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This little LIGHT, I’M Gonna Let it SHINE

This little LIGHT, I’m Gonna Let it SHINE is a song placed in my mind, soul and spirit of the Universal Spirit today after some deep reading, researching and encounters with the Creator and kingdom gods & goddesses.

I remember as a child sitting on the floor of my kindergarten SDA Sabbath school class singing: ‘This Little LIGHT of mine, I gonna let it shine. This liitle LIGHT of mine, I gonna let it shine.

This song at kindergarten age of 3-5 was such a delight, yet little did I know or my parents or kindergarten teachers know….the CREator LIGHT as SUN not greco-roman, mythical Son, would teach me so much joy, happiness, peace and Universal LIGHT fully within; decades later.

This is why we are counseled: When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. – 1 Corinthians 13: 11

The above scripture was NEVER written or born from any religion or denomination. And as spiritual, universal Kingdom, Man, I now know 100% all original scriptures come from the Garden of Eden, Africa, AFURAKA..

I also know as the cREator SUN shines daily, this is testimony to the literal fact HIS LIGHT always shines of love, peace, power and eternity. HIS literal universal Kingdom LIGHT was never created or intended to be religious or denominational, just universal.

This is what most people of all religions or denominations do NOT comprehend, research, fathom or know. For they are ENSLAVED of world, religions and denominations worldwide.

What LIGHT are you shining daily within?

One cannot shine LIGHT and darkness all at the same time. No one is perfect, but your conscious mind and subconscious mind will ONLY ultimately shine what is WITHIN.

It will only SHINE what you trust, believe and desire from within. Just because one gets weary, frustrated, angry and fearful, does NOT mean your LIGHT has gone out.

You see His LIGHT never fails. His LIGHT is universal love and never will He ever refuse to SHINE daily within or around, worldwide. This is why the Creator is always universal SUN not man-made religious, son.

This is the universal LIGHT I shine, coach and teach about. And if I have to shout it and tell you with anger and frustration this is the LIGHT you need of the SUN, not some mythical son or other religion it is because I care and I know it is love, wisdom, truth and real.

So this little LIGHT of mine, I gonna let it shine daily, monthly and yearly. Regardless of the price, rejection, persecution or cost.

LIGHT cannot dwell with darkness together in any way shape or form.

LIGHT was the 1st thing the cREator created and commanded to SHINE, universally.

LIGHT has to eradicate evil, darkness and wickedness automatically.

So let your LIGHT shine, daily into your afterlife.

In Universal SUN not mythical son Service,

Know thyself,


Understanding the universe, SUN, mind, soul and spirit.

Always research the SATURN in your life.

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