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Thinking with Stillness

Thinking with stillness is the art of quiet submission, controlling your mind, thoughts, spirit and temptations into alignment with Creator and Holy Spirit within.

Have you ever sat for hours or days and just be still? No this is not depression, this is a deliberate act of quietness and submission to master the art of being STILL limiting temptation, sin, reaching for a higher revelation or encounter with Creator YHWH and His Holy Spirit.

It is likened to voluntarily sitting at the feet of the Holy Creator YHWH Most High. I wish parents would spend more time educating and teaching their child or children, spiritual innovative and creative ways of  mind, soul and Spirit to spirit within. But how can anyone teach what they have never sought, researched or experienced?

Parents more prefer to soothe child or children with toys, gifts and clothes. I am not saying there is not need of such treats…but the greatest treasure is always WITHIN.

Can you remember your first book, award or praise? Still makes you smile right? Treats are a great way to motivate a child linked to doing or achieving something. But how about parents and children spending at least one hour per day hugging or sitting in SILENCE not a word spoken, just eyes opened or closed, sit, think and pray in silence.

No rambling of thoughts or mind, no stress, no worries, no fears, no sadness, no anxiety, no hatred, no anger, nothing but pure silence waiting for your spirit and ears to hear the Almighty.

No, you may not hear or receive a message, promise or word from the Almighty this is because STILLNESS is what HE wants of you right now within and around. This is HIS time and HIS doing! He has called you to be still because He wants you to rest a while or practice resting mind, soul and spirit within.

The Power of Stillness

I have learned to master and enjoy STILLNESS over the last twenty years from nature, silence, meditation, prayer even frequently telling myself ‘be still‘ within. Throughout challenging or difficult times in my life, I would always seek nature, a park, mountain, lake or even inside a closet to meditate, rest, pray and be still with Creator YHWH.

Even today, I  would not trade peace and quietness for anything. I am not one for loud busy cities, hotels or entertainment. Even a video or music must have something positive of message, skill or talent or I exit.

Stillness and quietness is a POWERFUL force which soothes, educates and elevates mind, soul and spirit within. Who would ever think quietness and stillness could be so wise, peaceful yet powerful? I believe this stems from creation…YHWH does everything in stillness and quietness within. He only has to think and speak and it is done.

And YHWH God said: ‘Let there be light.’ And there was light. And YHWH God saw the light, that it was good; and YHWH God divided the light from the darkness. And YHWH God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day.  – Genesis 1:3-5

As one can see from the above Holy scriptures YHWH only has to see and speak and it is done. It is almost as if He uses STILLNESS to focus upon right thinking, thoughts whilst creating within and around. Kingdom believers also have this power:

For as he [or she] thinketh in his heart, so is he [or she]: Eat and drink, saith he [or she] to thee; but his [or her] heart is not with thee. – Proverbs 23:7 KJV

How we think is important! What we take into our mind, soul and spirit determines the quality of our thoughts, trust and belief especially unto YHWH Most High. I wish I had never spent so many years or decades chasing and listening to world and people of world including educators, pastors, employers, family and relatives.

If I could rewind my life from the age of 10 I would pray, meditate, live and ONLY depend upon YHWH for everything. I would not do anything of world I would pray and ask YHWH direct and reveal everything you want me to be and guess what? That has NO SIN OR WORLD included.

I would not have spent so many decades chasing money, things, studying to be entrepreneurial 4 years in University alone. I would rather have spent my time in the University of the Kingdom of YHWH in stillness within free.

This may sound crazy to some people, but ask yourself in all your seeking, hustling, employment or education are you any richer within? I hear more NO’s than yes. This is why I am writing this article, there has to be a better and prosperous way to life. This can only come from the within. Luke 17:21

Everything Creator YHWH has done comes from within! He did NOT send anything out of a sky to anyone. Everything He has done has come from within his mind, soul, spirit and mouth. This is phenomenal. Yes the Holy Ghost plays a part and the Holy Ghost is the Spirit to spirit of Creator YHWH but still..the Holy Ghost operates from the thoughts, commands and Holy words of YHWH Most High.

This is the blueprint every child or children should 1st be taught to choose over being forced or sent into the world to study, hustle or find your next employment like some donkey or mule until you die or rest in sleep unto the Creator.

The power of silence and stillness is FREE. The power of silence and stillness can inform and tell you of things past, present and future. No-one knows you better than the Creator. Even if you are in church or jail the Creator will correct and invite you to think and do better. The Creator is always protecting and directing us from sin, harm or danger.


When you look back over your life what do you regret, hate or see? This may be nothing, what are you desiring and in need of? I don’t regret anything, I just wish I had been taught WITHIN is more important than world and things of world. Luckily, I am now back on track.