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Sun, Moon, and Stars

Sun, Moon and Stars is what we all as humans or mankind should strive towards from within and around. Let’s talk.

I was given the thought or notion we all as mankind or humans should strive to shine as bright as the SUN, MOON, and STARS daily from within and around.

This means we do NOT need any other religion or denomination. We do NOT need Hip Hop, fake money bragging, jewelry lusting, b*t*ch stripping, sexting, twerking, immoral, genocide, mindsets or lifestyles.

Instead, we all can ignore being consumerised, divided, segregated, confused, imprisoned and enslaved even by a fake, mythical, pink jesus on a donkey in Garden of Eden, Africa.

And all other man-made religions and denominations from fake Vatican, Khazar Jews and Christian, Christianity, Constantine, of pink slavery, evil, wickedness and murder even today.

Imagine, if we all were taught worldwide from an early age in kindergarten or nursery school, we all shall become and be taught to shine as the Sun, Moon and Stars.

Then as we come into Primary or Elementary school, all the way through College or University into your own startup or business of your own Sun, Moon and Stars within.

Or into the best of your natural talent and spiritual calling or career for you to shine as the Sun, Moon, Stars, do you think this world would be a better place?

Let’s face it how much institutional, corporate or political racism STILL exists today worldwide, no different from the 1920’s, 1960’s or 2022? Do you know how many jobs a person perceived black has to apply for versus a person white or really pink?

England, Britain, UK – 70% of ethnic minority workers saying that they have experienced racial harassment at work in the last five years, and around 60% saying that they have been subjected to unfair treatment by their employer because of their race. [SOURCE]

South Africa as we all know in their own Africa, african, Royal, land, of the Garden of Eden, is still going through apartied and racial discrimination over housing, education, land ownership and jobs. Why?

I think the honest answer to this question is predominantly political corruption. But also people do NOT know who they are of Royal, biblical, Garden of Eden, AFU-RA-KA aka Africa.

Why do you think pink people, arabs and fake, Khazar jews want gold, diamonds, oil and fruitful commodities, even the minds and souls of AFU-RA-KA and AMER-INDIAN people, worldwide, even into the Amazon Jungle of Brasil?

I have gotten to the point now, I refuse to dress-up for any employer or business meeting, whether it be zoom, video, or in person 1-1. I am going to do and be, what I want to be and do only.

The other day, I was asked to attend a meeting with two people and I wore my Nike and baseball hat, and this Director decided to lean over, after us talking for 1 Hour and said: ‘Next meeting no Hats.’

I looked him dead in the eyes and said: ‘Can I wear a Turban?‘ He went red, pink, I then said it’s my baseball cap or a turban you decide. Several days later he emailed me several times I never replied.

Also yesterday, I had several Skype meeting’s one with a HIGH figure agency I am trying to get Agent, publishing and distribution for a ‘global’ project. Again, I decided if your going to work with me or choose me, your going to have to make that decision 100%, based on my resume, awards, talent and not what you want me to be or look like, 100%.

I already know who I am, what I have experienced, overcome and becoming. I am also 100% of the SUN, MOON and STARS into my eternal, afterlife. I am the real DNA, Royal, Melanin, AFU-RA-KA, god, king and son of the universal RA RE, Amun, Aten, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

This is why one has to believe and do things different, we cannot keep dancing and entertaining pink people, like the days of the MINSTRELS and slavery of innocent people of the Caribbean, Americas and Africa. This slavery and slavemaster’s mindset has to stop.

This is why the SUN, MOON, STARS was and has always been our original and only belief system. This was also our Seventh Day Shabbat of rest unto the Universe, away from the world and things of world.



Have you ever wondered what would you/I do without the Sun, Moon, Stars naturally appearing of substance, above our heads daily? Has it ever occurred to you, this is the universal CREATOR RA RE, looking down, smiling, loving, and taking care of us all, 24/7?

I am trying to show you the universal Creator is NOT someone or anything that hides from our eyes, mind, soul or spirit within. Let me also ask you this fundamental question:

Why ignore the SUN, MOON and Stars you/I can see, to believe in a pink jesus on a donkey you/I cannot and no-one has EVER seen?

It took me over 30 years to awake and arise within to the universal fact, the world of people and man-made things; are created more of myths, lies, racism, fables, enslavement, mind-control and evil.

The only escape is to understand the SUN, MOON, STARS as universal cosmos, KINGDOM and planets, is what we all should worship, REverence, bow to, pRAy to, pRAise, and understand the cREator always signs his signature on the SUN, MOON, STARS, time, seasons, life, creation and cosmos.

I truly believe and now know, the only road to 100% FREEDOM is out of all stereotypes, racism, religions, denominations, carnal lifestyles, genocidal music, destructive beliefs, actions and slavery. Even jesus on a donkey in Garden of Eden, Africa.

The fact you/I can move, walk, think, pRAy, pRAise, means we are automatically, connected to the universal CREATOR and cosmos power of Heaven and Earth.

We already have and need the UNIVERSAL CREATOR & Spirit-spirit to live, move, think, touch, taste and smell. Our five or more senses, would never work correctly without divine, power, Spirit-spirit and perfect creation on auto-pilot of Heaven to Earth.

Can any government or person alter the weather or seasons of the universe or cosmos, worldwide? Do you really need a pew or pulpit to communicate or hear from Heaven or the universe?

This is why I am trying to take this universal truth and teachings back to the ROOT of mind, soul, spirit, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Back to what you/I should be doing to be 100% FREE, abundant, positive, relaxed, happy and fruitful, as stated in the original GENESIS of the Garden of Eden, AFU-RA-KA of world.

And AMUN RA RE God blessed them. And RA RE God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth; and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens, and over every living thing that moves on the Earth.” – The Real Genesis 1: 28

If you sit, read and think about the above scripture. Ask yourself where on planet Earth is the people of THEM? When it reads ”BLESSED THEM” there was no fake IsraEL god of 1948 then.

Nor any 1st King James Bible of 1611 with no J or Iesous in it. So who were the blessed people, nation and Kingdom of dominion over all exotic fish, animals, species, birds, and EVERY living thing?

You know the truth and answer, and it definitely has to be a hot Country, region and people, who reflects all descriptions and colors of people on planet Earth. This is why the real, Garden of Eden is 100% AFU-RA-KA.

In Universal Service,


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