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Trumps Mindset & Strategy

Trumps mindset and world strategy is right-wing, racism and FEAR mixed. Lets talk...

According to Business Insider Trump’s ex-wife allegedly stated: Trump kept a Book of hitlers speeches by his bed.

Trump as an impeached U.S president can hardly spell or read now? Yet,one can clearly see as wise people worldwide Trump is openly mimicking hitler, KKK, right-wing, racist beliefs and idealogies.

This is why Trump hires mostly white or pink racist red-necks like Steve Bannon, Nigel Farage etc… Trump was groomed as a child who’s mother and father proudly paraded KKK outfits, beliefs and allegience. I bet his Dad read about hitler also.

Trump buys his education and is trying to fool or persuade the world he can read well and writes his own speeches like Obama with no notes.. Twitter does store the history of tweets even those deleted as PROOF Trump and his Daughter openly struggles to spell basic 3rd grade words.

Trump is absolutely receiving PINK priviledge even as a racist, because most of the Republican and right-wing political parties are racist worldwide. You think calling yourself white makes you invincible? Trump is also openly backing right-wing groups like the mafia in Hungary, Ukraine, England and Poland.


Politics often use FEAR, RELIGION and RACISM to divide, segregate, mind-control and rule. This is what most people worldwide do NOT research, understand or know. This is the main reason for this article to demonstrate corrupt pink-people who think they are white and everyone is black or brown is genocide in a needle or bottle worldwide.

Most are secretly using the mindset, beliefs and practices of Hitler to promote FEAR, RELIGION & RACISM local, national and global. This is across all or most religions, denominations, right-wing political parties and organizations of the world.

Prayerfully, when you watch the above video one will see, hear and learn FEAR, RELIGION, RACISM & POLITICS are what sits at the heart of most people’s lives regardless of what colour you think you are or belong.

There is no person white or black on planet Earth with a 100% match.

Go test yourself with a sheet pf whiite or black paper now. You have been brain-washed, mind-controlled and remote-comtrolled within by FEAR, RACISM, POLITICS & RELIGION.

My PEOPLE [not world] are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. – Hosea 4:6

In His Service,


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