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Steve Harvey & Monique Minstrels Debate

Steve Harvey & Monique Minstrels Debate, who are the ‘THEY’ people in the media, broadcasting Industry of power, influence and control? Read and watch…

This LIVE interview below, between Steve Harvey and Monique is historical for many reasons. One could argue or claim this intervew was the last, worst or demise of the position, influence and career of Steve Harvey. In the interview he claimed Monique was being ‘blackballed‘ right?

Now one could conclude Steve Harvey is now in same position as Monique being demoted and blackballed but how, why, by whom and to what extent?

Let me be clear, I am more concerned for the overall messages, stimuli, lifestyles, effect of entertainment and media industry control over people of all ages, cultures and locations worldwide.

I am in no way judging Steve Harvey or his family but as leaders of media, TV and culture one has to shout or bring to people’s attention the entire world of music, media and entertainment is not only rotten to the core it is genocide.

Reality TV, Hip Hop and Rap is nothing but division, gang violence, crime, drugs, prostitution, stripping for a dollar bill or chasing fame as a dancer, groupie or dating partner of any celebrity, fame or TV deal. Is this what most people really want for their sons, daughters or children?

Not me. To me this is again genocide, a stark reminder of slavery or enslavement tactics and strategies used to keep people entertained, so they do not read, study, research or know who they really are within.

Lets look at Monique

For me Monique is being Monique and no one can take that away from Monique. She has decided to stand for what Monique believes to be negotiable and non-negotiable and that has to be admired in and throughout not just the media industry but life and world.

Monique could easily have stooped and sold herself for fame and fortune, like so many basketball wives, women of atlanta, new york, Hollywood, hip hop women and wives.

Monique has for years been content and patient abiding in the entertainment, media industry refusing to be silent or controlled by anyone other than her husband or inner-beliefs. Again, this has to be commended. as Martin Luther King Jr stated:

The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monique clearly, rightly and firmly stands on the side of speaking out and standing up for what she see’s as victimizaton, racism, prejudice and forceable control. We all have the same right as Monique.

Yet many people as Martin Luther King Jr stated in the above quote do NOT refute or protest gang violence, murder, racism, prejudice and or slavery worldwide. They prefer to not rock the boat or cause disruption or debate why?

Lets look at Steve Harvey

In the above interview Steve Harvey is clearly trying to mediate and genuinely try to get Monique the apologize or admit her wrongs or faults to the THEY in control of media, entertainment of the U.S. so Monique can be released from being allegedly black-balled, but Monique was not having it.

Perhaps what Monique feels, believes and knows is she is PRICELESS. She is not going to stoop or sell herself for less than she is worth.

Steve Harvey has actually NOT recovered from that live interview. He has now fallen in the same black-balled league and category as Monique for now. Obviously Steve Harvey was being taught a lesson by TV, entertainment the THEY powers and bosses of the Industry, you will not represent or tell us what we will say or do YOUR FIRED.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Steve Harvey and Monique going forward together or individually. This could become a blessing in disguise for both, they could potentially team-up and create their own super-power. Especially with Steve Harvey’s daughter now officially dating PDiddy who sits at the center of music, entertainment and has power to get things done for good or evil.

Regardless of the outcome, I hope it is for the good of uplifting and freedom for people of all genders, cultures, shades, colours and ages. The world needs positivity, empowerment, unity and harmony not of mixed minstrels, values or lifestyles, but of who we ARE historically of KINGDOM within.

Hip Hop and Rap is a genocide, it promotes drugs, gun, gang violence and disunity which often leads to prostitution, murder, domestic abuse and rape or jail. What good is this? Who taught Jay Z, PDiddy, Mater P, Dr Dre to write, spit, record, market and promote such a genocide?

I know like a white or pink fake jesus, who never existed by historical, scientific and or archeaological evidence few want to debate or talk about it, but know the Creator YHWH RA has eyes and ears and all is being recorded in the Book of eternal life or death.

In the above photo is Lenny Henry Center stand-up Comedian & Actor. We keep Minstrel entertaining and laughing to our own demise.

In His Service,


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