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Rod & Staff is to FIGHT against all enemies

Rod & Staff is to FIGHT against all enemies. This is something most professed christians and religious believers do NOT understand.

One is NOT called to sit and turn the other cheek when the enemy wants to enslave, call, or label you black, destructive, abusive, antisemitic, anti-christian, but never anti-africanism, anti-Africa or anti-Neter RA.

Thy Rod & Staff is also about protection and power of the Neter RA, Most High and his universal KINGDOM from Heaven to Earth. One cannot please everyone on Earth or of world; and no matter what you do or say their will be people for and against you.

“The kings of Egypt were not called Pharaohs by the Egyptians. The title of “Pharaoh” actually comes to us from the Greek language and its use in the Old Testament. In Egypt a whole range of titles were used for a full statement of a Pharaoh’s name and title. The flail was a rod with three attached beaded, strands. It derived from the shepherd’s whip It symbolized the Pharaoh’s ability to PUNISH HIS ENEMIES.” [Source]

This does NOT sound like Kumbaya or always turn-the-cheek to many enslaved and ill-advised professed christians of many religions and denominations worldwide.

This is why most professed christians of all religions and denominations do very little or stand-up for what is ancient truth, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Most have never ever read one entire man-made bible of any version.

They expect YOU to never be angry, get mad, frustrated or discipline your wife, husband or person, who has openly attacked you. This is why most of the world of people suffer and they are always portrayed as blind, poor, poverty, hungry, uneducated and ignorant when they are actually born of the DNA of royalty Africa and Amer-Indian, but cannot know it sitting in pews or religion.


One has to stand against all odds, even when people judge you for what you write, how you act or how you speak, live or stand. Have you ever met anyone with no temper? I have not.

Yet watch most women act as if they have no temper, never get angry and even when they kiss and sleep with a Man, they then call him abusive or angry, even in Church.

Be honest Christian men and women or believers of the Creator of this Universe. How many times have YOU witnessed a woman or Man even in Church, interrogate or deny the spiritual Man or Woman, Creator time or love? But next minute she is preganant or he or she has already birthed one, two or three children for a woman or man who NEVER wrote or stood for the Most High.

What if one has to journey and leave behind his family, friends and previous religion or denomination, even being called or labelled ‘back-slider‘ for the KINGDOM OF THIS UNIVERSE? Do you think this does not require a battle or fight? It also require’s being angry, frustrated, afflicted and embattled on every side.

No woman or man is worth it, if they do NOT stand for what you have written, coached, taught, shared or suffered for of the Creator Most High. My walk will NOT be your walk, and my calling will NOT be your calling, but there is only One KINGDOM, TRUTH and UNIVERSE.

Thy Rod & Thy Staff

They Rod & Thy Staff can only be given to those who stand with the Royal kings, queens, gods & goddesses of Neter RA, Amun RA Most High. I choose to stand with and for the original kings and queens of ancient, bliblical Afu-RA-Ka aka Africa, more than any man-made religion or denomination of world.

I will NOT conform to any belief or way of thought, outside of kings, queens, gods and goddesses of Neter RA, Amun RA, Most High. If I give you my time and show you all sides……good, bad, ugly and love and all you do is complain or attack then fine, be ready for my rod & staff of protection, silence and letting go.

I am amazed at how many women NEVER hold rappers or hip-hop accountable for calling you ho*s and bit*hes, yet you want to hold a man who is fighting for biblical truth against all religions, denominations, lifestyles and world too perfection make sure you have and are perfection.

Check-out 112 best thy Rod & Staff images.

Thy Rod & thy Staff represents one is on a VERY long, treacherous, difficult and challenging journey. This is more than sitting in a pew one-day-per-week, this is out in the world across all religions, denominations and people of varying beliefs, lies, faith, hope, myths, racism, evil and discrimination.

Tell me your Rod & Staff you will not hope it protects you, and you will use it against all enemies. I truly believe the latter-rain time has come, now it is time to take it or leave it of ONE UNIVERSAL TRUTH.

I am NOT going to debate or share with anyone who is NOT receptive to the oldest and original KINGDOM truth of the oldest AFRICA, AFURAKA, human DNA, dynasty, history, scientific facts, to the point of colossal pyRAmid structures. And to this day many cannot replicate, rebuild or fathom how they were created of mankind.

To this, I challenge you to write your truth and website of facts, proof and your rod & staff of comfort, wisdom, knowledge and universal intelligence.

Last night I sat with the cREator RA, and through his Holy Spirit to my spirit he told me in silence and solitude:


This is why we need Thy Rod & Thy Staff to lead, direct, protect and comfort us daily. He further told me, He apologizes for the terrain, afflictions, trials and rejections worldwide and to keep pushing in the face of adversity, attack and obstacles for their can be NO TESTIMONY WITHOUT TESTS & ENEMIES.

They set a net for my steps; my soul was bowed down. They dug a pit in my way, but they have fallen into it themselves. Selah – Psalms 57: 6

In His Service,


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