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The origin of the term Africa is something everyone of good not evil should research, understand, embrace and explore. Why? Because there is NO western civilization without Africa or AfuRAKA the correct name and terminology.

Imagine, so-called western civilization has stolen, copied, falsified, invaded and enslaved all kings, queens and people of Africa/Amer-indian worldwide for centuries dating back to the Garden of Eden.

Is this possible? It sure is, and is factual to this day. There is no way any civilized people or world could ever know alphabet, mathematics, science, astrology, architecture, beer, straw, cutlery, languages or even the Creator SUN not son of any religion or denomination without the oldest human DNA, man, woman and dynasties of original kings, queens and people of AFU-RA-KA aka Africa.

No this is NOT black vs white people, in fact, such people do NOT exist as most people are various shades of brown into pink people worldwide.

So Africa, AFU-RA-KA has birthed and also embodies every single person dead or alive on planet Earth, from the biblical Garden of Eden which is still Africa, AFU-RA-KA today.

I want you to take a close look and examine the word AFU-RA-KA. Do you see the word RA and KA? This is the original and only name of the true CREATOR and his KA, BA, RA, [universal] KINGDOM and Holy Spirit-spirit as cosmos.

This is how fake, phoney, man-made, religious and denominational churches and people got to write Romans 8:16 without stating RA, BA or KA Spirit-spirit. Instead they would claim all things of Africa, AFU-RA-KA are evil, pagan, witchcraft, savages, beasts and illiterate.

Have you ever seen any country of Africa, AFU-RA-KA invade, kill, rape, or enslave any other country to this day? No. So who are the savages, evil, wicked, pagan, thieves, robbers, beasts, racist, liars of this historical world?

Please read the Source who inspired this article: ODWIRAFO KWESI RA NEHEM PTAH AKHAN – also watch video below. This is important to grasp a better and full understanding of the origin of the word Africa, AfuRAKA.


My Heart aches for all the african/amer-indian people of Africa who were invaded, stolen, raped, killed, tortured, enslaved even I myself….to this day worldwide.

They were hunted, herded, imprisoned, shackled, tortured like animals into all countries of the world including UK, U.S., Colombia, Brasil, Cuba, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, China, etc, etc.

What aches me deep within more than anything, is how most people even those now living in Africa, Caribbean, Latin-America including original Amer-Indians of U.S. America; have no idea of their ROYALTY or DNA as original kings and queens of Africa, AFU-RA-KA.

This is more than a country or land this is more than religion or denomination, this is the original Garden of Eden of the CREATOR RA and his KA, Holy Spirit.

It pains my heart to see people enslaved calling themselves black or white, christian, christianity, muslim, hindu, mormon, baptist, evangelical, adventist, pentecostal, like the CREATOR RA OF HIS UNIVERSAL KA, has supermarket chains of religions and denominations collecting tithes and offerings weekly as religious food stamps.

This is the global man-made deception enslaving most people of religions and denominations worldwide. They choose their own religion and denomination like candy or confectionery what they like, worship or believe even a mythical, jesus on a donkey with 12 pink disciples in Africa, AFU-RA-KA. How insane.

This is what mind-control and enslavement does to us all. Once our ROYAL kings, queens and people of Africa, AFU-RA-KA were invaded, enslaved and over-thrown only by guns, cannon-ships, bullets made of steel from western invasion, evil, rape, murder and holocaust.

They then forced ‘their‘ religion, denomination, languages and pink false white pagan-gods and beliefs upon all africans into and across the Caribbean, Latin-America, Australia, Canada, UK, U.S, into Amer-Indian countries worldwide.

Why do you think africans and amer-indians are speaking dutch, spanish, french patwa, mix or broken languages even today? This includes Colombia, Brasil, Cuba, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico etc, etc…

You see once everything including world rule and dominion was Africa, AFU-RA-KA. In fact, one could argue even today nothing is more blessed with diamonds, gold, oil, exotic fruits, exotic animals and dynastic ROYAL kings, queens and historical artifacts of the universe, civilization and science more than Africa, AFU-RA-KA.

Where else on planet Earth can you house or accommodate all things of the Garden of Eden on Earth but Africa, AFU-RA-KA? And yes, Africa, AFU-RA-KA was one Country of map throughout biblical times.

In conclusion read the above PDF link and watch video above. It is time…to gather all the pieces of the historical and biblical jig-saw puzzle so one can KNOW THYSELF.

Please….do NOT defend any pink jesus when most professed christians do NOT even know who created christianity? Do you know? And do not say God……because you do not know where the word God came from?

Or who is a god or God? Ask yourself where is the donkey, teeth, house, clothes, 12 pink disciple’s remains of jesus and his people? You have our priceless, biblical ancestors portrayed in your museums right? So where is pink Jesus and his people?

Compare this to the literal findings and excavations of the true and real biblical kings, queens and people of Africa, AFU-RA-KA still being wickedly excavated, disturbed and disrespected as BIBLICAL ROYALS in the name of Archaeology.

Also even with such rich historical and biblical facts and royal history they still refuse to use the name Kemet, Nubia, Bantu, Africa, AFU-RA-KA and or africans with the oldest human DNA from the real Genesis to Revelation into the after-life.

Times are rapidly changing………CREATOR RA OF HIS UNIVERSAL KA is taking down all man-made religions and denominations. He is driving everyone on planet Earth back into Luke 17:21 – THE KINGDOM OF RA AS KA IS WITHIN.

In Universal Service,


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