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Slavery is MAN-MADE

Slavery is man-made, and without steel, guns, ammunition, evil, wickedness, racism and brutality; there would NEVER be invasion, racist dominance, slaves or enslavement.

Imagine the evil, wicked, manufacturing of guns, bullets, ammunition, this is what gave rise to invasion, terrorism, evil, murder, rape and slavery on ships and land worldwide.

No male or female was EVER created to be a slave or enslaved.

The Creator of Heaven and Earth created everyone to choose between good and evil. So everytime you see anyone enslaved, human-trafficked, auctioned or sold as a slave past, present or future, this is 100% pure evil, racism, racist, barbaric, hatred, demonic and devil.

I am amazed at how people of the WORLD still discuss, talk and address slavery and slaves, as if this is history with no evil, wickedness, murder, rape or unforgivable, demonic, sin. Some fools think being a slavemaster even as a politician is not murder, sin, evil, demonic or barbaric.

Even in the 21st Century especially 2020, we have slavery and enslavement in many forms. People are still being human-trafficked, sold as slaves in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and other countries of world.

We also have ‘digital slavery‘ cleverly disguised as FREENIUM like Facebook and many other social media platforms, working humans daily for FREE content, selfies, videos, as a global cotton-field with long-hours FREE, while the slavemaster owns all content and rights as modern, digital slavery.

Yet politicians and governments of the WORLD see nothing wrong with this enslavement. They do NOT fear AI, IOT, machine learning, robot, Cyborg vs human, Mass Unemployment.


The racial protests worldwide in 2020, is a global sign PEOPLE of all cultures, race and backgrounds have had enough. They do not want to eat, drink and live enslaved, imprisoned, mind-controlled, color-labeled, black, white or other or marked as thug, gangsta, thief, slave or unemployable by default.

This is why protestors of all shades and color or colour are shouting; BLACK LIVES MATTER. They are shouting NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE in defiance of enough is enough of racist, brutality, evil, prejudice and wickedness of past and present, worldwide. How can you kill a so-called black or brown man, invade his Country, women or space; squeeze the last breath out of his neck, nose or woman; then proudly act as if, this is good not satanic, evil? This has to stop worldwide!

All racist slavemaster, KKK, monuments worldwide especially in Great Britain and U.S. must come down. We also have to deal with WHITE/PINK JESUS fables, racism and lies worldwide; as the 1st Slave Ship was entitled: ‘The Good Jesus‘ armed with guns and bullets to divide, kill and destroy. And if truth betold, like slavery and evil lies and deception, there is no mythical white rule or Jesus of 33 years, period.

Most people do NOT know the biggest mind-control, slavery and enslavement is all RELIGIONS & DENOMINATIONS of world. The little-baby pink jesus with his 12 pink disciples; have fooled billions of people from Africa, Caribbean as african and amer-indian worldwide. This includes Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, Latin-amerindian people and countries.

The slavemasters and evil, murderous, invaders of Africa and the Amer-indians also gave you a mythical saving and forgiving Tarzan & Jane in the form of pink Jesus and Mother Mary. There is no way slaves, male and female could worship anything or anyone, other than what they were brutally FORCED to worship and serve on bending knees as religion and denomination of their evil slavemasters.

So we too have been enslaved, mind-controlled and chained from neck, mind to toe for over 400-2,000 years. Ever since Rome invaded Nubia, Kemet, Egypt, Africa.

It is TIME to awake and arise within. TIME to erase slavery, false religions, denominations and especially evil pink, slavemaster, lying, religious & denominational pink/white gods.

This article is inspired by Tasha ;).

In His Service,


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