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Poor People rule in his kingdom

Ever wondered why people who serve Creator YHWH Most High are often poor, afflicted, chastened and weary? Believe it or not, this is testing and longsuffering for good, blessings and glory.

Read Luke 6: 20-21 – And he lifted up his eyes on his Disciples, and said: “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of YHWH God. “Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you shall be satisfied. “Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh.

How many pastors, bishops, educators or motivational speakers worldwide counsel or encourage people to be a POOR disciple? I cannot believe I am writing such motivational counsel or words, as I hate lack, being poor or dependent on anyone for anything. I believe I am writing these words as I have been praying to Creator YHWH day and night, asking like David:

Many there are that say of my soul: ‘There is no salvation for him in YHWH God.’ Selah – Psalms 3:3

Abba Father knows most people desire to be rich of world more than suffer for His Kingdom within. So when Creator YHWH calls and chooses YOU He takes your all of world to zero, and master potters you a new heart, mind, soul and spirit. This is a spiritual operation that can last decades, it consists of the fruits of the Holy Spirit which include longsuffering and self-control.

Just the word self-control scares most people. as this requires you versus you alone. You see, self-control is what germinates the fruits of the Holy Spirit. This is the Jacob wrestle match of your life and world, this is why many people will stare, look and watch you in pain, turmoil, battle, fight and say: There is no salvation for him in YHWH God. But they are horribly wrong! They are thinking like world, NOT KIngdom of the Most High, within.

Most people think suffering, poverty, shame or loss is your own fault. My statement and questions to you are: Did Joseph ask his brothers to throw him into a pit or into slavery? No. Did David ask for his Son Absalom to seek to kill him? No. Cain & Abel were the first and second sons of Adam & Eve and not even they could live in peace, love and harmony without violence, conflict, hatred and murder.

Does this sound like your family, Church or denomination? To what I have read in the Holy Bible, very few prophets were rich, happy and at peace. Why? Because they were being chosen, chastened, afflicted, tested and rejected of people and or world daily.

For you are a people holy to YHWH Lord your God, and YHWH Lord has chosen you to be a people for his treasured possession, out of all the peoples who are on the face of the Earth. – Deuteronomy 14:2

The above scripture counsels no-one has chosen to be a Christian, Kingdom believer or follower of YHWH Most High. We have all been chosen, called and appointed to bear the fruit of His Spirit, keep His laws, statutes and commandments as a perpetual covenant.


Being poor of world is an awful experience and bad idea, but being poor of HIS Holy Kingdom is a brilliant sacrifice, testimony and service to the Most High. I know what it is like for Creator YHWH to take you from a MILLION to zero and walk by faith not by world or sight on a daily basis. YHWH Creator Most High does not want his children leaning to their own understanding.

Trust in YHWH the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. – Proverbs 3:5 KJV

When you begin to walk by faith NOT by sight or world and NOT lean to your own understanding, no hustle, no trick, no lies, no deceit, no breaking of His Holy Sabbath. Things can get pretty poor fast. What Creator YHWH desires and commands of His Children and followers is TRUST + OBEY HIS VOICE & WORD.

This is a whole new world and NO RICH Man or Woman can enter unless stripped to go sell what you have and give it to the poor. This is no joke! If you do not do it now, when time of the Mark of the Beast arrives you will accept the mark or sell all. So in reality, Creator YHWH is just preparing His Children of what is now and to come.

So how poor are you? Have you ever been homeless. hungry where you go bed cold and hungry? Have you ever been so scared you run home to your closet to pray in safety, then plead for help, direction and mercy? Have your family, churchfolks and friends rejected, alienated and crucified you into a pit? Have you ever prayed to Abba Father YHWH Most High and said, bless me or kill me? If you have answered yes to most of the above you are truly POOR IN SPIRIT well done. I would rather be poor in spirit than rich in my own mindset, world and carnal spirit of things or stuff.

I have been around very wealthy and rich people in many parts and countries of the world. One thing I have commonly learned, is they all DIE and leave their riches or wealth behind. For me, I am glad to be POOR IN SPIRIT, as I have literally sacrificed, invested and stored my treasures of houses, land and cash in Heaven by YHWH as called, chosen, chastened and living testimony. The most painful experience for me, is watching friends and family disown, reject and watch you bleed in poverty without rejoicing as comrade.


When you reach the depths or bottom of brokeness or POOR IN SPIRIT your nearing your miracle. In Psalms 5:9 listen to David cry:

O YHWH LORD, lead me in Thy righteousness because of them that lie in wait for me; make Thy way straight before my face.

This is why I cannot hang with church-folks, family, relatives or people who do NOT understand what it is to be broken, rich, poor, homeless or chosen of YHWH Most High. How can you counsel or instruct where YOU have not walked, sacrificed or experienced in living or life?

This is why many called few chosen. Matthew 22:14

Many called few chosen, because only a FEW people could ever lose or sacrifice everything they have and experience zero, into solitude & silence. Yet humbly and obediently, rise, pray and worship YHWH Most High daily. I don’t care if you have a MILLION or BILLION in cash, you will never know your true worth or value unto Creator YHWH until you have zero and just your mind, soul and spirit within. You see Creator YHWH values your WITHIN more than the entire world or things of world. Read 1 John 2:15-17

So when your at your lowest, you feel and hear within enough is enough, your miracle is about to rain down from Heaven to Earth. Abba Father YHWH will never pour new wine into an old bottle or use old clay on His potters wheel for His called or chosen.

But now thus says YHWH the Lord, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. For I am YHWH the Lord your God, the Holy One of Yisrael not Israel, your Saviour. I give Egypt as your ransom, Cush and Seba in exchange for you. – Isaiah 43:13

The above scripture proves do not FEAR, you have been redeemed, called, chosen and you will pass through waters [plural] rivers [plural], fire, yet you have been ransomed with a precious price. This is the most motivational love story in the entire universe. It is the toughest journey and sacrifice anyone will ever decide or make.

What is strange or hilarious is who’s celebrating your sacrifice or coming miracle but you? Keep your eye on the prize WITHIN and pray all you can, praising HIM daily even if poor or broken only for a while. Poor of spirit is poor of world, for one needs to be emptied of all things world even unto death, to be filled with His Kingdom within.

In His service,


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Trump Loves FEAR!

Trump Loves FEAR! Donald Trump loves FEAR and is using FEAR as a old divide & conquer strategy and also as a weapon of mind control. He obviously has a global strategy to label, segregate, alienate and victimize people NOT just of the USA but world.

Just last week Trump has openly attacked China, Mexico, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Rep John Lewis, CIA Director, NATO and repeatedly antagonizes and attempts to attack, ridicule and persecute so-called black people. I would suggest to Mr Trump no-one on planet Earth is black or white in fact if we are to use any colours pink, light and dark brown is more accurate. If in doubt grab a piece of white or black paper and match it 100%.

So for any person, politician or even President of any country this is downright racism, hatred and unprofessional. Trump appears to want to become the next Hitler as he has read such books. Trump is also Khazar and attached to Klan, Evangelical, Biker voters that ‘feel‘ being white is above black, latino, chinese, indian and all other people. This too is hatred and racism. Trump looks as if he wants to bring back everything that enslaves, tortures, imprisons and divides people, families and race EXCEPT his own. He does NOT see any person of colour or race other than pink or white as American when the true original American is Indian. No invasion, war, genocide or mass slaughter can eliminate or ever alter fact.

This is unacceptable! Donald Trump is NOT in control of anything! He is not even in control of himself. Donald Trump again feels…he is smarter than everyone in the world but I have news for Mr Trump he is only carrying out his role for a season. All things must change and never last always unless one enters the Kingdom of YHWH GOD MOST HIGH from world to eternal life. Mr Trump has not yet studied, repented or read enough verses or chapters of the Holy Bible to earn such an invitation. He still thinks Greco-Roman Christianity is not stolen or fabricated Hebrew Ethiopic Christian of Ethiopia and Solomon. He also believes all Jews are white and San people are not the oldest humans with proven researched DNA. Mr Trump is proving to be more a mafia wannabe dictator or comedian than a leader or educator.

Everything that Mr Trump does will be his database and testimony within! If he desires to be Hitler or Jim Crow or both at the same time YHWH Most High is waiting. I encourage all people of America, USA and world to keep the faith your dreams, passion and hope with love alive. I do not see the majority of americans or world sitting and allowing racism, hatred and dictatorship to rule & reign. Times have changed and there is NO WAY most people are going backwards only forwards with or without Mr Trump.

In His Service,



How to reduce or eliminate Fear

How to reduce or eliminate fear, ultimately depends on what one hears or believes within. What do you hear or think of your-self within? What is your inner closet or self-talk like? What do you see when you look in the mirror? What do you hope for today and tomorrow’s? Who is your motivator, sustainer and or Creator?

All of the above adds or subtracts from proven strategies of how to reduce or eliminate fear. I just read some stress related statistics and stress is growing daily worldwide.  A HIGH percentage of people experience work, family, home or life stress related symptoms [worldwide] this could be why most do drugs, alcohol, meds or contemplate suicide. The root cause of stress is worry which is FEAR that I define as Frightened Emotions Affirmed Rumours.

For some people it is Affirmed REALITY. I want to help turn this around…and make it just a frightened rumour. Once you can understand who YOU ARE WITHIN not of this world as all things of world are perishable. Are you eternal? Is your life a gift from a higher power who keeps us all alive daily? What and to whom do you live for? Most people live for temporary things, laws of world not universal laws of YHWH God within. Most want glitz and glamour not peace and power.

Even if you purchase a Rolls Royce I guarantee it will perish just as fast as a BMW 525i I once foolishly paid $26,000 dollars for cash, it lasted me just 7 years and with around 90K miles on it what do you think happened to that investment and value of vehicle or car? So even if you bought a Rolls Royce cash off the forecourt you will not be able to drive it like I did daily for seven years, for fear of wear and tear and high-mileage will reduce your investment. It’s all perishable things of world.

What do You fear or get stresed about?

Most people also get stressed about MONEY + THINGS. When they do have money they stress, fear, don’t save, they spend, this is why it disappears like the wind. Then they wonder why they don’t have cash and dominion. Most kids and teens of every generation past, present and future from 10-30 wants the latest fashion, gadgets and spends the most money for shopping, dating, eating and entertainment.  From 30-40 they suddenly realize I got too much things, shoes, clothes, too much debt and discover I am single and I need help. From 40-50 it’s who am I? What am I really born into this world to do? I have spent a ton of money and still cannot find peace, joy, love or happiness within or around. The more you grow older is the more one learns the world is like a fun-fair and before 50 is a wise time to get off the social and economic rides and into who am I within? From 50-70 if you think and grow within correctly, you will embrace your true source of power and strength within and around and FEAR will not control you within.

How to reduce or eliminate fear?

It is possible to reduce or eliminate fear at any age and all of the above is a good start.  Most parents do not teach their children how do I reduce stress or fear within, why? Perhaps most parents are silently stressed, fearful and or ashamed? I admit most of my life I found it embarrassing to admit or allow anyone to see I was troubled or scared as such signs usually indicate fear or failure is knocking. As a Man I wanted to be seen as strong, masculine, tough, bold, full of courage to win and overcome anything you throw my way. I remember my Dad saying before he died, “You are too strong” I think my weakness was being too strong. Falsely thinking I could save the family and world of people and ignorantly forgetting YHWH GOD would one-day test my faith and love of world and the things of world in His fiery furnace and even valley of the shadow of death. Also being “Too strong” I learned goes against YHWH GOD when you are weak I am strong.

Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong. [2 Corinthians 12:10]

Even as an atheist you cannot delete or override Creator God or His universal laws. You can choose to believe it or not but God changes not. His Word cannot return unto Him void. If one wants to reduce or eliminate fear there are only two choices: place power on self or YHWH GOD. I would suggest to anyone place power on YHWH GOD. Be willing to read, study and serve him with all of your strength, mind, heart, soul and spirit within. If you do NOT believe then as stated above you just don’t believe, there is nothing I can do about that. One can only change by what we believe is beneficial, honest or true.

I don’t think there is anyone on planet Earth who loves FEAR. As it causes stress of various degrees and intensities and results in different reactions from anger, to frustration and even suicidal thoughts or harm. I am here to say it does NOT have to be this way. When one depend’s on self and self buckles or caves in then the above is what can happen. When you choose to trust and RELEASE all of your worry and cares as He said on Elohim, it is like a pressure-cooker sometimes one has to take the pressure off boiling your mind, soul and spirit within. Most people can achieve this by:

  1. Prayer & Meditation
  2. Prayer & Confession
  3. Prayer & Thanksgiving
  4. Prayer & Asking
  5. Prayer & Releasing all unto YHWH GOD
  6. A walk in the park but you are meditating and praying
  7. Find the nearest quiet place, but still you are meditating and praying.
  8. Sit, grab a sheet of paper and write what you are thinking
  9. Sit, grab a sheet of paper and write how you should be thinking.


As humans we spend most of our time thinking thoughts, try listening to your thoughts, write them down and correct yourself to make the hourly experience healthy and positive. Never believe a lie that you are not beautiful, talented, unique, or no-one cares for you even with NO friends YHWH GOD as Creator cannot and will never ever leave or forsake you. I am living it right now. As you get older and wiser friends are like clothes you will not need so many. In fact, we all just really need one reliable friend. YHWH GOD is that eternal friend. The guarantee is YHWH GOD is the one who created everything around us all. He not the government gives us light, night, breath, seasons, love and eternal life. If you want help or one-one coaching let’s talk, register or send CyberRev an email.

In His Service,


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Fear of God

Fear of God, do you fear God? If yes, good. If no, you will. Fret or Fear of God is actually quite scary, yet is pain and gain within. A good way to look at fear of God is fearful respect, like some people fearfully respect their wife, husband, partner, parents or boss at work.

Fear of God is healthy and essential! One can spend 50 or 80 years living on earth and not achieve or know how to Fear God within. Lets be honest, by the time most people reach the age of 10 we are doing our own thing. This rarely changes into adulthood it just gets worst, we eat what we want, date whom we want and study, buy, play or entertain what and whom we want. Most teens or adults do NOT have the fear of God on their to-do-list. Even when I was attending Church as a child into adulthood I cannot remember ever hearing a sermon or being taught the fear of God. I mean teach me in a class or workshop why and how do I fear God.

Benefits of the Fear of God

If we do not fear God we will fear world, evil, something or someone other than God. I don’t care what gang you think you are in or how tough you are as a woman or man, if you get shot, stabbed or face near death you would have to be a fool not to fear or feel scared. Me being stabbed several times with 2 stabs to the head and 1 cut to the neck made me think about ever fighting anyone again. The person smashed into my vehicle and sped off but later returned, and I approached him and his friends. I could have easily been dead as 1 stab was inches from my temple. How many times has God saved you from harm or danger? Even at school. These days children and youth are under immense pressure. They have to be education and revision smart and also brave to deal with bullies online and offline.

The Hip Hop, drug, gang culture has created havoc in schools, minds and homes worldwide. Just this week I was reading of a gang, police want to interview with some as young as 12-15 wanted for murder in England, UK. I have also lived nearly a decade in the USA so I know the gang mentality is truly an epidemic and CyberRev is willing to motivate, empower and train children and youth for better days within and around.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.  – Proverbs 1:7

How can you or I benefit from something or anyone if we do not show respect, trust, reverence, humility or fear within? If you say like gangs on streets ‘I fear no-one’ that is a lie! If someone stuck a gun in your mouth or knife to your throat you will fear, even for a second you will fear.  Most experienced gang, ex-gang, death row convicts even the mafia will tell you there is NO such thing as a bad or tough man or woman. I have seen hardened criminals who shoot even at the Police in a heart-beat end up dead or locked up for over a decade. I went to school with several of them in mind. I grew up inner-city where helicopters, the knife or gun was like buying school lunch. The point here is, don’t try to convince yourself, God or another fear is not real. Even P Diddy and Snoop Dog both feared with fear [look at the videos] when facing a murder charge. So forget the gang, banging, hustlng, stripping, Hip Hop crap because it is ALL a carnal fantasy and worth nothing but destruction. Even if you drug or dope sell like Jay Z professes, the likely chance of anyone selling dope or drugs in any large quantity unlike Jay Z which is why he raps on stage, and being rich and free are few.  Either the streets, rivals or the cops will get you.

So the benefits of fear is fear one person Creator God within. Also fear going to Hell or evil that can take your soul, spirit, mind and control you like a drug, remote control or playstation. The above Bible text counsels in fear of the Lord…because that is the safetest and best place to invest your fear. Not ony that, when you fear the Lord, Yahshuah, Yah or Elohim you obtain a reward. From the above verse you obtain KNOWLEDGE within. But it also states but fools despise the this wisdom and instruction. So there are a lot of fools in Hollywood and the Hip Hop industry regardless of cash or money, for what good is your cash if YHWH GOD opens the sky or calls your last breath?

How to Fear God

You fear God with all of your heart, mind, soul and spirit. Just like a boxer has to keep FEAR out and faith within, when you place your faith in Creator YHWH GOD this is knowledge rewarded as your faith is fear, reverence and respect to God. But to fear YHWH GOD is also keeping his commandments just like governments, gang members or criminals keep their code of rules. Even the women in gangs who stack, carry, mule run, sex or strip follow rules of respect or get punished. YHWH GOD is saying I AM HOLY so reverence, fear and respect I AM HOLY.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this [is] the whole [duty] of man. – Ecclesiastes 12:13

The above scripture not even most religions and denominations can accomplish this, so they create different images, idols, gods, manuals and bibles to mistranslate or say otherwise. The commandments of YHWH GOD are not just the Ten Commandments if God gives you a promise in His Word or within to birth, this is automatically commandments of His Law or laws to keep. This can only reward and strengthen your fear, reverence, joy and peace within.

In conclusion, you fear God by doing the following practical steps:

  1. Repent & Confess all your sins, fears and faults to YHWH GOD.
  2. Study His Word daily and keep 1 John 2: 15-17
  3. Take the pain and gain within, sometimes you have to stand alone.
  4. Pray often and constant, let YHWH GOD see and know you are standing.
  5. Fret not! Fight the good fight with faith against fear within.
  6. If you have no faith you will have lots of fear, evil and sin within.
  7. Always give Thanks and praise YHWH GOD even when you don’t understand or are feeling fearful or weak.

In His Service,


Power of Suffering

Power of Suffering unless we all suffer or experience pain and gain there is no profit, education or joy. Yet, most people when they teach or hear the word suffering or pain to gain the first thing they want to do is hide, ignore or run. Even with the Bible most people do not like reading it for pain to gain or the deep parables, trials, laws or sufferings taught. But pain or suffering like studying, training, mining or trials is where your testimony, treasure or gold is stored.

Have you ever seen or known an athlete to be chosen for the national or Olympics team and never suffered training in pain to gain and become fit, in shape or perform their best?  How about studying for a professional exam without going through the preliminary educational process from Kindergarten to College or University? In the bible all is pain and gain like anything else worth fighting or living for.


Suffering is pain and gain that always leads to a reward.  If you think about it, we were all born into this world through pain and suffering resulting in smiles, joy, failure, pain and reward even for a day or year. Your Mother carried you around for about 40 weeks almost one year. That is a long-time to be carrying anything around in your stomach and then you have to work, breathe and push that grown child out of pain of womb, which is suffering unto joy in action. This is proof pain and gain or suffering is rewarding! Even if it results in loss or termination the TRUTH is you cannot say it did not make you, your marriage or partner stronger.

Most trials, failures, risks and disappointments in life have made us wiser and stronger. Even if we take it negatively and become bitter or angry over time, one will learn unless we exercise pain and gain or forgive and forget we do more damage within. This is probably the reason why we go through or need such tests. This may sound weird but just think, pain and gain or suffering is testimonial PROOF of your faith, focus, belief, trust, mental, spiritual and intellectual mindset. If you say “I Hate Suffering” or “Why does God allow Suffering?” The answer to that is without suffering, how would you or God know who is faithful, loving, responsible, good or evil and can you or God trust what is being said and done? I would go as far as saying most relationships and marriages fail because they are NOT prepared to suffer together even though in marriage they have both vowed before GOD: “For better or worse.” Is God deaf or blind? No.

If a man vows a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word. He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth. – Numbers 30:2

How many times throughout your life have you heard the words: “I Love You” and they still left you for another man or woman or cursed your name or heart to the ground? Yet still you have learned within and grown stronger and wiser to live alone or more secure in a relationship.

Even when YHWH GOD tries you pain and gain like JOB in the Bible beyond your wildest dreams, still count it all JOY. Indeed, it may not look or feel like JOY but watch and see it result in JOY if you relax, sit, chill, humble yourself and give praise to the Creator who has all power in Heaven and Earth and can heal and reward all people and living things. All tests are for reasons of deciding how focus, serious or determined we really are within. I remember due to not attending University until a mature student and not sitting an exam in ten years I failed six exams in my 1st year of university. Yet, I pain and gain, prayed and endured and went on to complete my Degree with Hon’s. What I learned was anyone can past the pain and gain test if they try to understand why they are failing or keep resitting the same tests, failures, trials, results or exams in life.

To be honest, I have always hated tests, exams and questionnaires even to this day. I love to type not write and be as genius and creative as possible. I think and believe limitless!  YHWH GOD has tested, loved and taught me more than any human I have met. I have learned in this life that world intelligence is a myth. The only intelligence worth studying and passing is ‘spiritual‘ biblical lessons of eternal Kingdom life within. [Luke 17:21]

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. – James 1:5

Do You Teach Your Child or Children God Within?

The biggest deposit of life and treasure is to teach your child about good, love and God within. This is not religious or denominational. This is not merely taking them to a religious or denominational church and hoping the sermon or sermons even after years will make your child wise. In fact, real CHURCH is the Kingdom within [Luke 17:21]. So, if you want to educate and train up your child or teen in the right way NOT of world [1 John 2: 15-17] but of YHWH GOD within, one has to begin with sitting and reading His Word from Genesis to Revelation slowly…with focus and intent on eating every Word like daily bread.

My Mother is a devoted, praying Sabbath keeping Christian Woman. I grew up as child in the Adventist Church. I know what it is like to play football, get selected for the school Team and when matches were playing on Saturday I had to tell the Football Coach: “I cannot play I go to Church” As a Teen every interview I attended I would openly declare: “I don’t work Saturday’s I go to Church” No, don’t feel sorry for me. I have NEVER found it to be a disadvantage. In fact, my resume even today stands strong and has PLC and blue-chip companies to boast of YHWH GOD. I can also testify and say when I rebelled and conducted business on the Sabbath I lost everything. Teach your child that world is futile, weak and temporary and the Kingdom of YHWH within is eternal and generously, supernaturally rewarding.

In conclusion, without pain and gain or suffering how will one know what they or YHWH GOD can do? Yes, pain and gain or suffering is hard, long and oftentimes lonely. Yet it is in those lonely times you get the closest and most of YHWH GOD direct. Not even my Dear Mother who has walked side-by-side with me even into adulthood understands like Mary watching her Son the Christ being hung on the Cross was not death but eternal life for all. In fact, His suffering and our spiritual suffering is guaranteed power over death, world and things of this world.

YHWH GOD has a master plan for each and every one of His Children. If you are not a child of YHWH GOD within you are automatically a child of evil. There are no other choices given unto mankind. I pray and hope that as you endure sufferings of this world you will SMILE at every storm and hold onto the eternal Word, promises and universal love of YHWH GOD within.

In His Service,


Overcoming Loneliness & Depression

Overcoming Loneliness & Depression do you feel hate, anger, fear, loss, lonely, loneliness or depression? Do you feel rejected, a failure or no-one cares? I can assure you this is NOT the real you. In fact, loneliness or pain taken positively is a beautiful door-way of mental, spiritual and emotional empowerment.

Alone, Lonely or Loneliness?

Alone, lonely or loneliness sounds very similar but may not be or mean the same thing. Most people at some point in their life will encounter short or long periods of being alone, lonely or even loneliness. This is regardless of age. Do you remember the first time you ever felt alone, lonely or loneliness? I do. I remember as a child my father would wake us up  early in the morning and takes us to another house…I hated it. I guess I was around 3-4 years old, I just remember trauma of two wild cats scratching me to pieces and siblings and adults shouting: ‘They won’t hurt you‘ yet what I really needed at that time was my parents or someone to pick me up in their arms and save me from these roaming wild cats I had to spend all day being tormented. This went on for a long-time in my mind.

It is funny how some experiences of world affect us within. Even to this day as an adult I would never date a woman who has a cat or allow a cat in the same room as me. I am actually now allergic to cats, I get uncomfortable, restless and my allergies go haywire around a cat or cats. So what has this to do with loneliness? Well, perhaps loneliness has a correlation with trauma, loss, abandonment, being endangered, harmed, violated, rejected or feeling left alone? I certainly felt all of the above daily at an early age that obviously has scarred me even as an adult. I later found out my parents had separated [they later rekindled and have been married 60 + years] my single-parent Father for a while was dropping us off to rush off to work and collect us later. The funny thing is I do not remember anything else, just the loneliness, trauma and fear of those cats.

What are you feeling alone, lonely or loneliness about? Do you realize alone, lonely or loneliness often results from something happening in our lives? It maybe a traumatic or broken friendship, relationship, marriage or too many job applications saying ‘SORRY’ or you give so much of yourself to others and they often take you for granted. Most people are never popular forever. We all need like-minded, genuine, positive people and relationships to survive this world. So are you alone, lonely or experiencing loneliness? Some may reply all three and more. If so, you may be depressed. You feel most of the above and you have come to the end of your motivation to keep trusting, loving or even pretending to others or yourself how you really feel within. Sometimes it is energizing and good to say NO!

How to Overcome Feeling Alone, Lonely or Loneliness

The first place to start is WITHIN. Most people of all ages struggle or forget to love themselves. It is NOT your fault! Not many parents, schools, colleges or universities teach how to embrace or love yourself. In fact, university especially the final year is so competitive, challenging and cut-throat it secretly leaves most students feeling alone, lonely and loneliness. You cannot wait to finish get your grade, graduate and wave farewell. The world of work, business, career and job hunting is no different, it is reported most people feel stressed-out at work. The world is a very competitive, challenging and cut-throat environment which puts pressure on parenting, families and marriage. So how do we improve or overcome most of the worlds negatives and embrace the positives of living in such a competitive, challenging, cut-throat and stressful world?

Again it all begins within. Try, sitting down in silence and solitude and just being still of mind, soul and spirit. Refuse to think anything negative or harmful within. This is not easy as thoughts can be also negative so one has to eliminate them like harmful, ugly weeds in your garden pluck them out immediately. This is your self-talk arena! This is your chance to address your self-talk and begin with a blank canvas. Take control! You have the power to tell your mind what to think, believe and your subconscious mind to only regurgitate. This takes time..so be loving and patient with yourself. This is your mental gymnasium where for an hour each day preferably in the morning or at night you lovingly, positively and creatively work out within.

This is a long-road of self-actualization and discovery. It is like fitness requires a life coach or trainer. But, no-one knows you better than yourself and no-one can make your mind think or believe anything but you. Sure, an experienced or professional person can coach you within but ultimately you have to desire to love, embrace and think positively within.

In conclusion, I have spent over 15 years reading, researching and walking through what works within. I can honestly say nothing is better or higher than the Creator who created us all. This is non-denominational and non-religious this is just genuinely the truth. The highest level of life coaching is when God or the Creator leads your spirit, mind and soul daily. This is NOT fiction this is truth. This is what we read in the Bible with ELI taught from a child and if God created us all then surely God has ears, eyes and a mouth and HE can speak for himself. My advice to anyone is start with baby-steps and sit down and write what you desire to do, believe and think then connect and pray this daily until it becomes a reality by faith.

In His Service,



Heartache & Pain

Heartache & Pain is what many people living in the world experience within and around and most would declare it unimaginable or indescribable. This may be death of a loved one, affliction, persecution, jailed, sickness, rejection, failure, loss or nothing just ever seems to go right.

When heartache & pain strikes it drives you into the depths of your mind, soul and spirit within. It also demolishes your world of living, friends, security, mind, family and there are few people or volunteers willing to aid or help in time of your troubles. So what do you do? There are really only two choices:

  1. Choose to turn to YHWH GOD the Creator of all things
  2. Or go it alone.

Heartache & pain for me lasted over a decade of thick, dark clouds, no matter what I attempted.  This led to only seeking YHWH GOD, being still, sit in silence & solitude, rise, pray, weep, pressing forward daily within of YHWH. Yet, it seemed affliction, sorrow and shame attacked daily. I then realized, this is how the chosen are refined and prepared within. You/I are being CHOSEN as firstfruits of what is to come of world. Nothing has changed. YE ARE THE TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD. So God is testing, transforming, growing  and shaping my/your temple and destiny. I’ve also learned if GOD BE FOR ME/US who can be against me/us? I am also learning YHWH is purifying and loving me/us through our suffering on His potters wheel and shaping our clay into His precious miracle of now and eternity. Try reading and preaching His Word back to ELOHIM daily, then hold onto His promises within. Ponder this question, how has heartache and pain been for you?

Sometimes YHWH GOD afflicts us for His Glory

I/We are not alone! YHWH GOD is still in universal control. What many governments, religions & denominations fail to address or support are afflicted people. Look at Africa as a continent YHWH has blessed them with gold, silver and diamonds yet most go hungry and impoverished. Why? How much fake AID and charities does it take to feed and rescue colorful people of Africa? India and the middle East even China are no different. Religions and denominations make little change in a world of sin, war, hunger and poverty.  On Sabbath or Sunday the pews of religions & denominations are bulging with afflicted people. When you look at world poverty and hunger stats one has to truly think and pray out loud. The Bible is also prophetic books of suffering and there is a Creator God who see’s and knows the beginning and the end of all things. [Revelation 22:13] Our faith must be steadfast! We are to be as the Children of Israel [not of map] not of the world but His Kingdom within.

More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. [Romans 5:3-5]

The riches of this world is not ‘things’ or gold or diamonds but His Kingdom within. Thus, sometimes YHWH GOD allows affliction and suffering for humans to acknowledge who is wisdom, Creator and eternal. He allows it only to transform and bless us within and around. The book of JOB is one example and he was a righteous godly Man. Yet through everything JOB suffered or encountered from death of his family, loss of wealth, affliction, pain, sickness, shame, rejection and humiliation, JOB still trusted YHWH GOD within. This is the only remedy and fruitful way! This is the only solution to my/your testimony. I wish I could say it is easy but no it is hard. It takes every ounce of faith, trust, obedience, hope and love to prevail as JOB. So what do you do when you try to act and do as JOB and still you fail? Keep studying, praying, weeping at the altar of YHWH GOD through His Holy Spirit until you get a breakthrough like Jabez or Ruth. They were also afflicted all for the glory of YHWH GOD. You see, YHWH GOD has to test and prepare His children out of world and the things of this world into His Kingdom within. [Luke 17:21] and [1 John 2 15-17]

So Glad I Made It – I Made It Through

The above words are words of triumph when you are going through heartache and pain you cannot wait to sing or witness. Indeed, when you look back and see how many times you should have lost your mind, been dead or forsaken yet YHWH GOD has saved you supernaturally of his hand. Be encouraged for all children of YHWH GOD are born to suffer. It is stated:

And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. [1 Peter 5:10]

In conclusion, I pray the above motivational and spiritual words will keep you encouraged, loved and supported for even the only begotten Son of the Most High Yahshuah the Christ suffered unto righteousness. I Shall Obey Anyway.

In His Service,


Spiritual Storms

Spiritual Storms are what many Christian believers sing, write and even hide within due to pain, sorrow, grief, afflictions from trials and tribulations of world. Yet without spiritual storms how would we ever have a TESTIMONY? How would we ever exercise faith, trust, hope, love, courage or healing? Yes, we read such trials and calamities throughout the Bible but having to actually walk the valley of the shadow of death, fiery furnace, mountain or wilderness some may ask: why is this even necessary or possible of the now?

In this article, I hope to guide and empower anyone who is going through difficult times, pain, suffering, shame, rejection, loss, foreclosure, lack of money, health problems or other. You feel alone, abandoned, desperate, afraid, angry, confused and tormented within and around. You have no family or friends who understand or are willing to listen to your spiritual trials, not even the clergy or pastor is anywhere to be reached or found. Fear not! You are not alone, YHWH GOD is the Potter who’s hand is moulding your situation and even if you face death it has NO STING. What things look and feel like through the eyes and body as the seen the UNSEEN is where power of eternity lies and YHWH GOD is just burning you out of world so you can depend only on His Kingdom within. [Luke 17:21]

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me

YHWH GOD through Yahshua the eternal Christ commands believers to Take Up Their Cross Daily and Follow Me . This is mandatory. There is no escape for a believer in YHWH or Christ. The ‘Their Cross‘ or ‘Your Cross‘ is a spiritual Cross, a calling or journey likened to anyone in the Bible like Abraham, Ruth or Moses where by faith which is unseen you are slowly…pushed or coerced out of your carnal, religious or denominational comfort zone, then purified or pruned within daily as the spiritual plan for your Cross, grace, proof, testimony, forgiveness and redemption. The heavy Cross, walk and going through daily is painful, difficult and lonely causing most believers to frown and wonder: “Why me?’ Only because we cannot see or understand like child birth or gems all things beautiful or precious are delivered through pain or great friction or heat.

Have you weathered any trials, heartaches or storms lately? Did you frown, curse or smile within? Was it a mixture of all three and sum? This is your JOB or RUTH test! This is your eternal testimony because to fail His tests results in retakes or eternal loss. So I encourage you, keep moving forward by faith, hope, prayer and love. Love not the world is what YHWH is working to accomplish. [1 John 2:15-17] Also the Kingdom of God is within. {Luke 17:21] So Even when you do not feel like it, your weak, depressed, sad, broke, lonely and confused like a boxer or athlete this is the time to work-out, exercise your faith, His Word and let the Creator of LOVE know you trust LOVE not world or death.

The Secret Place

Find the secret place where you and YHWH GOD meets in solitude & silence even if angry be still. Search the scriptures, pray and ask YHWH GOD for His Holy Spirit and knowledge to know what to do and how to please ELOHIM within. The reason most times your religion and denomination cannot help you is this is between you, world and YHWH God. This is the time of your judgment on Earth and YHWH God has great plans to prosper you alone, HE wants you to get prepared for promotion, deliverance and favor. The secret place is where you can rest within and hear from the Holy Spirit which oftentimes will flood you with spiritual counsel, knowledge, wisdom and promise. It is important to measure what you can take within and what you cannot, just wait on the Lord and seek his face daily.

Your Spiritual Reward

Your spiritual reward is His Promises to every believer of the now and future! You are not a failure! You are chosen and called! Though it may seem a burden, fearful, unkind and impossible just smile at the storms and lean on His promises within. A good way is to hear, read and remind YHWH GOD of what He has written or promised. Keep the faith even if you go through lack, rejection, hunger and homelessness as I did…grab those bags and your empty stomach and remind YHWH even unto death I will praise your Holy name. For me, times got so hard I told YHWH GOD I quit, but He ignored this as He is in control so how can you fail.

At His Service,