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The Secret of Abundance – Facts

The Secret of abundance is that we are all born with universal right to abundance. Lets talk…

Imagine for 15 minutes the Universe consistently provides all natural substances, ingredients, species, plants, minerals and even the Creator SUN not son, moon, stars, water and Earth for us all in abundance.

So everything in the entire Universe is actually 100% FREE, it is heartless people as governments and organizations of the world, who decide to charge us all for what the universe provides FREE.

Do you agree? If not, why not? Our very breath, Spirit-spirit, blessings of every kind even our chastening comes from universal LAW. We either get universal law right or wrong and we suffer for getting our thoughts, choices or decisions wrong.

Think of EVERY decision, choice or thought you/I have ever made, when it went right it was right, when it went wrong it was wrong. NOT because the universe or even the Creator did anything to us…we just got it wrong when it came to either choosing evil, trusting a stranger, or thinking our ego or our own mind know’s best.

In other words, few people ever really consult the universe with its appointed gods and goddesses or kings and queens of the only universal Church, temple or synagogue the Earth or world we will ever need.

This is why in-order to know the UNIVERSAL SECRET one has truly got to delete everything on your human database of mind, soul and spirit that you have been taught or is man-made of world.

Then only trust, speak, believe and action things or facts of the Universe. We do not need any man-made ideologies or theologies as the universal Creator is no fool.

Growing up as a child were you like I predominantly taught to only think world or things of world? You were told or encouraged go study, get a job, save hard and stay out of trouble right?

Or you were told the opposite to all you have just read as some parents may teach and think crime, sin and do as you feel daily. Now kds, teens and adults think being gang, hip hop, twerking, gambling or stripping is the yellow-brick road to fame, fortune and happiness. Why?

The global problem, is few people have been taught to think UNIVERSAL LAW and only universal law first and foremost daily.

What is Universal Law?

The truth is although we all live and depend on the UNIVERSE which means everything in Heaven and Earth, including the Creator and his appointed gods, goddesses, kings and queens of his eternal Kingdom, few sit, meditate, read, research or consider without such we would all be eternally dead.

In fact, most governments, religions and denominations of world hardly ever give credit or mention to the word’s UNIVERSE OR UNIVERSAL.

So who turns on the light and night with sun, moon and stars daily? It sure is not your religion, denomination, political party or government of world.

It is definitely NOT even fake jesus on a donkey with 12 pink disciples. Only the UNIVERSE/UNIVERSAL Creator can do this daily. And his name is baRA RA RE of AFU-RA-KA the original Garden of Eden on Earth.

Universal Law in simplicity are the governing laws of the universe we were all born into. This has nothing to do with any other theory, ideology, religion or anything man-made period. The universal Creator is just that universal creation of all things good and evil.

The Universe/Creator Kingdom does NOT need any other government, religion or denomination to write or re-write what they think is the universe or cosmos and how it operates.

They just need to know the Universe is eternal for good or evil and it will govern daily and be here whether we believe it or not. Universal Law does not also need any man-made titles like Law of attraction or the Gospel.

There is no law of attraction or Gospel, these are all man-made ideologies and religious, bingo, marketing stunts. The Universe and baRA the cREator can see, hear, speak, touch and communicate with all of his creation 24/7.

How can you attract anything if you do NOT believe within? Or how can there ever be a Gospel of christian or christianity when the word christianity is NOT even written in the bible most christians or christianity read?

This is why only UNIVERSAL KINGDOM/LAWS matter just like positive and negative on a battery or vehicle, you have to get it right or it simply does not work.

Everything in Heaven and Earth works by astrological, mathematical, spiritual or as universal KINGDOM formula’s. Even the way we are all created we all need a brain, heart, soul, spirit and breath to be or remain alive right?

And every organ is created by the UNIVERSAL CREATOR and we are also predestined and preordinated, we just get to choose whether we trust, hope, obey, believe it or not daily.

What is Universal Abundance?

Universal Abundance as I stated in the intro comes automatically to everyone born into the universe on Earth. If you were born into parents who were billionaires, quite rightly you could or would claim you are born into wealth right?

The UNIVERSAL KINGDOM/UNIVERSE expects us all to claim and become anything we desire, believe or want for good or evil. Obviously if you are wise and not foolish you will only fill your mind, heart and soul with good not evil daily.

As a former religious, church, bingo player, most of my own family now think I am doing wrong, departing away from all religions and denominations to embrace only the Universe.

Perhaps they should read their man-made Greco-Roman bible version mine is firmly written in Kemet, Egypt STONE.

For I have come to set a man AGAINST his father and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a person’s enemies will be those of his OWN household. [This is what religion does to us all] Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. – Matthew 10: 35-37 [Who is me…this is why we need only the Universe as Church, Temple or Synagogue]

They think because you change, stop preaching or being popular you are doomed and destroyed. This is so far from the truth and all they have to do is read this website like many friends and past denominational gang.

Last night I was watching an old video of Oprah Winfrey speaking on when she was dreaming, praying, crying about starring in the Color Purple movie. I will post the video below and hope it stays working smile*

Oprah believed so much in her dream, desires, faith and Universal Creator she subconsciously and consciously automatically triggered and aligned herself with no-one but the Universe/Creator of universal law.

So you have to not just pray, believe, trust, but action and align yourself WITHIN and WITHOUT or all around.

You have to stand even if your all alone and people are screamimg and shouting what are you doing?

Oprah kept her faith, belief, trust and desire until she saw it come to pass. I know their are many people like me who have prayed, believed, fasted, waited for years, and even when it came you had another test, loss, prophet JOB experience or even the entire Zulu, Kush, Nubia or african tribe of kings and queens like Kemet and slavery took another blow and defeat.

Universal Law is always fact and constant, and it will never allow anything to replace your eternal calling or destiny.

Remember when I said we are all predestined and pre-ordained, it is written as fact. Do you think Oprah can do something else and be as successful as she is as a media owner, chat host or TV presenter?

Probably not, but one thing for sure your calling is always what you do of passion, spirit and heart against all odds.

Universal abundance surrounds us all as a fact. Each and everyday we awake to the Universe we have all the water, oil, gold, diamonds, electricity, gas, Spirit-spirit, even a Universal Kingdom of gods, goddesses, kings and queens to help us accomplish anything.

Lately I been isolating deeply into the secret place, I am being challengened by the thought of losing my loved-one, best-friend and biggest fan ever.

This morning the Universe woke me up and filled me with ABUNDANCE to the point I prayed abundant healing, peace, love and protection for my beloved, and I know what I speak and believe of the universe, it is already done.

Universal abundance is speaking to me again every 28 days before the next FULL MOON, which always represents your inner-soul, thoughts, mind and spirit.

In other words you have to grind and do the work within of the Universal Kingdom daily, as the cosmos is set like an alarm clock and you have 28 days to prepare, rinse and repeat, as you move forwards never backwards in time and space.

Did you catch that? This is how the universe really works. Yes, I never use to think or deal with cosmos, astrology or numerology, just pew, pastor and religion.

But as you research and study how the cosmos and universe works without any religion, denomination or fake gospel; you will align everything to the gods, goddesses, planets and cosmos for it is the only Creator, Kingdom and Universe.

I am now praying, believing and chasing abundance daily, not money, as I have already seen and had more money than most people will ever hold or see.

The Universal Kingdom is priceless, abundant, truth and this motivates me to teach the world daily. Abundance is also destined to be more of the UNSEEN into eternity, than the seen of man-made things and world.

In His Service,


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