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TIME of Trouble

TIME of Trouble begins when all MAAT, Sabbath and commandment keeping people of Creator YHWH RA are forced to keep SUNDAY LAW or world evil. Lets talk...

The world is fighting using evil vs good returning to past days, times and laws of Sodom, Canaan, ancient Rome and man-made IsraEL, when they worshipped idols, porn, danced, lied, deceived and fed commandment keeping people worldwide to lions dens, prison, racism, lynching, slavery, invasion and death.

Time of Trouble or Jacobs Trouble can be seen, unravelled and understood in so MANY WAYS dependng on what bible version, religion or denomination you read, believe, worship, claim, belong to or not to.

I believe what is most important today is truth and soul-searching, returning back to cREator RA WITHIN. One needs the original not the man-made, religious or pagan copy of the Holy Bible written in STONE not paper. .

We also need MAAT laws, commandments and beliefs we have researched; dated from the begnning of baRA into the afterlife of RA and Spirit to spirit within; more than any man-made religion or denomination. Including vatican, Constantine Christianty and Muhammed Islam.

Amun RA is avenging his pyRAmid and Garden of Eden baRA, Africa, Holy Bible of STONE; and ROYAL kings, queens, gods and goddesses of Africa; not man-made religious bible versions of myths, fables, lies and global deception.

Amun RA is replacing the former rain of human-civilization; we are now in latter rain of increased knowledge, wisdom and understanding as RA KINGDOM believers. He now wants 100% TRUTH no lies, deception, myths or fables.

I believe false, deceptive, man-made religious, denominational teachings most are now declining worldwide for a reason. They are being replaced by the latter-rain of universal truth of ONE baRA, Amun RA.

People will soon want original MAAT not man-made religious laws and traditions. They understand there is ony one baRA RA Holy Sabbath laws, MAAT and universal commandments. They can also see the Old Testament is secretly being erased of Jesuit, Catholic, Vatican New Testament ideologies and heresies under mythical, fake white jesus of pagan EL GOD, Constantine christianity.

I also believe the TIME has come for all religions and denominations with their various man-made walls, traditions and beliefs to FALL until One baRA, Amun RA, Most High, stands worldwide. This is why all shall pRAY, pRAise and REpent for the Time of Trouble or Jacobs Trouble is now as foretold and written of RA Holy Bible, ENOCH, and Book of the Coming Forth..


I will post two informative videos on the subject of Time of Trouble or Jacobs Trouble and would strongly advise researching former rain knowledge and false teaching of man-made jesus, for latter rain knowledge and teaching of biblical STONE; back to the oldest biblical name of Creator baRA, Amun RA, Yahuwah, Yah, HalleluYAH Most High.

The above has less to do with religions or denominations and all to do with GOOD vs EVIL in HEAVENLY PLACES. Don’t forget its SUNDAY vs SABBATH and biblical laws, MAAT and RA commandments vs New Testament 12 Disciples of fake EL GOD vatican, pope jesus that has already deceived the world.


Corona virus, locusts and bats swarming countries are the beginning of the TIME OF TROUBLE. As someone who grew up adventist, I would like to ask why scorn and WARN of the vatican, Pope and papal Sunday deception; YET keep and worship the same white or pink Jesus as the Pope, Constantine and Papacy?

I now refuse to do that. This is why I have grown to worship and bow down to baRA, Amun RA written in STONE of UNIVERSAL KINGDOM not paper, man-made world religions or denominations.

In His Service,


He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. 12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. – Revelation 22: 11-12

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