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Testing Your Mind

Testing Your Mind is something we all should do daily or often exercising mind, thoughts, soul, spirit, positivity and universal energy of good not evil. Lets talk...

The above sounds easy and of good not evil yet many people take little time to sit, relax, meditate and focus on all things good, positive, not evil or negative daily. Why?

Most people or humans NEGATIVELY feed their minds with daily news, history, lifestyles, religion or beliefs of culture, family, friends, education and social media of world. Most spend their entire lives repeating failed carnal, atheist, religious, unwise, negative, racist patterns and mistakes.

This is because few ever research or test their mind, thoughts, beliefs, energy, good, power, faith and truth within daily. Do you know how to test your mind, belief, faith and thoughts within?

If no, thanks for being honest. If yes, grab a piece of paper now and write down how you do this daily? Some may say:

  • I pray
  • I believe
  • I ask with repetition
  • I vow
  • I meditate
  • I tithe
  • I wait on the Creator.

All of the above is indeed positive but what if with all of the above one also does:

  • I center my mind
  • I center my energy
  • I make positive my thoughts
  • I make positive my mind
  • I make positive my energy
  • I serve or have no other gods or images before the Creator
  • I create all of the above with the Creator of universal mind, time and space daily.

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? “I the Lord search the heart and test the mind, to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his deeds. – Jeremiah 17: 9-10

When you study the above scripture it starts by stating the HEART/MIND is deceitful. Do you agree or disagree? Sit, relax and study, hear and test your thoughts WITHIN. We all struggle or battle with good vs evil or negative thoughts within.

Many people don’t bother or care what they think, do, say or action. Trump does not care if he lies, steals or cheats as long as he is being paid or popular. How can you claim evangelical, christian or christianity is love or positivity, when all is rooted in KKK, white or pink imperialism more than love, peace and unity?

This is why regardless of what religion or denomination being NON-DENOMINATIONAL and NON-RELIGIOUS is the best mind, thought and position to begin within to co-create with the Creator of this universe.

The Creator of this universe does NOT want to hear what religion or denomination you are from, only that YOU/I know who he is and how his love, faith, mercy, hope, love and power operates of His universe. It is free to all.

May my meditation be pleasing to him, for I rejoice in the Creator RA Lord. – Psalms 104: 34

We were never created to worship anything else

We were never created to worship anything else but ONE CREATOR. We all only have one mind, soul, spirit whether we believe or use it for good or evil daily within. We also live in a very complex world of religions, denominations, sociology, politics, racism, trade wars, commerce, crime and depravation.

I think all of the above is because we were badly educated, coerced, advised and influenced. How many people really believe there is a white or pink jesus? How many people believe there is truly black and white people on Earth? How many people believe Trump and the KKK is good not evil? How many people believe Trump is not of the KKK or white supremacy?

This is why we ALL have to test and retest our mind, thoughts, thinking and beliefs daily. No-one should ever offer their mind, soul or spirit to anything or anyone but the Creator Most High daily. Not racist or evil politics or religion.

You don’t even need a church, religion or temple look to the Sky right now as this is the universe in daily action, no government or political party can control or manipulate.

When one learn’s the SECRET of surrender, submitting your mind, heart, soul and spirit daily unto the UNIVERSAL POWER of the Creator, which is not religious, denominational or political. One is then on track to receive the HIGHEST and purest form of meditation, prayer, power and blessing’s within and around.

Search me, O RA God, and know my heart. Try me and know my THOUGHTS. – Psalms 139: 23

In His Service,


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