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Resting in Mind & Battle

Resting in mind and battle of living and world takes being still within. Lets talk...

Being STILL and knowing within Creator RA is in charge 24/7 is not easy, but essential daily. Being STILL takes discipline of mind, heart, soul and spirit within. Nearly everything in life and world begins and appears within.

Resting in Mind & Battle nothing feels or soothes our mind, soul and spirit more than BEING STILL with Heaven and Earth. This is also known as centering yourself within and or aligning your mind, soul and spirit with the Holy Spirit and Holy Word.


It is amazing how most humans or mankind are actively being told or taught to work or do something from a young age into their elderly life. Why?

Even in most religions and denominations they think the more they sing or preach, the more they are seen or appear to be doing much. Yet the Creator RA and Holy Bible counsels from Genesis to Revelation BE STILL. Even in battle or times of fear, trials and tribulations BE STILL, is the best armour and strategy of war, peace and universal power within.

Do you remember as a child or teen if you sat too long your parents would quickly ask whats wrong? As if sitting or being still was abnormal for any human-being. You see, all they knew was what their parents told or taught and that is work, work, work and be as busy as you can daily.

Over the lat 20 years I have had the priviledge from my days of learning the art of solitude and silence to always seek the Spirit to spirit, then do as HIS still small voice directs within. I remember I use to always pray and ask Abba Father YHWH RA, Amun RE can I spend more time with you daily?

My prayers got answered in ways one cannot reveal to anyone over those 20 years as now I get to research, write, sit, pray, meditate and multi-task in ways most people could NEVER afford to do so daily. How many people in this world could be a monk or nun 24/7 and still pay all their bills and do business by faith?

One thing for sure is once you explore or master the art of solitude & silence you will never want or desire to return to a noisy world or environment. I now live backing onto the woods in a very quiet neighbourhood where I awake to nature, birds, stillness and quietness daily.

I am always checking to see is the Creator Amun RE, YHWH Most High speaking or trying to get my attention, even if I am working, watching a video, driving or shopping. I need the Holy Spirit as my compass and guide and the older I become the more I feel I am becoming mature in the principles of His Kingdom and RA power.

This takes becoming peculiar, an outcast and obstainng all things and beliefs of world. 1 John 2: 15-17, Psalms 1 and Jeremiah 30: 17.

For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the Amun Yah Re Lord, because they have called you an outcast: ‘It is Zion, for whom no one cares!’ – Jeremiah 30: 17

In silence is where we are being Submissive

In silence is where we can not only hear from the Creator and His Holy Spirit but be submissive of mind, heart, soul and spirit within. When I walk and be still by trust, faith and prayers of Psalms 1 and Jeremiah 29:11 I am actually working within and around. My mind, soul and spirit is mastering the universe.

I may not look or appear as If I am doing much or anything by SIGHT, but I am doing and being more than a conqueror within. Have you tried meditating and only working for and with the KINGDOM of Creator YHWH Most High? Listen to the many scriptures of why one needs to be STILL and meditate and know your Creator within.

In His Service,



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