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Rod & Staff Meditation & Prayer

Rod & Staff Meditation & Prayer this is they that cover you all the days of your/our life. Let’s talk...

Imagine, your naturally born with ROYAL DNA of bliblical Africa with eternal life, automatically granted, because of your biblical, spiritual, ancestoral, ROYAL DNA.

Your RA RE SUN shall no more go down, nor your moon withdraw itself; for the RA RE Lord will be your everlasting SUN-LIGHT, and your days of mourning shall be ended. – The real Isaiah 60: 20

Can you imagine this for 15 minutes or eternity within?

Then one day foreigners, immigrants, slavemasters, pirates, invaders, on ships and boats they learned how to make from AFU-RA-KA, came to your african, caribbean beautiful, hot, overflowing land of SUN not son, the real Garden of Eden, of fruits, species, plants, gold, diamonds, spirituality, rum, beautiful shades of brown men, women and children and took you and your people hostage into slavery.

They then gave you a fake SON not SUN, they tried to take away universal power of your holy, divine, spiritual Trinity, Asar, Aset, Heru and replace it with pink father, son and holy spirit; and replace your Holy Bible written on Kemet, Egypt, AFRICA STONE.

They even tried to take THY ROD & STAFF and changed all images and names of your african, amerindian, ancestors, from AFU-RA-KA aka Africa and all islands of the Caribbean including Cuba, Brazil etc.

Do you know what that feels like when you finally discover Royal, spiritual, truth and right? When you finally see the universal SUN instead of the fake, mythical, man-made, religious son.

What if africans and amerindians invaded the WEST and inflicted slavery on all pink people? Especially the one’s who wear suntan cream but hate the appearance of brown or black people worldwide.

Do you think this is the voice of an angry man or woman? Not angry, wise and FREE, as I now know what happened and I know it from beginning to end and into the Royal afterlife of eternity.

I know and will PROVE all man-made religions including Christianity and Islam will never, ever, replace the god’s and goddesse’s, king’s and queen’s of the universal KINGDOM OF baRA, RA/RE period.


The Holy Truth about Pslams 23 Thy Rod & Thy Staff is 1st your talking 100% about biblical african kings and queens and AFRICA. The original Garden of Eden.

That should be enough to make most pink, fake khazar jewish and so-called asian people throw up continuously, including fat, burger, illiterate, racist, KKK Trump.

You see slavery is man-made of racist people of a carnal, evil, prejudice, wicked, world. Even in their phoney, racist, evil, witchcraft NEW TESTAMENT BIBLE of 1611, they tried to enslave you into Constantine, Christian, Christianity worldwide.

Now with over 400 years of slavery worldwide this is why you think your black….you think your negro, nigger and you even rap, twerk and sing your nigger, negro and play X-Box games, drinking, smoking and snorting S** T to free you of fear & stress within.

Because you believe or feel it is better being high, a alcoholic, drug dealer, gansta, groupie, stripper or escort on the slide or even worship a pink jesus with 12 pink disciples, than your ROYAL DNA OF AFRICA & AMERINDIAN.

Why? Because you lack the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of what is truth and right or what is truth and ROYAL BIBLICAL DNA. Very simply ask yourself can you get anything older than what is written on STONE? Or what is the oldest human DNA on planet Earth? No.

So while their violent, prejudice, racist, slavery, systems of religion, politics, science, entertainment, corrupt education, and mind-controlled technologies, including gaming, hip hop and all things that cause genocide of the mind within, attack black, brown africans and amerindian communites and people daily worldwide. It is always divide, lie, deceive, control, enslave and conquer.

You don’t think Jay Z, P Diddy, Rihanna and Rick Ross are responsible for men and women shooting, killing their own black-on-black and brown-on-brown people worldwide?

Who taught you twerking? Who taught you gansta life? Who taught and sold you crack or heroine? Who taught you crips, bloods, latin kings, surenos, MS-13 or gang life? Be honest.

Listen to the lyrics of all their songs there is a correlation of brown and black people rap or hip hop music. It’s like rock, violence, murder, drugs, sex and things of the flesh and world including Rihanna, Beyonce, Cardi B, Megan the Stallion not of good, love, peace, royalty and spirituality of eternity. So you think there is no karma and no eternal hell?

The solution is in your rich ROYAL HISTORY of gods and goddeses not pink angels of man-made religions and denominations of world or things of world read 1 John 2: 15-17 even of the fake new testament designed to re-educate you.

Your ROD & STAFF is more than any photo it is how I want to be buried or departed of a man-made world, with my hands crossed to protect my body, mind, soul and spirit of KINGDOM ROYALTY and from now on this is how I shall pray, daily and have been doing so for a while.

This is the POWER OF KINGDOM ROYALTY which even Vatican, bishops and cardinals of false, man-made religions and denominations try to steal and fake even renaming Asar, Aset, Heru, MAAT, PTAH, RA, RE the real, true and only ruling gods and goddesses, kings and queens of the UNIVERSAL KINGDOM OF CREATOR SUN not son or cosmos.

Are you listening? Do you not know one day we all shall see this truth in reality? There is a universal judgement awaiting us all into the afterlife and we all have to journey in spirit through the underworld into the afterlife of eternal Heaven or 2nd SKY of Heaven or hell.

You decide.

In His Service,


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