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Stan Tookie Williams

Working together, we can put an end to this cycle that creates deep pain in the hearts of our mothers, our fathers, and our people, who have lost loved ones to this senseless violence.Stan Tookie Williams III

Stan Tookie Williams III, known as one of the original founders and leaders of the Crip gang in Los Angeles, California. In 1971, Williams and Raymond Washington formed an alliance establishing the Crips as the first major African-American street gang in South Central Los Angeles.

Williams became the de facto leader and the prominent crime boss in South Central in the 1970s. In 1979, Williams was convicted for the murder of four people during two robberies and was sentenced to death. The highly publicized trial of Williams and extensive appeals for clemency sparked debate on the status of the death penalty in California.

On December 13, 2005, Williams was executed by lethal injection after extensive appeals for clemency and a four-week stay of execution were both rejected by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Life is Internal YOU are your own destiny within

Once again, I am watching the Stan Tookie Williams III Redemption Documentary on YouTube, I started watching it again, after listening to Melvin Farmer VLAD interviews on LA gang history, life, plans, peace and ways forward in 2019.

I want to start by stating NO I am not from LA or even the USA and I don’t think anyone has to be from any particular country or city to write or state their opinion or belief on gang violence, racism or the affects of such. Gangs are everywhere and we all live in a divisive, racial, stigma world of colour labels where most have been exposed to some kind of mind-control, racism or injustice.

To me Stan Tookie Williams is a redemptive hero! I say this NOT because of any gang or violence but the fact he spent his time in-carcerated wisely, by clearly overcoming 1st himself within by educating himself of who and what he really is within. If you watch the documentary try to see how we all must face who we are by belief and actions within. We can choose to be ignorant, inhumane, racist, criminal, gangster or educator and light not darkness to people and world.

I also took from the documentary Stan Tookie Williams started the crips gang out of SURVIVAL he stated: ‘It was dog eat dog‘ His environment was what moulded Tookie Williams, like most people who feel they must join a gang by zip or postcode or they stand no chance of survival. This happens all over London, Birmingham, Liverppol, Manchester, Ireland, Scotland and Europe, Asia, Africa of world.

Name one Country in the world where teens and youth male or female do not see, witness or experience violence, racism, police brutality or gangs? I have been stabbed 3 times in my life, raised in the inner-City area of my Country, attended Church from a child and seen most of the people in my neighbourhood jailed, killed or disappear the same story as LA, New York or most countries of world.

Stan Tookie Williams is a hero because he eventually saw THE LIGHT. He saw and concluded violence is madness. He saw that violence is division, it destroys each and everyone regardless of race, creed, gang, city or country.

History of the countries of world and the Bible is full of sin, violence, battles and murder. Moses, Abraham and David were all murderers. Don’t get it twisted…THOU SHALT NOT KILL is set in stone. However, the Bible clearly demonstrates in and through Moses, Abraham and David there is REDEMPTION and SALVATION for each and every person on planet Earth including Stan Tookie Williams.

In fact, I am 100% sure Stan Tookie Williams will be celebrating eternal life alongside Nipsey Hussle for they both overcame evil with good and they wrote and shared this with the world. This is why their testimony and legacy lives on worldwide. What will your testimony and legacy be from Earth to Heaven and vice-versa?

Awakening, Redemption and Healing

Good news the crips and bloods and others gangs of LA and the USA are attempting to make peace and come together rapidly after the asassination of Nipsey Hussle the Great. But what took them so long?

Stan Tookie Williams was blowing the peace horn and bugle of non-violence from 1988 which makes one think how many lives would have been saved if LA and the USA rose to the non-violent sound and inspirational teachng of Stan Tookie Williams.

Is this why Creator RA sent Nipsey Hussle? Maybe. But this time it seems Nipsey Hussle is re-sounding the horn and mindset of peace Stan Tookie Williams and other reformed gang-bangers and gangsters have sounded worldwide.

In conclusion, no justice department or government can applaud or take claim to such redemption or reformation worldwide. NO. It is not your judicial systems that have reformed anyone inside or outside of prisons, it is a HIGHER education, knowledge, wisdom and intelligence you all need within.

You see, racial profiling is NOT just a colour-label it is your innate active prejudice, dislike and FEAR of such a person, people or community within. It is a deliberate invention of racial and social GENOCIDE worldwide. I have repeatedly stated: there is NO-ONE on planet Earth 100% white or black.

On earth most people are pink or shades of light and dark brown. So your racial profiling and racist stigma is engineered from the streets, schools, education systems, job applications, post or zip codes and court houses. You have deliberately politically and socially created an enslaved black and white world.

However, times are rapidly changing the AWAKENING, REDEMPTION and SALVATION has begun, people of all cultures, colours and environments are becoming one in spirit. This has to be, for we as humanity will either go to hell or heaven as our only two eternal destinations of choice worldwide. Believe, no government of world can alter, stop or erase this.

In His Service,


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