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Rishi Sunak new PM, but where is billions in tax money as ex-Chancellor?

Rishi Sunak new PM, but where is billions in tax money as ex-Chancellor? Let’s talk.

After over four decades on Earth, I still today do NOT understand political parties or politicians. Are most or all wise, corrupt or just liars worldwide?

Rishi Sunak a member of the political, Conservative Party in Britain or England, UK, recently failed to beat Liz Truss who was appointed Prime Minister of Britain yet she only lasted 45 days.

Now this week, Rishi Sunak has become leader of the political, Conservative Party and the third or latest Prime Minister of Britain, England, UK in just 2022 alone.

What a mess! Yet most politicians and political ministers claim to be the wisest and most priviledged people of society with most proving to be as useful as a criminal or bank robber asking or searching for cash.

Rishi Sunak and Trump like many other politicians all have something in common. They have lots of personal wealth which they have mostly borrowed or withdrawn from their hedge-fund or consumers, people who think they are intelligent and wise when in fact they lie, pretend and lose cash faster than most people.

Rishi Sunak like Trump has mis-managed or mis-used billions of dollars. Rishi Sunak has still not been held accountable for the mis-use of 87 BILLION GBP of Tax payers money in Britain.

Yet he is now the newly appointed Prime Minister of Britain, England, UK. How could this be possible? How could anyone of Indian-origin even become Prime Minister of Britain, United Kingdom before colorful people dating back as far as 1772? People of color or colour like James Townsend and Dianne Abbot who have served in ministerial positions longer than most politicians in Britain?

Rishi Sunak must be held accountable for his mis-use and fraudulent mistakes that to most people who are born and live in the United Kingdom we know this money has not enriched most people only large corporations, Indian, Pakistani shop keepers, manufacturers and furlough fraudsters and business owners with a workforce.


Rishi Sunak will only seek to rob or tax people for more money in an attempt to control inflation, high-energy costs and the British economic debt that is spiralling out of control over 2 TRILLION thanks to Rishi Sunak who screwed up 87 BILLION GBP of tax-payers money in 2021/22.

I personally believe, Rishi Sunak knew the furlough scheme would benefit most of his kind of people, rich, asian, indian, large to medium corporations and businesses across Britain, UK.

This was his way of rewarding or paying back those who look like him or support him with their political votes, cash or origin. Have you noticed when Rishi Sunak became Chancellor when you visted a hospital, universal credit or government service most people you spoke to or who represented UK government or civil service were of Rishi Sunak origin?

2 Billion GBP was forecasted to be spent on the Universal Credit IT system which one has to upload their photo ID and be harrassed and treated like a thief or criminal suspect, reporting weekly or you face the threat of no cash or inhumane sanction.

Has Rishi Sunak been sanctioned or held responsible for his reported fradulent loss of billions of tax payers money? No. He has now been rewarded as the new prime minister and non-pink ruler of Britain, England, UK.

I do not see Rishi Sunak lasting long in office, the tories voted him in NOT the citizens or people of the United Kingdom. The next general election will teach and show Rishi Sunak a life long lesson: You cannot lie, steal, defraud citizens of the United Kingdom and expect them to forget your crime or leadership loss.

Britain or the United Kingdom is in serious economic, financial, trouble. The political, Conservative Party can only blame themselves for putting Britain on a economic and global, cliff-edge.

Rishi Sunak has literally one chance…..if he makes one leadership or financial mistake like former PM Liz Truss in office for only 45 days, he will pay a hefty political price which he will most likely have to immigrate or use his U.S green card to vacate the United Kingdom.

I had to take a long drive into the countryside yesterday after hearing Rishi Sunak would be elected the new Prime Minister of Great Britain, UK. I was upset for all the windrush people who have been in Great Britain much longer than any person of Pakistani or Indian origin.

Rishi Sunak needs to understand along with all asians, indian, pakistani or arab people, they came out of us as AFU-RA-KA people not we came out of them 100%.

Also what hurt more than anything is Windrush people have collectively labored, worked and invested much, yet been hunted, enslaved, racially profiled, robbed and denied their UK citizen, equality, respect and reward’s.

In Universal Service,


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