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Trusting the Universe is not trusting the world as people are the world. One must only trust appointed gods, goddesses of the Creator and KINGDOM of his Universe. Let’s talk…

When you think of the Universe what comes to your mind or thoughts? How often do you think of the Universe? The Creator is always managing and providing for the Universe 24/7.

The Universe is eternal yet the world as people or place is NOT eternal unless you have the right Kingdom, laws and Creator within.


The Universe is what the Creator has created as his universal KINGDOM which is eternal. This is NOTHING to do with any big-bang or evolution man-made ideology or theory.

The Universe is being operated like the Sun, Moon, Stars, planets, breath, Spirit-spirit, soul etc like clockwork daily of the gods and goddesses appointed from beginning of time of the Creator in Heaven and Earth.

The Universe is 100% all about Spirit-spirit of life, matter, energy, cosmos, species and mankind for good or evil eternally. We are all created of the universal Creator and we get to choose of mind, soul and spirit whether we live unltimately for good or evil.

This is why in the world of people….all around us worldwide we can clearly see people who choose good or evil daily. Yet even religions and denominations of world ideologies and theologies may be concluded or seen as evil if they do not repent and embrace ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR in and through us all.

The Universe for sure regulates Heaven, Earth and all cosmic planets 24/7. Think about it if the Sun, Moon, Stars and planets decided to cease and fall from the sky to Earth?

The world as people would die instantly and it would be impossible for mankind to breathe, live or ever exist. This should highlight to you the existence of the Universe is crucial to every living person or thing.

You may reply I KNOW THAT! Really? If you know that how do you seek, research, study or worship the gods and goddesses of the universal KINGDOM of the Creator on a daily basis?

What do you know about gods and goddesses? Some people are taught about angels…but few people of world know who are the gods and goddesses that help rule and regulate the Universe.

Also even Osiris, Nubis and Isis are copy-cat fake gods and goddesses designed to white-wash original Africa and african deities. The real Nubis is Dejehuti, the real Isis is Asar.

All religions and denominations are man-made ideologies and theologies designed like bingo-clubs to distract people, mankind or human-civilization away from the Univrese, cosmos and Heaven who regulates all things of the Creator as his appointed gods and goddesses.


Even a athiest will bow down or worship something or someone, most people seek something or someone to believe, praise, worship or belong. This is why Maslow hierarchy of needs is true of all people.

The only thing missing from the above Maslow chart is SPIRITUAL which is a vital and important area of human need. This is the real self-actualization as one cannot know THYSELF without spiritual or universal wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

To claim I am Christian, Islam or other is really to claim some man-made ideology or theology. In other words, if your belief, religion or denomination cannot pre-date the oldest human DNA of people or mankind which has to equate to the original Garden of Eden, religion and Holy Bible on planet Earth then what you believe is false or non-existent.

How can you predate a Pyramid, Khoisan, Africa or stone? Try to think which people or race created human civilization, the 1st Holy Bible or understanding of the Universe, cosmos, mathematics and all things living on planet Earth.

This is only the Khoisan, Bantu, Zulu, Dinka, Nubian, Kemet people of Africa. Research Melanin and this will also educate you and prove this as a biblical fact.

I do not understand why people or mankind is not taught in kindergarten or primary school what is the Universe? Had I been taught what is the Universe and cosmos instead of being sold or taught about some big-bang theory or white or pink baby jesus in a manger who never get’s old, It would have saved me 30 years of my life.


The Universe is not about religion or denomination because the Universe is: I AM WHAT I AM with or without religion’s or denomination’s. The Creator and his Universe will never cease to exist; and we all need to embrace this because Heaven and Hell are also eternal after sleep or death into your afterlife for good or evil.

Most religions and denominations simply lie, deceive, mind-control and brain-wash people of world. They want you to believe this image, fable, narrative, story, person, religion, denomination, priest, bishop, pastor, clergy, author or scholar when in fact all we as mankind need is ONE CREATOR, UNIVERSE & KINGDOM in and through us all.

The amazing thing is we have this from beginning to end into our afterlife.

We as mankind or world do NOT need over 33 MILLION gods or goddesses in India alone. Now try to add all the other religions, bishops, pastors, priests, Rabbis’s, Imam’s, copy-cat Greco-Roman dieties etc worldwide.

This is global confusion, deception and distortion to the Universal Kingdom in any language of world. This is why we all need to go back to the root or as the Book of Revelation or revealing suggests only people can DECEIVE people ruled by Satan, religion or world:

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. – Revelation 12: 9

I would suggest to you the real Devil or person of EVIL how we get D-EVIL is Set or Seth. Remember in Church they would teach Satan was a fallen Angel? The deception of the Book of Revelation or deceptions of WORLD are all things evil, wicked, sin or contrary to light, love, peace, TRUTH and universal Kingdom.

If you think Christian or Christianty Rome, Pope, Constantine is light NOT darkness; and they and their copy-cat dieties are NOT darkness but light, love or universal truth.

Then you will have to testify before the true UNIVERSAL CREATOR of Heaven, Earth and his appointed african, Kemet, gods and goddesses dated thousands of years B.C or before christ or greco-roman dynasties or illegal invasion rule.

Just because you use gun=powder and bullets over bow and arrows to invade, kill, rape and destroy does NOT mean you own, enslave or rule over anything. The Kemet, Egypt, Pyramids and Hieroglyphs are still standing with real Royal Kings & Queens of Kemet, biblical Africa still rich, intelligent and wise into their eternal afterlife.

We all deserve the universal right to what is true or truth from beginning to end into the afterlife. So when one arises or wake’s up in Heaven or Hell eternally; you have chosen this as your conclusion or spirit to living and life on Earth.

In Universal Service,


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