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Spiritual, Universal Energy 24/7

Spiritual, universal energy 24/7 is something the Creator of this universe gives to us all for good or evil usage. Let’s talk…

Over the last month I have been doing deep, daily, self-reflection, once again as far back as my childhood. But this time was different. In early 2020, I am growing higher and deeper into the universe or cosmos as the Creator and Spirit-spirit, along with the gods & goddesses of RA, are educating me into how the planetary energies of the universe, operates within and all around.

This is a new area and dimension for me with enough information to blow the mind, brain and spirit, unless one can meditate, rest and balance high’s and low’s within daily. All in the midst of covid-19 lockdown worldwide.

I have grown to understand and be reminded I am an EARTH sign and over the last 20 years, Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions has played a major part in managing and dispensing universal energy, karma and control.

And as Jupiter’s alignment with Saturn occurs at intervals of just under 20 years. Do not ignore this statement or information as this sits at the center of all things from Heaven to Earth of the universal Creator.

This is the real universal Church of Spirit-spirit every wise male or female should attend daily. In 2020, I am learning from my last 20 years of solitude, silence, high’s, low’s, swings and roundabouts it’s all in the universe, cosmos and planets daily.

The weird thing is I had no idea, knowledge or education in this area of thoughts, thinking or meditation. Yes, I would pray even had a prayer room in my home, but who was I praying and hoping would save me?

Religion or denomination cannot save anyone, not even the preacher, pastor, clergy, bishop, pope or Imam.

One really has to yield daily only to the universe within. This is what all religions and denominations rob, steal and deceive most people of within.

They want your time, energy, money, thoughts, beliefs, even your life into death hoping a pink Constantine jesus will save you eternally. This is impossible as Constantine and the Pope both know there is no Mary, Neither is there a legitimate Jesus, with 12 pink disciples or even the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Yet billions of lazy religious and denominational people will still believe the religious global deception and lie. Because they do NOT READ, research or study for their own salvation or universal destiny.

When was the last time your religion or denomination including TD Jakes, taught you about the planets that operate the universe? No this is NOT man-made astrology, this is sidereal calender of spiritual african king Heru; older than all religions and denominations on planet Earth.


This is the only reason we all were born even for an atheist. We are born to choose and live for good or evil eternally. The problem is we can only learn and know good from the Creator of the universe not any other religion, denomination or belief including big-bang or evolution.

In 2020, the universe and cosmos is demanding a NEW WAY of thinking, belief, living, worship and devotion. worldwide. Have you noticed since January, 2020 the entire world of people, governments, business, trade and even all religions and denominations are in LOCKDOWN of the Creator Most High?

The only thing working right now are the planets, gods, goddesses and universe 24/7. Everything else MUST wait on the UNIVERSAL KINGDOM; and how it is re-organizing and re-aligning energy, power, gifts, rewards and karma from Heaven to Earth.

It’s time to get deep and deeper within and of the uiverse daily. For me, my life is like a photographic or video recording full of cosmic high’s and lows from 1 million to zero, wealth to homelessness, marriage to divorce and success to failures. The reason is one has always got to pay a heavy PRICE for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the universe.

What I now know is I was Adventist, religious or denominational, driven by world and things of world, pouring my universal energy with mars in the 12th house, out like confetti or water from a well that shall never run dry worldwide.

I was so wrong. you cannot save the world of self; nor trust, invest and believe others more than yourself. For you will damage and potentially destroy self long-term.

I was also taught from a child and believed DENY YOURSELF, take up your wooden-religious-cross and follow me. Always give, for the lord of religion and denomination loves a cheerful giver.

So I would trust, and give as I received thinking my giving of energy, money, love, trust, belief and heart would yield me fruit, joy, protection, peace and salvation.

In honesty it did, but NOT with things of world or money just SPIRITUAL or Spirit-spirit rewards to the highest order of truth straight into the planets, universe, cosmos and one Creator; who governs it all with his gods and goddesses of the Garden of Eden Africa not Rome.


Imagine, awaking daily and the first thing you do is meditate, pray then feel the energy of the universe within and around. This is more than any religion or denomination can ever say, do or coach. If ye be willing, what you do is:

  1. Awake, pRAy, meditate and be still, feel the universal energy roll through your mind, soul, spirit and body.
  2. Give thanks and pRAise unto Creator RE/RA who gives us REpentance, REjoicing and REward,
  3. Listen and hear with your ‘ears’ and spirit within do not think or allow your thoughts of self to distract you.
  4. Rise up into your day ready to take action, using and preserving your spiritual energy to accomplish what YOU desire, sharing a little with only those worthy of it.
  5. Never gravitate towards negative energy or anyone who has a negative or evil force.
  6. Continuously throughout the day report to the Creator of the universe let him and his gods and goddesses know you are in tune and alignment with the universe of his cosmos within.
  7. You cannot fool the Creator of the universe. He knows everything we think, do or desire. So one has to read, study, research and work for your passion, calling or gift to the world; and universe, of good or evil. As we all shall be judged for time, space, energy and result.
  8. Understand you CANNOT control or own anything or anyone by force. Even with Mars energy.

Declare: My universal existence and work or job is to never try to control anyone or anything by force. My universal existence, work or job is harmony, balance, love, truth, MAAT of the universal Creator RA/RE only. This is NOT religion or denomination as there can only be one universal Creator of Heaven and Earth. I now believe, act and operate in what positive energy the universe bestows or deposits within me and my transit of life daily. I shall arise daily to the positive energy and walk, flow, operate and live only of its energy, watching carefully for anything or anyone with negative energy or evil. My calling and my passion is also my duty, work and role to the world and universe. Amun, Amen, Halleluyah giving pRAy, pRAise and thanks daily into my royal, eternal, afterlife,

In Universal Service,


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