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Spiritual Meditation Music, is not easy to find online and offline. Let’s talk why…

Have you noticed how hard it is to find DEEP meditative music online and offline worldwide? Music that bear’s only the depth of sound, instrument, voice connected to Heaven or the Universe.

We are definitely living in a very noisy world not just of music, but voice’s, belief’s and varying tradition’s with everyone claiming to have the TRUTH.

One thing I have grown acustom to over many year’s is the silent power of nature, solitude and silence. It is even better, when your home or residence back’s onto the forest or silent nature is within walking distance.

This is the SECRET PLACE most people will shower, hurry, get dressed, drive, catch local transport in search of and they have NOT noticed nature or the Universe is above and around their head.

The SECRET PLACE is not a building or congregation of WORLD. It is the Universe itself and congregation of Heaven. Therefore, I have created this page in an attempt to list and share some of the most meditative music, sound’s and word’s of spiritual meditation worldwide.

I love to meditate how about you? I love to take time off work or toil just to sit, do nothing and spend hours or most of my day with the universal Creator. No, it is NOT doing nothing, it is conversating, debating and hearing from Spirit-spirit within and around.

One will be surprised how much the Universe and Heaven has to share, tell, counsel, direct, promise and love within and around. I have never met anyone who can out conversate the universal Creator, Most High.

I hope you share, like, appreciate and meditate with this page into the realm’s of the Universe in peace, solitude and silence. Try sitting, meditating, praying for your ancestor’s family, loved-one or spouse in love and silence.

Do NOT fear, worry or think you have to listen only to traditional Gospel or some other famililiar style, genre or sound. Think peace only, forget images as all religion’s and denomination’s are full of too many man-made images in need of peace, silence and meditative sound.

In Universal Service,


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