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Fear of God

Fear of God, do you fear God? If yes, good. If no, you will. Fret or Fear of God is actually quite scary, yet is pain and gain within. A good way to look at fear of God is fearful respect, like some people fearfully respect their wife, husband, partner, parents or boss at work.

Fear of God is healthy and essential! One can spend 50 or 80 years living on earth and not achieve or know how to Fear God within. Lets be honest, by the time most people reach the age of 10 we are doing our own thing. This rarely changes into adulthood it just gets worst, we eat what we want, date whom we want and study, buy, play or entertain what and whom we want. Most teens or adults do NOT have the fear of God on their to-do-list. Even when I was attending Church as a child into adulthood I cannot remember ever hearing a sermon or being taught the fear of God. I mean teach me in a class or workshop why and how do I fear God.

Benefits of the Fear of God

If we do not fear God we will fear world, evil, something or someone other than God. I don’t care what gang you think you are in or how tough you are as a woman or man, if you get shot, stabbed or face near death you would have to be a fool not to fear or feel scared. Me being stabbed several times with 2 stabs to the head and 1 cut to the neck made me think about ever fighting anyone again. The person smashed into my vehicle and sped off but later returned, and I approached him and his friends. I could have easily been dead as 1 stab was inches from my temple. How many times has God saved you from harm or danger? Even at school. These days children and youth are under immense pressure. They have to be education and revision smart and also brave to deal with bullies online and offline.

The Hip Hop, drug, gang culture has created havoc in schools, minds and homes worldwide. Just this week I was reading of a gang, police want to interview with some as young as 12-15 wanted for murder in England, UK. I have also lived nearly a decade in the USA so I know the gang mentality is truly an epidemic and CyberRev is willing to motivate, empower and train children and youth for better days within and around.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.  – Proverbs 1:7

How can you or I benefit from something or anyone if we do not show respect, trust, reverence, humility or fear within? If you say like gangs on streets ‘I fear no-one’ that is a lie! If someone stuck a gun in your mouth or knife to your throat you will fear, even for a second you will fear.  Most experienced gang, ex-gang, death row convicts even the mafia will tell you there is NO such thing as a bad or tough man or woman. I have seen hardened criminals who shoot even at the Police in a heart-beat end up dead or locked up for over a decade. I went to school with several of them in mind. I grew up inner-city where helicopters, the knife or gun was like buying school lunch. The point here is, don’t try to convince yourself, God or another fear is not real. Even P Diddy and Snoop Dog both feared with fear [look at the videos] when facing a murder charge. So forget the gang, banging, hustlng, stripping, Hip Hop crap because it is ALL a carnal fantasy and worth nothing but destruction. Even if you drug or dope sell like Jay Z professes, the likely chance of anyone selling dope or drugs in any large quantity unlike Jay Z which is why he raps on stage, and being rich and free are few.  Either the streets, rivals or the cops will get you.

So the benefits of fear is fear one person Creator God within. Also fear going to Hell or evil that can take your soul, spirit, mind and control you like a drug, remote control or playstation. The above Bible text counsels in fear of the Lord…because that is the safetest and best place to invest your fear. Not ony that, when you fear the Lord, Yahshuah, Yah or Elohim you obtain a reward. From the above verse you obtain KNOWLEDGE within. But it also states but fools despise the this wisdom and instruction. So there are a lot of fools in Hollywood and the Hip Hop industry regardless of cash or money, for what good is your cash if YHWH GOD opens the sky or calls your last breath?

How to Fear God

You fear God with all of your heart, mind, soul and spirit. Just like a boxer has to keep FEAR out and faith within, when you place your faith in Creator YHWH GOD this is knowledge rewarded as your faith is fear, reverence and respect to God. But to fear YHWH GOD is also keeping his commandments just like governments, gang members or criminals keep their code of rules. Even the women in gangs who stack, carry, mule run, sex or strip follow rules of respect or get punished. YHWH GOD is saying I AM HOLY so reverence, fear and respect I AM HOLY.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this [is] the whole [duty] of man. – Ecclesiastes 12:13

The above scripture not even most religions and denominations can accomplish this, so they create different images, idols, gods, manuals and bibles to mistranslate or say otherwise. The commandments of YHWH GOD are not just the Ten Commandments if God gives you a promise in His Word or within to birth, this is automatically commandments of His Law or laws to keep. This can only reward and strengthen your fear, reverence, joy and peace within.

In conclusion, you fear God by doing the following practical steps:

  1. Repent & Confess all your sins, fears and faults to YHWH GOD.
  2. Study His Word daily and keep 1 John 2: 15-17
  3. Take the pain and gain within, sometimes you have to stand alone.
  4. Pray often and constant, let YHWH GOD see and know you are standing.
  5. Fret not! Fight the good fight with faith against fear within.
  6. If you have no faith you will have lots of fear, evil and sin within.
  7. Always give Thanks and praise YHWH GOD even when you don’t understand or are feeling fearful or weak.

In His Service,