the world of people is they always try to think they know the Creator or his laws and commandments better than himself. The Creator still does think, hear, see, feel and speak so we only have to POINT people to Heaven and His Holy Spirit. Nothing else in between.

The above video makes sense like any other good meditation, repetition, belief or positive thinking video. However, always remember unless YOU BELIEVE WITHIN and its written of HIS KINGDOM and laws for good, it will not happen but for evil. In other words we all can think, choose and believe only good or evil.

Of good, we only need the power of Heaven as the universe and His KINGDOM of His chosen angels, gods, goddesses, laws, statutes and commandments by faith within. This is where the spiritual journey of knowledge, wisdom and understanding will take TIME, practice and belief. This is no walk in the park but it is extremely powerful, peaceful and relaxing from start to finish.

To be honest, I wish I had only known or been taught of believing in the Creator Universe by faith, meditation, prayer, belief with NO religion, denomination or fake images or bible translations just the hieroglyphs written in STONE not paper.

The reason for this is who can beat the OLDEST facts of human-civilization, knowledge, wisdom and understanding? No-one. Not even fake pope, jesus, muhammed or any mega-church leader.

In His Service,



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