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As a teenager what is this world like? Is life and this world the same thing? Read and watch to learn more

You don’t need to be rich to SMILE, be positive, give thanks and pray like your a king and queen. Speak your life don’t live any life!

As a teenager, this world and life was beautiful. Nothing could ever go wrong. I REALLY felt protected by the Creator Most High, I knew within I was special and the SDA Church I attended from kindergarten into my teens as a teenager was definitely a solid and spiritual foundation. The hugs, love, trust, charity and loyalty of the people made Church not the denomination.

Then came 16, the year one leaves school into the adult world. This is when all hell broke loose…I got expelled with no qualifications. Your now playing big man or woman, and from the first kiss it soon becomes lots of kissing and this leads to one losing most or all. Relationships or dating never last, unless you marry your spiritual soul-mate.

Ask anyone who has ever been a teenager, is life in this world easy or hard? A teenager 10, 20, 30, 40 , 50. 60, 70, 80, 90 years ago, is very different to a teenager who is 16-30 today.

Don’t get this twisted, there is NOTHING any teenager today or in the future can tell anyone older who has not heard or experienced it before. Your going to end up telling your children the same thing .

We use to thnk our parents were nagging us, when they were teaching and preparing us for a cruel world. Back then as teenagers it was football, tennis, squash, netball, olympics, basketball or some physical sport on weekends. We would go to the park every Sunday and in summer, this was like going on a day-trip with food, drinks, sandwiches, friends, relatives meeting-up and having fun.

Sure we would hit the bars when of age to drink 19+ when you landed your first job, salary, paid your parents lodging and thought you were cool. Nowadays, most kids in the U.S. UK or most countries cannot play on the streets after 7pm or dark. I live in the Country, its very quiet, yet I do not see any children playing much on streets. This is sad.

The world has grown cold of all ages! Teenagers have witnessed their single parent or parents suffer, so they stress, worry and suffer silently within. They want to be strong for their parent or parents and not be a burden by saying ‘I am hungry’ I am cold’ or ‘i am depressed‘. Always speak what you feel – ITS BETTER NO SECRETS.

Then you have school tests and exams who think teenagers have no stress, worry or hardship, they can read and study continuously. Teenagers have to literaly become smarter than their multiple gadgets, smartphone, pc, laptop and or xbox. Then they have to be hip or cool on Instagram,, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and still revise, study, research, do chores, homework and sleep.

Teenagers Think life is shortno it is Eternal

Most teenagers think life is not long but short! They think or worry, am I going to make it to 16, 20 or 30? Of course you will, but study, be safe and make your choices in life wisely. Did you hear the word ‘choices‘ this is what living in this world and life is all about. If you THINK BIG and make the right plans, choices, decisions or actions I promise you WILL WIN.

In fact, I dare you to begin from as young as you can, grab a piece of paper and begin writing the 1st thought you can rememeber to present day. If its painful write down all the wrongs, anger and fear you heard, experienced or felt. Name each person, tell the Ceator Most High how they made you feel.

Then begin writing your future and describe every dream and detail what you desire, want, need and how your life will become. Tell Creator Most High, what you promise to do for HIM. Keep it positive….then fold this paper, pray, weep, bow, place it in a bottle and then throw it into the sea or river. After again pray, ask the Creator Most High to bless you daily and abundatly for love, hope and good.

What is short is WORLD as people and things. The world is temporary so yes…people and loved ones will get old and pass away. But there is life eternal of their SOUL according to the good one has done or lived as a witness of mind, soul and soirit on Earth. Like Nipsey Hussle, some may say he was a gangsta, but many others will say he was a iconic hussler and we are all husslers, who want good, peace and happiness within.

Even a murderer wants good, peace and happiness within, they just choose to be EVIL about the way they go about it. Now teenage gangs are killing each other irrespectibve of whether your black, brown, white or pink. A postcode, zipcode or street name is now worth more than your colour or culture. Teens as young as 14 will rob, stab or kill you for gang signs, gang code or colours.

We grew up with street violence and drugs etc but there was respect for people from the same community, neighbourhood, ethnicity, religion, school and or culture. The only time we would get physical is with hostile strangers, enemies, thieves or racists. If you show respect you earn respect. But no way could teenagers disrespect their elders, even on the street, a bus, or in public a adult would physically correct or cuff a teenager who disrepected a elder. Don’t get his wrong I stabbed someone in school after a basketball game, two teams doing battle. This was a dumb wrong choice, which could have been fatal and cost me severe punishment.

Now I know for sure, choices leads to eternity. Life as the universe is eternal. You can disagree, but like gravity try to prove it wrong. You have TWO choices good or evil, and if you choose evil, gang, drugs, stripping, cam-sex or prostitution, you will reap the karma of your choices. Trust me when I say, I understand when there is no income or food in the cupboard, one can think I must do whatever it takes. This is when prayer life becomes the anchor and deliverer more than sight or world.

If you have to grab the Bible, get radical, stand with your kids or alone and read all night from Genesis to Revelation do it. I have stood all night and day and preached until I was tired for days, refusing to allow Creator Most High to not bless, deliver and cover me. Years later, I realized those times face-down in my closet healed my Mother and prepared me for a new Country and battle.

As a teenager, if you can read this article you can pray to the Creator and universe and say I AM YOURS eternally. You may think I have time…perhaps not. Nipsey Hussle was iconic and millions of people wish he could re-appear and be resurrected for good not evil, not die at 33.

I just wanted to reach out to all the teenagers of the world from 14-30. I wanted to let you all know, I may be older or you think I am old, but guess what I am eternal and I never get old.

Never let anyone define YOU by colour or color, postcode, zipcode,or what they think you are, should be or do. I have seen some of the shortest and ugliest people get a MBA and make more friends and money than people who looked like models or got the most women in a bar or nightclub. Its how YOU pray, dream desire and make choices better than your neighborhood, parent or parents then you smile and win.

In His Service,


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