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Spiritual Coach

Spiritual Coach – Tired of man-made religions and denominations? CyberRev promises in-depth knowledge of One universal Creator and His Kingdom within.


Spiritual coach – Do you know universal truth is always written on STONE not man-made paper versions of any religious or denominational bible.

Spiritual Coach – Get podcasts, videos, articles, books, mindfulness, spirituality, numerology designed to educate, motivate, empower and set you FREE from religion, denominations and a carnal world within.


All one really has is universal, cosmos, baRA Creator, YOU and your beliefs of KINGDOM for good or evil within. Truth is still written on STONE dated over 5,000-100,000 years old.

Most people regardless of wealth or riches struggle to find and develop a UNIVERSAL KINGDOM WITHIN.

So many people slide into carnal sin, fear, poverty, religion, denomination or depression. They trust carnal world, beliefs, lifestyles, sin, hustle, drugs, sex and violence, more than silence with ONE CREATOR or baRA KINGDOM within.

The world of people are lost in need of unity, peace, repentance and balance within. YHWH RA RE is their only way of escaping stress, rejection, failure or loss. We ALL need someone who truly understands life, love, prosperity and salvation.

The baRA cREator with universal, astrological, Spirit-spirit KINGDOM can help us create positive, divine, spiritual, building-blocks, to get us back on the road to empowerment, manifestation, peace, repentance, forgiveness, self-actualization and happiness of YHWH RA RE KINGDOM within.

We also ALL need to make a righteous or unrighteous eternal decision. Do we live of the now daily blessed, set-apart, following, keeping and doing things written and commanded of YHWH RA RE of AFU-RA-KA, kings, queens, gods and goddesses?

We sure do. Time for people of all nations, tongues, cultures and beliefs to go back to the biblical, spiritual, root and universal truth of ONE CREATOR, KINGDOM and HEAVEN within.

In order to achieve this, we need the right spiritual, universal, eternal, Kingdom, belief, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, within and around. Always remember the KINGDOM OF GOD OR UNIVERSAL KINGDOM IS WITHIN. Luke 17:21


The Story of Asar, Aset and Heru [FREE PDF BOOK DOWNLOAD]

Who is ISIS and who is Aset?

CyberRev has passionately been writing SPIRITUAL FREE content online for 10 + years. Please donate, we need your help to research, motivate and empower, people of all ages worldwide. 

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