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The SPHINX = ONE CREATOR OR GOD built 4,000 years before any other greco-roman, judeo christ. Let’s talk…

It is time to put all the pieces of the global jig-saw puzzle back together again to demonstrate, not only there is only ONE CREATOR/GOD of Heaven and Earth, but there is only one Garden of Eden, AFU-RA-KA named after the Creator of the oldest human-DNA and human-civilization worldwide.

Your RA RE SUN shall no more go down, nor your moon withdraw itself; for the RA RE Lord will be your everlasting SUN-LIGHT, and your days of mourning shall be ended. – Isaiah 60: 20

In this article we will attempt to prove regardless of the evil, wicked, racist, plagiarised, invasions and blatant theft of the history and ROYAL treasures of Kemet, KMT, Nubia, Kush as AFU-RA-KA aka Africa, one cannot destroy or erase the universal KINGDOM OF RA RE and his gods and goddesses on Earth or in Heaven.

I understand the initial shock and unbelievable awakening to the facts or fact no other religion, denomination or government predates RA RE or AFU-RA-KA on planet Earth.

To truly research, believe, embrace and trust what any other religion, belief or denomination of a man-made world has taught you, including Islam and Christianity is as fake as the Dead Sea Scrolls of Khazar Jews of Europe.

The SPHINX is simply not just a sculptured masterpiece of AFU-RA-KA aka Africa, Kemet, Egypt. But depicts biblical, people of AFRICA and early human-civilization, purely believed in not just one universal Creator, but one universal KINGDOM and all things on Earth including the mind, body, soul and spirit should strive to always be connected to the universe or cosmos daily.

This is something most religions and denominations DO NOT preach, teach or practice as they often reflect world and things of the world with their false images, emblems and fake, mythical, discoveries or claims of history.

For example take a good look at the timeline of biblical history as fact not fiction and ask yourself is there any other Country or people on Earth older than AFU-RA-KA aka Africa? No way.

Therefore, this makes Africa and africans who are representative of all shades of color or colour of people on Earth the real biblical Adam, Eve, Moses, ENOCH, Abraham etc, etc.

There can never be any first greco-roman bible version in 1611 without help, knowledge and plagiarism of the real AFU-RA-KA bible of STONE not paper.

What they call PhaRAoh’s notice the RA in the word PhaRAoh is an attempt to use as always other degrading names like black, nigger, nigga or colored to distract, alter, divide and conquer from the original, biblical ROYAL KINGS & QUEENS, GODS & GODDESSES OF AFU-RA-KA ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

This also proves there is no way you can get without Melanin a pink or white jesus with 12 pink or white disciples on a donkey in Africa to claim he or them is or are the christ or true kingdom. No way. You will have to predate all of AFU-RA-KA aka Africa or not at all.


The SPHINX has to be over 4,500 years old and a true deserved wonder of this world. The SPHINX is also more a spiritual, cosmos, universal, emblem of not just the relationship and power of the universal Creator among men and women but universal Creator among real gods, goddesses, kings and queens on Earth.

If the SPHINX had no magical, universal, religious or spiritual power why would the greeks, rome and most western countries copy, invade and dig for even the ROYAL tombs, secrets and bodies of gods, goddesses, kings and queens to this day? And NO they are not mummies they are ROYAL kings, queens, gods and goddesses of angelic, universal magnitude.

This is why when you read the King James Bible of 1611 or any man-made bible version you should consider ‘misinformation‘ or ‘racism‘ mixed with how the western worlds used their printing presses, slavery, looting, idol gods and mindsets to predominantly divide, conquer, suppress, enslave and steal all truth, history, facts and treasures of original, biblical, kings, queens, gods and goddesses of AFU-RA-KA aka Africa,

The truth of the SPHINX some may say may never be known, I disagree, We now have enough proof and truth if we use spirituality, wisdom, belief, knowledge and common sense to know or conclude:

  1. The SPHINX is in AFU-RA-KA Kemet or KMT aka Egypt.
  2. The SPHINX personifies by the carvings behind the ear ONE CREATOR/GOD.
  3. The SPHINX regardless of whether it was built by King Khufu or his Royal Son King Djedefreit is still built of ONE ROYAL KINGDOM of AFU-RA-KA on planet earth.
  4. The SPHINX was oblviously built with the blessings and extraordinary man and woman power in honor of the lion and lioness power, gods, goddesses and all things Kingdom of RA.
  5. If you believe jesus walked on water is NOT magic or feeding 5,000 people with two loaves of bread, is NOT magic, yet you foolishly believe the nancy stories, lies and deceptions that ROYAL Pharoah’s of AFU-RA-KA were bad, evil, wicked people. This is BS.
  6. Everything in this world and universe is magical or miracles. The fact you and I have breath, brain, mind, soul and spirit and we can communicate with energy, matter and universe, eternally, is magical. So do NOT fear or run from miracles as the word miracles are magical.
  7. Do you really think people of today much less back then could build a SPHINX unless you truly have faith, belief, knowledge, wisdom and magical permission of the Creator RA, RE Most High.
Notice the circle [I did this] to highlight the word ONE GOD in ancient Hebrew without vowels.

The SPHINX is only one among over 1,500 gods, goddesses, kings and queens who work directly for the universal baRA KINGDOM OF RA RE on planet Earth.

This website also works solely for the KINGDOM OF RA RE eternally into the afterlife, for this is what makes the Children of the universal baRA KINGDOM of RA RE unique and separated from all other religions, beliefs and denominations of world.

In His Service,


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