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Spiritual Storms

Spiritual Storms are what many Christian believers sing, write and even hide within due to pain, sorrow, grief, afflictions from trials and tribulations of world.

Yet without spiritual storms how would we ever have a TESTIMONY? How would we ever exercise faith, trust, hope, love, courage or healing? Yes, we read such trials and calamities throughout the Bible but having to actually walk the valley of the shadow of death, fiery furnace, mountain or wilderness some may ask: why is this even necessary or possible of the now?

In this article, I hope to guide and empower anyone who is going through difficult times, pain, suffering, shame, rejection, loss, foreclosure, lack of money, health problems or other.

Do you feel alone, abandoned, desperate, afraid, angry, confused and tormented within and around? You have few or no family or friends who understand or are willing to listen to your spiritual trials, not even the clergy or pastor is anywhere to be reached or found.

Fear not! You are not alone, YHWH RA RE GOD is the Potter who’s hand is moulding your situation and even if you face death it has NO STING.

What things look and feel like, through the eyes and body as the seen the UNSEEN is where power of eternity lies and YHWH RA RE GOD is just burning you out of world, so you can depend only on His Kingdom within. [Luke 17:21]

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me

YHWH RA RE GOD through His Holy Spirit commands believers to Take Up Their Cross Daily and Follow Me . This is mandatory. There is no escape for a believer in YHWH RA RE.

Their Cross‘ or ‘Your Cross‘ is a spiritual Cross, a calling or journey likened to anyone in the Bible like Abraham, Ruth or Moses where by faith which is unseen you are slowly…pushed or coerced out of your carnal, religious or denominational comfort zone, then purified or pruned within daily as the spiritual plan for your Cross, grace, proof, testimony, forgiveness and redemption.

The heavy Cross, walk and going through daily is painful, difficult and lonely causing most believers to frown and wonder: “Why me?’ Only because we cannot see or understand like child birth or gems, all things beautiful or precious are delivered through pain or great friction or heat.

Have you weathered any trials, heartaches or storms lately? Did you frown, curse or smile within? Was it a mixture of all three and sum? This is your JOB or RUTH test!

This is your eternal testimony because to fail His tests results in retakes or eternal loss. So I encourage you, keep moving forward by faith, hope, prayer and love.

Love not the world is what YHWH RA RE is working to accomplish. [1 John 2:15-17] Also the Kingdom of God is within. {Luke 17:21]

So Even when you do not feel like it, your weak, depressed, sad, broke, lonely and confused like a boxer or athlete this is the time to work-out, exercise your faith, His Word and let the Creator of LOVE know you trust LOVE not world or death.

The Secret Place

Find the secret place where you and YHWH RA RE GOD meets in solitude & silence even if angry be still. Search the scriptures, pray and ask YHWH RA RE GOD for His Holy Spirit and knowledge to know what to do and how to please Amun RA within.

Most times the reason your religion and denomination cannot help you is this is between you, world and YHWH RA RE God. This is the time of your judgment on Earth and YHWH RA God has great plans to prosper you alone, HE wants you to get you prepared for promotion, deliverance and favor.

The secret place is where you can rest within and hear from the Holy Spirit which oftentimes will flood you with spiritual counsel, knowledge, wisdom and promise. Submit to Amun RA and His Holy Spirit by seeking his holy word, Spirit and face daily.

Your Spiritual Reward

Your spiritual reward is His Promises to every believer of the now and future! You are not a failure! You are chosen and called! Though it may seem a burden, fearful, unkind and impossible just smile at the storms and lean on His promises within.

A good way is to hear, read and remind YHWH RA RE GOD of what He has written or promised is keep the faith even if you go through lack, rejection, hunger and homelessness as I did…grab those bags and your empty stomach and remind YHWH RA RE even unto death, I will praise your Holy name.

For me, times got so hard I told YHWH RA RE GOD I quit, but He ignored this as He is in control so how can you or I fail.

In His Service,


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