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How to reduce or eliminate Fear

How to reduce or eliminate fear, ultimately depends on what one hears or believes within. What do you hear or think of your-self within? What is your inner closet or self-talk like? What do you see when you look in the mirror? What do you hope for today and tomorrow’s? Who is your motivator, sustainer and or Creator?

All of the above adds or subtracts from proven strategies of how to reduce or eliminate fear. I just read some stress related statistics and stress is growing daily worldwide.  A HIGH percentage of people experience work, family, home or life stress related symptoms [worldwide] this could be why most do drugs, alcohol, meds or contemplate suicide. The root cause of stress is worry which is FEAR that I define as Frightened Emotions Affirmed Rumours.

For some people it is Affirmed REALITY. I want to help turn this around…and make it just a frightened rumour. Once you can understand who YOU ARE WITHIN not of this world as all things of world are perishable. Are you eternal? Is your life a gift from a higher power who keeps us all alive daily? What and to whom do you live for? Most people live for temporary things, laws of world not universal laws of YHWH God within. Most want glitz and glamour not peace and power.

Even if you purchase a Rolls Royce I guarantee it will perish just as fast as a BMW 525i I once foolishly paid $26,000 dollars for cash, it lasted me just 7 years and with around 90K miles on it what do you think happened to that investment and value of vehicle or car? So even if you bought a Rolls Royce cash off the forecourt you will not be able to drive it like I did daily for seven years, for fear of wear and tear and high-mileage will reduce your investment. It’s all perishable things of world.

What do You fear or get stresed about?

Most people also get stressed about MONEY + THINGS. When they do have money they stress, fear, don’t save, they spend, this is why it disappears like the wind. Then they wonder why they don’t have cash and dominion. Most kids and teens of every generation past, present and future from 10-30 wants the latest fashion, gadgets and spends the most money for shopping, dating, eating and entertainment.  From 30-40 they suddenly realize I got too much things, shoes, clothes, too much debt and discover I am single and I need help. From 40-50 it’s who am I? What am I really born into this world to do? I have spent a ton of money and still cannot find peace, joy, love or happiness within or around. The more you grow older is the more one learns the world is like a fun-fair and before 50 is a wise time to get off the social and economic rides and into who am I within? From 50-70 if you think and grow within correctly, you will embrace your true source of power and strength within and around and FEAR will not control you within.

How to reduce or eliminate fear?

It is possible to reduce or eliminate fear at any age and all of the above is a good start.  Most parents do not teach their children how do I reduce stress or fear within, why? Perhaps most parents are silently stressed, fearful and or ashamed? I admit most of my life I found it embarrassing to admit or allow anyone to see I was troubled or scared as such signs usually indicate fear or failure is knocking. As a Man I wanted to be seen as strong, masculine, tough, bold, full of courage to win and overcome anything you throw my way. I remember my Dad saying before he died, “You are too strong” I think my weakness was being too strong. Falsely thinking I could save the family and world of people and ignorantly forgetting YHWH GOD would one-day test my faith and love of world and the things of world in His fiery furnace and even valley of the shadow of death. Also being “Too strong” I learned goes against YHWH GOD when you are weak I am strong.

Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong. [2 Corinthians 12:10]

Even as an atheist you cannot delete or override Creator God or His universal laws. You can choose to believe it or not but God changes not. His Word cannot return unto Him void. If one wants to reduce or eliminate fear there are only two choices: place power on self or YHWH GOD. I would suggest to anyone place power on YHWH GOD. Be willing to read, study and serve him with all of your strength, mind, heart, soul and spirit within. If you do NOT believe then as stated above you just don’t believe, there is nothing I can do about that. One can only change by what we believe is beneficial, honest or true.

I don’t think there is anyone on planet Earth who loves FEAR. As it causes stress of various degrees and intensities and results in different reactions from anger, to frustration and even suicidal thoughts or harm. I am here to say it does NOT have to be this way. When one depend’s on self and self buckles or caves in then the above is what can happen. When you choose to trust and RELEASE all of your worry and cares as He said on Elohim, it is like a pressure-cooker sometimes one has to take the pressure off boiling your mind, soul and spirit within. Most people can achieve this by:

  1. Prayer & Meditation
  2. Prayer & Confession
  3. Prayer & Thanksgiving
  4. Prayer & Asking
  5. Prayer & Releasing all unto YHWH GOD
  6. A walk in the park but you are meditating and praying
  7. Find the nearest quiet place, but still you are meditating and praying.
  8. Sit, grab a sheet of paper and write what you are thinking
  9. Sit, grab a sheet of paper and write how you should be thinking.


As humans we spend most of our time thinking thoughts, try listening to your thoughts, write them down and correct yourself to make the hourly experience healthy and positive. Never believe a lie that you are not beautiful, talented, unique, or no-one cares for you even with NO friends YHWH GOD as Creator cannot and will never ever leave or forsake you. I am living it right now. As you get older and wiser friends are like clothes you will not need so many. In fact, we all just really need one reliable friend. YHWH GOD is that eternal friend. The guarantee is YHWH GOD is the one who created everything around us all. He not the government gives us light, night, breath, seasons, love and eternal life. If you want help or one-one coaching let’s talk, register or send CyberRev an email.

In His Service,


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YHWH can Save Gangs

YHWH can save Gangs, there has to be more to life than gang-banging, drugs, dope-selling, stripping, prostitution and jail time. Do you agree or disagree? If yes, this is why CyberRev declares YHWH can save Gangs.

This morning,  I received a tweet from Livewire Records promoting @SLAPTVSHOW . Keepin it real, I had not heard of Livewire Records. I guess that is because I don’t listen to Hip Hop too often as my mind is my temple and I keep it 100% spiritual and positive daily. But, I was curious and looked up on YouTube and Google what Livewire was all about and here is my conclusion:

YHWH can save Hip Hop and gangs! I am not saying Livewire is a gang, I am saying after listening to Livewire and seeing how they swag and have BIG dreams with action, they inspired CyberRev to write this article. In fact, I think they have ALOT of talent. I know branding, marketing, Web and social media and J Stalin reminds me of TUPAC with raw natural TUPAC talent. He even sounds like TUPAC so that is pretty scary. After writing this I am going to share this article with @infogurushop to plug it out to his music industry list following. I see J Stalin and LiveWire becoming the next major independent label in Hip Hop and more, fashion etc.

I DON”T normally mix gospel or sacred with gang, violence, curse word music entertainment. However, on this occasion YHWH GOD is loving, bold and open enough to reach out to Hip Hop, gang, drugs, stripper, prostitution and ALL WALKS of life as His lost children, so this post is to demonstrate behind the J Stalin & Lil Blood lyrics CyberRev hears every kid, child, adult, parent, mother and father in the projects to inner-city streets:

Running the streets and my mama want me to change, as a teen I been trapped in the game, moving as Mary Jane still pushing the white, and I only come out at night.

No, CyberRev did not have to post the video but 1. I wanted readers to see the talent 2. I wanted readers to listen to the lyrics despite the curse words and hear the soul, spirit and cry of J Stalin & Lil Blood keepin it real. I am a firm believer WE HAVE ALL SINNED and come short of the goodness, mercy and love of YHWH. So let’s NOT judge anyone by sound or cover, listen, talk and pray for them. Try to understand the millennial and generation X do NOT think, talk, use the same beliefs or even dictionary as baby-boomers. No, this does not make millennial or generation Xer’s right but love, peaceful communication, respect and the universal love of YHWH is the only way forward. One thing for sure WE ALL stand on the shoulders of every generation who walked before us.

Hip Hop GANG, Drugs, Stripper Life, Modern Culture

Regardless of what older-folks or anyone thinks of Hip Hop, gang, drugs, stripper-life it is now a modern-day popular culture. Even Barack Obama is known for past drug-use and his presidency has legalized the sale of marijuana in the U.S.

CyberRev makes it loud and clear…he wants to liase and communicate with gangs, gang leaders, rappers, Hip Hop celebrities and even prostitutes or strippers. Any nationality, country or race for this reason:

Regardless of what we think of ourselves good or bad within, YHWH GOD wants us all to know Hell and Heaven is real and yes we get to choose what script or mindset we play for the kingdoms of world, evil or Kingdom of Heaven within.

I don’t think J Stalin or Livewire imagined tweeting CyberRev means a YHWH God response. Also Thanks for posting Lamar, Khloe Miracle to your blog. I pray and hope that CyberRev and Livewire can build-up a relationship though different gods or worlds we can one day save as many men, women, children and adults for YHWH.

CyberRev was born inner-city England, UK and also lived in the USA for 10 years. I know what it is like to go school and girls are raped in the toilets and drugs taken or smoked by pupils 30 years ago. Nowadays it is no different to then! The millennial and generation x simply INHERITED baby-boomer lifestyles and pessimistic mindsets of retirement so they live for everything of the TODAY and fear no death. Plus witnessed their baby-boomer parents struggle, go hungry, divorce, jailed, fight racism, foreclosure, single parenthood, gang-violence, alcohol addiction, drug addiction and more. In fact, millennial are also going to pass their mindsets, habits and lifestyles to THEIR children and this is where CyberRev through service to YHWH God Most High desires to intervene today to help improve our tomorrow. Livewire through J Stalin can help if willing.

We MUST end the murder, shooting, drug-use, stripper-life and gang-banging SATANIC lifestyles for our children. Indeed, everyone needs to eat, pay bills and hustle – regardless of country or inner city CyberRev knows and understand. But, surely if we can get the NBA, NFL, Music Industry Labels and even big brands to fund a movement that says ONE LOVE, ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE and we network, stand united, trade and educate people and communities everywhere we go online and offline, SURELY this is a better now and future. This is no dream this is reality of action in the now. You in or out?  If in, let this be your spiritual gang spread this article, follow CyberRev and let’s stand united of YHWH in His peace and love worldwide. Follow and read CyberRev on your smartphone or any device.

In His Service,


Lamar & Khloe Miracle

Lamar & Khloe Miracle to survive multiple strokes, kidney failure, drugs setup, brain damage, heart failure and walk out of any ICU is a Lamar & Khloe Miracle. They both clearly needed, prayed and leaned on YHWH God for a miracle and won. Will they stay married? Their marriage depends on Khloe and Lamar, they do love each other but to what extent? They just announced of marriage divorce on hold, they may not stay married but they do love each other.

Let YHWH GOD be praised! He not only healed Lamar Odom out of a coma, drug setup, several strokes and kidney failure He healed and restored Lamar & Khloe even as friends or marriage but looks like Khloe and Lamar may or may not choose to stay married.

Did Lamar try to overdose or was it a setup?

The world evaluates and look’s at things with a bias, racist, carnal eye or mind. Lamar Odom was setup unless he carried those drugs into that brothel and said charge me 76K and make sure I don’t wake-up or leave this brothel with my personal belongings. I DON”T THINK THAT WAS THE CASE. When you see legs in a photo and Lamar is sitting down drinking water NOT alcohol one has to ask the question who is taking the photo? That means there are 3 people present and around Lamar Odom. The  brothel states the two girls serviced Lamar Odom and these girls appear to have also discussed taking photos of Lamar and are not scared or short of selling these photos as they are all over the news and Web. Any brothel charging 76K for 3 days and two hoes that is worst than robbing a pensioner. It appears, more than one person planned, lured and took advantage of Lamar Odom ignoring the fact this could potentially be fatal. If this is proven, charges of attempted murder, robbery and or theft are fair and reasonable charges.

One or two of the prostitutes of their own confession has already experienced murder and death. The owner of the Brothel has also showed his true colours not just charging Lamar Odom 76K which is like charging 10K for a Big Mac, this could be termed robbery. Also, how did the brothel get paid if Lamar had obviously collapsed and NOT yet checked-out of the brothel? Also, the two girls appear to be present as they have shown in the photos, one sitting and one taking the photo. Indeed, defense or the brothel could claim these are not the two girls. Ok, then who is it? How do you get female legs in a VIP suite of a brothel especially when the brothel owner has publicly stated only two women were chosen and heavily charged to Lamar Odom? This needs to be investigated by the police or NBA as Lamar Odom is NBA property.

[76K:] “We never had sex with Lamar — not once!” Ryder insisted. “He didn’t even kiss us or touch us the entire time!”

Sure, Lamar may have participated in taking drugs, but the overdose or white powder all over his face as reported in the 911 call is Lamar snorting while collapsed or is someone trying to overdose Lamar while he is asleep or unconscious? Yes, someone made that important decision to call for an ambulance but how, when, whom and why did Lamar Odom get into such a life-threatening state having been charged and paid $76K? If the brothel owner or two girls supplied 50K of drugs and Lamar snorted it by the bucket load for three days this defense or story makes more sense. But this is NOT the case. So let the truth of what happened and why be revealed because it SHALL come to pass. YHWH God does not like ugly or His children being violated.  Just in, who INJECTED Lamar Odom speedball‘ ? This adds more injury to the wound looks like someone tried to overdose or KILL Lamar Odom and failed. They even took photos of Lamar Odom passed out.

Prayers for Lamar #prayersforlamar & #justiceforlamarodom

People around the world have demonstrated even more than KUWTK Lamar Odom is an ICON, son and miracle of YHWH God. Only a fool would dare challenge, lie, play or refute that! The world prayed including CyberRev and YHWH God listened and replied: “Don’t worry this was predestined and it’s a miracle for my son and his beloved wife Lamar & Khloe Odom.’

Lamar & Khloe is now reunited and their divorce is healed! Lamar & Khloe still need prayers and they also have a mountain or two to climb together, but with YHWH on your side how can you both fail with love and faith within.

I sincerely hope Lamar Odom gets back to NBA and justice. CyberRev is watching, supporting and praying.

In His Service,


Hip Hop Evil, Sin world

Hip Hop Evil, Sin World, surrounds negative mindsets, attitudes and lyrics promoting gangs, gun’s, violence, anger, popularizing and degrading most women of world to hoes and bitches.  These days, it is hard to find a woman of any age with a bra or body covered. To CyberRev and God, Hip Hop of evil, sin and world is no different to Hitler or the KKK, it’s not the same style, lyrics or sound but the same destruction of mindsets from good to evil, flesh and sin within.

Hip Hop Evil, Sin and World, scares me to heart! I don’t want my precious Daughter growing up with lifestyles of twerking, violence, slut walk, drugs, gangs, guns and sexting in her mindset. YHWH GOD also does not want any of the above for His Children or people of world. So what can Hip Hop do about it? Get wise not foolish, understand you have now created an evil Illuminati movement of real people being taken within of satanic mindset with drugs, violence, rape, sex, gangs, depression, stripping and or anger their likely reward. This is what Hip Hop with its many videos and rappers male and female promote, represent and personify daily.

When I was growing up a Lady was #1 and a hoe or prostitute was not even listed. Now in today’s society a hoe or prostitute is #1 for most men and most women secretly escort, cam strip or watch lesbian pornography. Do you see the difference in lifestyles, mindsets and world of evil over time? It sure is not getting better. Even basketball and Hip Hop wives act naked, violent, angry and bitch or hoe. When I say bitch or hoe, I mean bitch or hoe! A bitch is one who fights, bites, sex and or strays with whom she feels. Even celebrities and ballers wives can dress and act like bitches and hoes in search of money, cash or fame.

Hip Hop & TV Reality is Hell on Steroids

Hip Hop & TV Reality is simply hoe Hell on steroids. Ray J and Kim Kardashian claimed fame with a Sex Tape, they have both birthed their love of world, flesh and sin across TV Reality shows and in the process created little human babies of not just Sex Tapes, but porn, stripping and hungry people for money. Reality TV shows are now where bitches and hoes [male and female] show how much evil and hatred they possess within. You may find this outrageous! Is YHWH GOD talking here through CyberRev? Well, I ain’t sitting here writing against sex, flesh, evil and sin because I am bored. I am writing because it is time people of all races, color and creed AWAKE to what goes into a person either blesses or defiles you within.

I can hear someone saying ‘rubbish‘! Also: ‘ Well, Kim Kardashian is rich from sex and flesh and married to one of the richest rappers in the world.‘ Really? How rich is Kim Kardashian or Kanye West if they both gain the whole world and lose or not even acknowledge YHWH GOD or their individual spirit or soul? You cannot take pure water and make alcohol. When something is pure it is undefiled and not diluted or mixed. This is the same for the mind, soul, body and spirit to YHWH God. We can Hip Hop but make sure your lyrics are biblical or positive to truth, love, peace and God otherwise it is the opposite and rewards sin, evil, flesh and world.

Hip Hop New World Order

Believe it or not Hip Hop is playing a HUGE part in the demise of Christian family biblical values and even heterosexual marriage and relationships. Hip Hop has now subtly like sin or the devil, joined forces with New World Order and LGBT is firmly part of New World Order change. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree it is your prerogative! It is also my prerogative to speak in favour of good and against evil. Hip Hop is working so well, it is neither black or white, it is global, but all fans or people are affected the same. Most prefer love of drugs, sexting, violence, twerking, stripping and or urban language that is not even in the English dictionary. So how will this millennial generation of people get employed or educated? This is the subtle attack of the evil of Hip Hop, Illuminati and New World Order combined. This is like the movie Escape from New York of the now and future. Anyone wants to bet within a decade these words will come to pass.

What most millennial, teens, youth and adults do not observe or comprehend male, female or gay is this world is like ONE big stage and we all act out our part via choice in the global play of good VS evil. CyberRev is calling Hip Hop fans and people come-out from evil into YHWH good within.

In His Service,