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Trump Loves FEAR!

Trump Loves FEAR! Donald Trump loves FEAR and is using FEAR as a old divide & conquer strategy and also as a weapon of mind control. He obviously has a global strategy to label, segregate, alienate and victimize people NOT just of the USA but world.

Just last week Trump has openly attacked China, Mexico, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Rep John Lewis, CIA Director, NATO and repeatedly antagonizes and attempts to attack, ridicule and persecute so-called black people. I would suggest to Mr Trump no-one on planet Earth is black or white in fact if we are to use any colours pink, light and dark brown is more accurate. If in doubt grab a piece of white or black paper and match it 100%.

So for any person, politician or even President of any country this is downright racism, hatred and unprofessional. Trump appears to want to become the next Hitler as he has read such books. Trump is also Khazar and attached to Klan, Evangelical, Biker voters that ‘feel‘ being white is above black, latino, chinese, indian and all other people. This too is hatred and racism. Trump looks as if he wants to bring back everything that enslaves, tortures, imprisons and divides people, families and race EXCEPT his own. He does NOT see any person of colour or race other than pink or white as American when the true original American is Indian. No invasion, war, genocide or mass slaughter can eliminate or ever alter fact.

This is unacceptable! Donald Trump is NOT in control of anything! He is not even in control of himself. Donald Trump again feels…he is smarter than everyone in the world but I have news for Mr Trump he is only carrying out his role for a season. All things must change and never last always unless one enters the Kingdom of YHWH GOD MOST HIGH from world to eternal life. Mr Trump has not yet studied, repented or read enough verses or chapters of the Holy Bible to earn such an invitation. He still thinks Greco-Roman Christianity is not stolen or fabricated Hebrew Ethiopic Christian of Ethiopia and Solomon. He also believes all Jews are white and San people are not the oldest humans with proven researched DNA. Mr Trump is proving to be more a mafia wannabe dictator or comedian than a leader or educator.

Everything that Mr Trump does will be his database and testimony within! If he desires to be Hitler or Jim Crow or both at the same time YHWH Most High is waiting. I encourage all people of America, USA and world to keep the faith your dreams, passion and hope with love alive. I do not see the majority of americans or world sitting and allowing racism, hatred and dictatorship to rule & reign. Times have changed and there is NO WAY most people are going backwards only forwards with or without Mr Trump.

In His Service,



Time of Trouble is Trump!

Time of Trouble is Trump! Gone are the days when people of the world can claim to be safe, wise or in control of their own minds, self, future or destiny unless one is a firm Kingdom believer of Creator YHWH and all of His laws, commandments and statutes within.

Make no mistake Creator YHWH as GOD of all things has already created the beginning and end for us all good and evil. As humans of the world we only get to choose will we stand for His love, faith, longsuffering, gentleness, meekness, laws, statutes and holiness within or do sin, evil and hatred within.

Donald Trump has already decided to whom and what he believes and stands for, and if one does the research he is firmly connected to the Society of Jesus, Vatican, Skull & Bones, populism, fascism and more. This in any biblical language is a TIME OF TROUBLE!  If in any doubt read the following links:

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To Nazi Salute Or Not To Nazi Salute: Infighting Erupts Between Trump ‘Deploraball’ Organizers

New World Order – Prepare Thyself!

Agenda 21 – How Would You Like To Be Forced Into A Human Habitat?

If you or anyone can escape all or any of the above over the next 4 years of Trump presidency one will surely need the Creator YHWH GOD and His Holy Word, commandments, laws and statutes within. In fact, Kingdom believers already know and have been preparing themselves within for THE TIME OF TROUBLE!

How To Prepare for the Time of Trouble

To prepare for the Time of Trouble one has to first begin diligently reading the Holy Word of YHWH GOD. Try to understand that NO religion or denomination can save anyone as the Society of Jesus already controls and has manipulated all religions and denominations including Muslim and sits firmly at the fake creation of Vatican Constantine Christianity in an attempt to replace Hebrew Christian YHWH Truth. Most people refuse to accept there is NO white Jesus only Hebrew Ethiopic Yahuwah as there is NO ‘J’ in Hebrew alphabet. No believer of YHWH, Yahuwah, Yah practices or believes in pagan Christmas, Easter or Halloween. Even Israel is not Yisrael of the Holy Bible Torah or Old Testament and if one does the research they will trace man-made Israel all the way back to the Vatican, Society of Jesus, Skull & Bones and more.

To prepare self, family, employment, finances and assets i,e, home and belongings in THE TIME OF TROUBLE will certainly take great wisdom, knowledge and faith. Creator YHWH has already prepared me out from living on 1 acre of land for 10 years to the point of being ready for anything. One has to ultimately choose between WORLD and things of world or the Kingdom of YHWH within. Read 1 John 2: 15-17 and Luke 17:21

Preparing and getting ready is not for you or I but 100% the Holy Spirit within. One has to be open to asking Creator YHWH for the Holy Spirit to guide and direct your paths, steps and will for your life. This can take years of reading, study & research! This can also reflect and resemble many of the prophets and people of the Bible for good or evil. One will be severely tested because one cannot change or have a TESTIMONY without tests or testing.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.
 – Proverbs 16:9 KJV

One will be tested to also see how much do you really desire to serve, submit and obey Creator YHWH GOD versus world and things of the world. Are your earthly possessions more important than YHWH GOD? Does one fear Creator YHWH more than even his or her most precious possession? Do not take this lightly, as right now many people male and female are choosing money, drugs, prostitution, theft, robbery, gangs even mason, religion, denomination, secret societies and deception over holiness, righteousness, peace, love and obedience to Creator YHWH GOD worldwide.

Donald Trump is doing what most other politicians and presidents have done on behalf of their secret societies, skull & bones and Society of Jesus affiliations. He has been hand-picked and appointed by the corrupt Holy Grail bankers who control politics and wealth of the world. How else can Trump amass so much debt and then turn his debt into securities then become president without filing his taxes also having a Million dollar fraud case charge and plea deal settlement?  Can you or I get a job even at Mcdoanlds with a fraud case charge record? I doubt it. Yet Trump is about to handle Trillions of U.S. money, assets and wealth. This is TIME OF TROUBLE! Trump is also about to badge, segregate and further enslave people creating an elite who bows down to his mindset and beliefs of New World Order.

In Conclusion

My job as a Kingdom believer is to warn only! What you do with the warning is your present and future. Selah. May you choose wisely Creator YHWH and His holy commandments, statutes and laws within.





Time to Change Your Colour

Time to Change Your Colour, challenges social, political and historical myths of what colour are you? If you say white, black, brown or other what proof or evidence do you have to support such a notion?

If like Trump or Bannon you believe in ‘white nationalism or supremacy‘ white is light and black is darkness refuting historical and biblical facts San people still exist as the oldest ‘humans’ on planet Earth according to DNA tests is like saying white people did NOT come from black people they independently evolved. Trump is not even American and there is NO such thing as a founding white American for native Americans regardless of how many times you enslave, invade or conquer will always be Indians.

From biblical days until now it seems that people like fake evangelical, conservative, UKIP, KKK, Trump and Bannon are the ones with NO HISTORY but myths, christianity, pagan, racist lies of slavery, invasion, corruption and nationalism. What astonishes me deeply is how Trump and Bannon gets to even voice such heresy, racial hatred and write policy as President Elect of the U.S. this is human and political insanity. Surely congress and the  senate has more brains, racial balance and common sense than Trump and Bannon. Trump even goes to Court for FRAUD which is corruption then settles for $25 MILLION and still becomes President Elect of the U.S. this is scandalous, unfair and insane as who can get a 9-5  job with FRAUD charges or a criminal record?

No wonder Trump and Bannon think their perceived ‘whiteness‘ is better or higher than ‘blackness‘ which NO person is black or white on planet Earth. If you disagree grab a sheet of black or white paper and match it 100%.  Trump and Bannon would more match PINK than any other colour.  Obama , Democrats, GOP, republicans and evangelicals should be ashamed and suicidal at the thought of allowing blatant ‘racism’ to now rule the people, cash and economy of America and world.

What America or the USA fails to understand is YHWH the Creator is still in charge and He allows evil to always choose its eternal destiny. So you may hail and rejoice for victory…but your victory like your historical past, present and future is founded on slavery, invasion, rape, racism, prejudice and inequality even as catholics, anglican, evangelical, jehovah witness, adventist, baptist, pentecostal or church of england. The fact you all worship white Greco-Roman Jesus of Christianity NOT Hebrew Judaic Christian and ignore the fact Hebrew has NO VOWELS OR J in its alphabet. YHWH hates lies and His only name being altered or ignored.


It is Time to Change Your Colour! Admit and renounce historical fables, myths, lies and hatred of others who do not look pink like you. STOP believing racist, bunk history stories Greco-Rome or Christopher Columbus discovered anything when both invaded and found people OLDER and more honest than them. Columbus makes us all discoverers everytime we travel we are discovering places and people. Time for a new way, mind, and it has to start with politics and politicians BAN RACISM & WHITE SUPREMACY in fact ban the use and fake labels of black and white that way no one can claim such racist ideologies or terminologies.

Listen to the following podcast Time To Change Your Colour:

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All Votes Matter against Racism

All votes matter against Racism especially when right-wing Republican GOP or conservatives largely consist’s of red-neck, KKK, Greco-Roman Evangelical Christianity who are NOT Hebrew Christian or of 12 Tribes Christian, but historically have proven they hate and despise colorful people.

The U.S. election 2016 has been sad, stressful, painful and disappointing for most people from the White House and households of America USA, to the majority of people around the world. How could Donald Trump have won the general election? Is not America the land of the FREE? Is America USA a Country of white privilege, people and politics only?

These are some of the questions people worldwide are asking in horror, sadness and shock. You do not have to be American to feel the political and racial pain and suffering within at the thought of Donald Trump an outspoken right-wing hustler, gangster, tax evading, multiple bankruptcies, fraud case, chinese importer and IMMIGRANT of German and Scottish decent who hates most things foreign and people of colour worldwide.

The U.S. election was somewhat degrading and insulting for most to think anyone could openly speak or portray such racist tones, actions and words against women, mexicans, fellow colorful Americans and wrap it in Republican, KKK, Evangelical, Roman white Jesus Christianity, colonial politics with national media coverage and win.

It sure surprised and deeply hurt Hillary Clinton. She knew racism exists in politics and the U.S. like most countries but did not know the extent of right-wing racist power of combined Republican, GOP, KKK, Evangelicals and Christianity with full support of the media and FBI would prevent her U.S. popular vote from becoming the U.S. Presidential Elect 2016. Well it did! And Hillary Clinton is not the only one in sadness and shock many leaders and politicians of the world have voiced Trump concerns from Germany, UK, China, North Korea to Cuba and EU.

Others like Russia and Israel who have ‘secretly‘ advised, aided and even funded right-wing UPRISING from UK Brexit to U.S. Trexit to potentially change or alter politics worldwide. Now politics is not about regime-change it is about political-change which could be worst than regime change because conservative right-wing racist politics sits at the heart of their global and local strategy. They roguely combine and use:

  1. IMMIGRATION – Is Trump an Alien or Immigrant? 100% but he is also white so that does not count right?
  4. IMMIGRANTS -: mexican, black, latino, indian, african, pakistan etc
  5. RACIAL RELIGION :- white Jesus and people rule everything else is sin, hatred or unacceptable but all donations accepted even on Sunday.
  6. CRIME FEAR – whites are holy and non-violent they do not commit crime even in suits or named Trump, only black, mexican, latino or other even if born in the U.S. commit crimes.
  7. RELIGIOUS FEAR – the LBGT wil turn you all gay and close your churches. Admittedly, the Democrats favoured gay rights more than the commandments or religions of the U.S. But who is more racist than the Republican GOP or most right-wing conservative politicians regardless of color or governments of the world.
  8. EMPLOYMENT FEAR – only white people are the best workers everyone else is taking your job, career or employment.
  9. GUN FEAR – the only person who has a right to own or carry a gun or weapon is white people, everyone else is a threat.

For the record, I DO NOT uphold or believe anyone on planet Earth is black or white. We are all colourless people and no-one can match the color or colour of white or black 100%. They would more accurately match pink, tan and brown if colours had to be used to describe any human colour. If in disbelief why not grab a piece of white or black paper and stare into a mirror.

Why Trump Won The U.S. Election 2016

Trump won the U.S. Election 2016 because he knew by using the above right-wing game-plan and strategy combined with suppressing and wearing out every non-white groups or voters in the U.S. most non-white voters would stay home but white voters through majority white ANGER + FEAR as witnessed at his political rallies would vote in red numbers to win from KKK, atheists to evangelical Christianity. Especially when Trump team manufactured and sold each politically targeted group Republican KOOLAID or COCKTAILS of their choice or FEAR. Some may say this is politics I say no this is LIES and racism funded in secret by countries outside of the U.S. In other words you are selling Americans of all colours for a secret pay-check and promise of more cash and power for oligarchs or chosen elite.

Trump is now pandering to countries who funded his campaign and namely Russia and Israel together with Trump will be an interesting relationship to see if Trump can please all or upset a majority or few? Trump is certainly already upsetting many people, politicians and countries of the world. I do not see his first 100 days being easy in fact it is scary.

Trump also won the 2016 U.S. election largely because of Evangelical votes, whitefolks and others who think voting for KKK racism is no-big-deal and Jesus is white so it cannot be that bad. Well, in defense  of YHWH or Yahuwah no name changes allowed who told you Jesus ever existed with no “J” in the Hebrew alphabet? Can you say Trump or Evangelical with no T or E in the English alphabet? No. So why dishonour, fabricate, mistransliterate and lie to make white Jesus of Roman Christianity NOT Hebrew Christian exist? Or if you are a true 12 Tribes of Yisrael not Israel believer why not paint Jesus brown or black and call him YHWH or Yahuwah? Would you still believe in His Holy Word?

In conclusion, racism of and in every form shall be challenged. It is time worldwide that the words, white, Jesus and KKK be challenged and uprooted by HIS TRUTH YHWH, Yahuwah of Hebrew and universal decent instructing all true believers:

I am YHWH the LORD thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image, nor any manner of likeness, of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. [Exodus 20: 2-3]

The above ‘image’ goes for any likeness of anything including fake white Jesus.

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