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Thank You

Thank You are two words most people rarely get to hear or receive in living and life. Let’s talk.

I can think of a list of words similiar to Thank You most people rarely use among friends, family, relatives and loved ones like:

  • Love You
  • Miss You
  • Support You
  • Admire You
  • Respect You
  • Appreciate You
  • Want You
  • Need You.

Over my life one thing I have always done is I speak straight for good or bad. As one of my ex-partners once said correctly: ‘Your all or nothing at all.’ She was 100% correct, yet she said it with frustration and anger at the time of departure.

Thank You, is something I will always say to someone ALIVE not after they are gone or transcended. I live a very transparent life….I am either for you or I am directly against you.

Some people think this is wrong, but they need to read the man-made biblical myth or story of Cain and Abel, Or Joseph and his brothers who sold him into slavery, then he became a king of the universal KING. Or David and Absalom his own son who tried to prevent him from his spiritual rulership and kingdom on Earth.

To be frank, you hardly see the above words of empowerment written in any man-made bible version. Perhaps all man-made bibles are designed and deliberately written to divide, conquer and destroy more than heal, bless, empower, annoint, unite and prosper mankind. Just take a good look at your household, denomination, temple, synagogue or church.

This is why YE ARE THE TEMPLE OF GOD THE CREATOR and the Kingdom is always within. [Luke 17:21]

Thank YOU To All

Thank you to all who have judged, rejected, alienated, persecuted, loved, supported, prayed, preyed, ransomed, divorce, sold me for another, stolen, lied, backstabbed, befriended, ignored, disliked and even slandered me.

I mean every word on this Shabbat 7th Day universal Holy Day as the universal KINGDOM bears witness. You see, without repentance we cannot repent and without forgiveness we cannot forgive or move on. I am always moving on and upward daily.

I have a plan, mission, purpose and eternal destiny to fullfil.

I have no time whatsoever to live in anything other than MY PEACE within and around. I am not here to live what others think, believe, suggest or expect of me. I am only birthed, born and living on Earth to do the WILL OF MY CREATOR and if that does not please you – complain to the Creator of us all.


Over my life I have always chosen very few people as friends or family, I call this my inner-circle to discuss my plans, life, desires or business. If I never sat down and told YOU then its inaccurate.

The funny thing is so many people THINK they know and can read you….how can you ever read what you never see walk, hear cry, pray, suffer or desire of God?

The reason I am writing this article or post is to demonstrate YOU HAVE NO IDEA of the cost or price of my alabaster box. Not even as so-called family. With me you can start at a MILLION then add all the years of my life on Earth.

To prove further what I am saying is over 20 years I have carefully selected certain talented. anointed, musicians and songs of a wide genre across classical, jazz, meditation to reggae & more. I always feed my spirit, mind and soul.

Music to me reflects the hopes, dreams, pain, faith and struggles of real people with real motivational, spiritual, lyrics NOT this modern-day brain damage nonsense.

Marvin Sapp is one of the most admired and appreciated, anointed artists of this Century to me. Marvin Gaye RIP is another, Daryl Coley RIP still one of my favourite. Phyllis Hyman RIP, Nipsey Hussle RIP , Bob Marley RIP, Dennis Brown RIP, Tremaine Hawkins & more.

Do you see the words Thank You in the above video this is why I wrote this article. As I feel these words need to be said even for my enemies and those who despise, dislike and hate me.

In conclusion, I have changed drastically in the last 3 months. I have finally now realized I SOLD ME….I IGNORED ME….I GAVE MY ALL AWAY FOR DECADES ….and it took me losing, missing and grieving my closest love of all on Earth to finally…. like an Eagle ruffle the nest and allow me to fly solo.

I am just getting started,

In His Service,



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