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Religions & Denominations made the world: lies of Black & White.

Religions & denominations made the world lies of black & white. lets talk...

Most people like to think and choose between two colors or colours black and white. How foolish, mythical, deceptive and impossible. Can anyone on planet Earth match a black or white piece of paper or paint 100%? NO.

Yet, we have lying, stealing, cheating, bias, racist, religions, politicians, scientists and archeologists who know there is NO-ONE black or white on planet Earth; yet they use race to enslave, imprison, invade, colonize and criminalize rich, royal, africans and amer-indians of the world.

Do they think the baRA cREator is dumb, deaf, stupid and blind?


The sad thing is pink people know more about African and Amer-Indian rich, royal, dynastic history than africans or amer-indians. You know why? Because they enslaved them and wrote about them with myths, iies and deceptions. Then gave them a white fake jesus of pagan Christianity to bow-down to and worship.

I have to admit all of the above terrorists, invaders, slavemasters, fake religions, denominations and discoverers including fake jews, DEAD SEA SCROLLS & JESUS has fooled the world of people. They have deliberately and wickedly removed real names of biblical kings and queens of Amun RA Africa; who are the real valley of kings: Moses, Noah, David, Solomon, Queen of Sheba and more.

Then call themselves white when they are pink and color-blind. Then sail ship to rape, steal, lie and invade then call it a discovery niot invasion, evil, satanic or terrorists. Then now you want REPATRIATION we will take it; minimum 100,000.00 USD/GBP per african or amer-indian person of all shades of brown worldwide. In fact, I hope Biden wins the election so he can be pressed to make REPATRIATION of all africans and amer-indians of illegal slavery and demonic slavemasters hopefully a reality. In England, UK Boris Johnson needs to make REPATRIATION also a reality for brown people of Africa and amer-indian decent.

The Queen of England funded the 1st SLAVE SHIP called the ‘Good Jesus‘ and still claims taxes and payments from Africa and the Caribbean still today. This is evil and babaric like the pimp or madame still receiving cash for enslavement, sex and rape worldwide from Africa and Amer-indian countries; whilst doing nothing but sin.


King Henry VIII first purchased the 700-ton vessel, then christened Jesus of Lubeck, from Lubeck in Germany.  In 1562, Queen Elizabeth agreed to let John Hawkins use the mouldering ship for his excursion. A deeply religious gentleman, Hawkins insisted that his crew “serve God daily” and “love one another” as he sailed his ship for Africa. In a short time he had gathered up over 300 Africans “partly by sword and partly by other means.” The other means included promising them free land and riches in the new world. – SOURCE.

All Greco-Roman western countries have no history but lies, deceptions, murder, rape, devils and invasion of brown people of all shades worldwide. Yet pink people including fake khazar jews, secretly envy africans and amer-indians of this world so much, they repeatedly lie, steal and copy their intelligence and wealth of gold, diamonds and sciences, including the Holy Bible of STONE.

The truth is africans, amer-indians of AFRICA are real kings and queens, who now need to go back to their original spiritual african beliefs of Amun RA and NOT western myths, lies and deception of Greco-Roman religions and denominations.

I don’t think pink people truly understand how demonic and evil it is to invade, lie, deceive, lynch, hang people on a tree, rape, criminalize, and act as if you OWN people, lands and wealth, including african hieroglyphs, obelisk and priceless artifacts stolen from Africa.

Even the Holy Bible written in AFRICA STONE you have tried to copy, alter, lie and bastardize to claim you have written the truth. May Amun RA and all the gods and goddesses of baRA cREator; judge and punish you all from head to toe, even your ancestors in eternal brimstone and fire.

Religons and denominations are already in decline worldwide and all MUST fall and bow to ONE universal baRA cREator Most High.

It really is time for people of all religions, denominations, tongues, nations and beliefs to WAKE UP! If you think you are not enslaved or deceived and you think your white, black, christian or Islam; your as BLIND as a myth, deception and global lie.

The man who could go to AFRICA and rob her of her children, and then sell them into interminable BONDAGE, with no other motive than that which is furnished by dollars and cents, is so much worse than the most depraved murderer that he can never receive pardon at my hand.

– Abraham Lincoln

In His Service,


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