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The Lord is in charge of Zion

The Lord is in charge of Zion. What if I told you Israel, Jerusalem and ZION is not of any map or country of world. Israel, Jerusalem as Zion represents the global Children of YHWH RA GOD and Zion is the spiritual mountain within spoken of in Zechariah Chapter 1.

This is 100% spiritual, Spirit to spirit prophecy or prophetic intelligence or ‘promise‘ commanded of YHWH RA by an Angel to Zechariah.

Read Zechariah Chapter 1 see how Zechariah clearly hears and acknowledges an Angel, so this proves His Kingdom is 100% Spirit to spirit not of religious, denominational or human intelligence of world.

Are you ready for a DEEP prophetic proclamation and biblical study? All things of YHWH RA GOD is deep and when one is taught by His Spirit to spirit it is often heavy, long, wide and deep.

This is why David his prophet teaches: ‘Be still and know I am God‘ this is what is often missing from most religions and denominations as they are more focussed on entertainment, style, fashion and offerings when the greatest conversation, wealth or FREE streets of gold of the Kingdom of YHWH RA GOD is within. [Luke 17:21]

This is the spiritual knowledge Zechariah is using to hear, communicate and carry out orders from an Angel of the Most High. In Zechariah 1 verse [:7] ‘The Word of the Lord came to Zechariah’ by vision, meditation or dream at night, and what Zechariah saw caused him to ask: O Lord, what are these?’ [:9] The Lord God was deliberate in getting Zechariah’s spiritual attention as he was watching, testing, building and preparing Zechariah within to now go proclaim and warn Jerusalem and Zion [:14]

I am jealous for Jerusalem and for Zion with a great jealousy

The above proclamation or Word from YHWH RA GOD via His Angel to Zechariah is enough to make any Kingdom dance, sing and jump for joy.

A Kingdom believer by experience knows first-hand when YHWH RA GOD is jealous for anything or anyone He is never giving up or in until He reigns supreme within and around.

Jerusalem, Judah and Zion more for a spiritual, united and devoted people than a place is what interests the Most High. This is LOVE for YHWH RA GOD is 100% UNIVERSAL LOVE,

Creator YHWH RA created LOVE and LOVE is unconditional and LOVE never fails so his long-suffering, chastening and jealousy is LOVE until he reigns of LOVE within and around.

Is this making sense to your spirit within? If not, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Zechariah Chapter 1 and this article to you. What I love even more about Zechariah 1 are even more proclamations and promises of YHWH RA God:

16 Therefore thus saith the RA LORD: I return to Jerusalem with compassion: My house shall be built in it, saith RA the LORD of hosts, and a line shall be stretched forth over Jerusalem. 17 Again, proclaim, saying: Thus saith RA the LORD of hosts: My cities shall again overflow with prosperity; and RA the LORD shall yet comfort Zion, and shall yet choose Jerusalem.

The above after reading and studying Zechariah Chapter 1 for Shabbat convicted and drove me to also blow the trumpet in Zion today and remind Jerusalem, Judah and Zion of the within of YHWH RA GOD His promises are sure. Again, ‘My cities [people] shall again overflow with prosperity. And RA the Lord shall yet comfort Zion, and shall yet choose Jerusalem.’

Why Jerusalem, Judah and Zion is NOT of the Map

I could write a book on this but contrary to popular carnal and world beliefs of most religions, denominations and people, Jerusalem, Judah and Zion is not of map to YHWH RA GOD.

YHWH RA GOD and His Kingdom of believers are much wiser and smarter than any government or map. They know as the biblical proclamation and promise given to Zechariah the prophet YHWH RA GOD is not interested in comforting streets or buildings of concrete, stone, earth or wood.

YHWH RA GOD is primarily interested in mind, spirit, heart and soul created in His likeness for eternity. If you do not believe this fine, it is your prerogative to choose or decide within.

I love the words ‘Comfort Zion‘ now how could streets or buildings of no mind, soul or spirit be comforted? This is why the Israel VS Palestine war, genocide and apartheid even as a Shabbat keeper makes NO SENSE to YHWH RA GOD. In fact, I declare it is in violation of the commandments of YHWH RA GOD.

Thou shalt not kill. – Exodus 20:13

It is time for the fake jews to sit down and be silent. Does the above matter to you? Regardless of your religion, denomination, non-denomination or belief YHWH RA GOD is going to deliver His promise and proclamation of Zechariah.

His Holy Word and LOVE cannot return unto YHWH RA void. So it is time to decide will you be ready within not of religion, denomination or world?

I hope you take the time to be ready because comfort and prosperity comes after confession, repentance, long-suffering, sacrifice, submission, obedience to His RA Word and His spiritual LOVE within.

In His Service,


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